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Nervous System.

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1 Nervous System

2 Nervous System Helps you observe and react to the world around you
Neuron= cells of the nervous system

3 Neuron Structure dendrites Myelin sheath nucleus axon axon endings
Cell body

4 Neuron Structure Dendrites = receive impulses (messages)
Axon = send messages away Myelin sheath = insulates axon to speed up the message

5 3 Neuron Types Sensory = carry messages from the senses to the brain/spinal cord Interneurons = in the brain and spinal cord, process the messages Motor = carry messages to muscles

6 Reflex Arc The nerve pathway that consists of a sensory neuron, interneuron, & motor neuron.


8 Nerve Impulse Electrical charge traveling down a neuron
**also called an ACTION POTENTIAL

9 Synapse Synapse = open space between neurons
Neurotransmitter = chemical messenger released by the axon endings

10 Organization of the Nervous System
Chapter 33.2

11 Central Nervous System
Brain & spinal cord Coordinates all of your bodies activities

12 3 Brain Divisions Cerebrum
-Conscious activities, intelligence, memory, language, skeletal muscle movements, senses

13 3 Brain Divisions 2. Cerebellum -back of brain
-balance, posture, coordination 3. Medulla Oblongata -brain stem -involuntary activities

14 Peripheral Nervous System
Sensory and motor neurons

15 2 Divisions of the PNS 1. Somatic Nervous System = Relays information to and from the skin and skeletal muscles **voluntary**

16 2 Divisions of the PNS 2. Autonomic NS = Relays info to internal organs **involuntary** a.) Sympathetic NS = in control when body is in stress (flight or fight) b.) Parasympathetic NS = in control when body is at rest


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