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Internet Safety for Parents Will Richardson

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1 Internet Safety for Parents Will Richardson

2 The news today…

3 Ringtones adults cant hear…


5 16-year olds flying to Tel Aviv.


7 Changed World

8 …The Web

9 1,000,000,000+ people

10 10,000,000,000+ pages

11 1,000,000,000,000+ links

12 The New Reality…

13 …the Read/Write Web

14 Web 2.0

15 We are at a turning point in the technology industry, and perhaps even in the history of the world. –Tim OReilly (May 14, 2006)

16 A very social space

17 40,000,000+ Blogs


19 70,000 new blogs each day

20 1.2 million new posts each day

21 7 million new Web pages each day Link

22 2,500,000,000 links

23 Linking pages…

24 …ideas…

25 …conversations…

26 …and people…

27 …creating our own learning networks…

28 Society of Authorship Age of Participation Era of Collaboration Age of Engagement

29 Uploaders --Thomas Friedman

30 An active, participatory Web

31 Wikipedia 1.2 million articles


33 But literacy is not just being able to read and write anymore.

34 When everyone can create and publish, we need to be editors as well.


36 In reality, safety, both personal and intellectual, is a literacy now.

37 "We do not realize how significant the Read-Write internet could be." --Lawrence Lessig Author Free CultureLawrence Lessig

38 Transforming journalism

39 Everyone has a printing press

40 Transforming business

41 Markets are conversations. --Cluetrain Manifesto

42 Transforming politics

43 The people have a voice.

44 Transforming education, too.

45 12 million kids creating content online

46 Kids are digital natives --Marc Prensky

47 (Were the digital immigrants)

48 Do you know?

49 BTW


51 cuL8tr

52 paw

53 Kids are creating…

54 Blogs Videos Spoken Word Music Games

55 …and they are learning…

56 …building networks…

57 …expanding far beyond the walls of our neighborhoods and classrooms.

58 Its different now…

59 …and education is the key.

60 We ALL need to be educated.

61 Computers havent changed the world…

62 The Read/Write Web just might.

63 Challenges for parents

64 A social web

65 Playgrounds of the past are not the playgrounds of today

66 Just what is social software?

67 MySpace, Xanga, Friendster, Blogger, Facebook,,, FaceParty, Xianz,, Second Life, Linked In

68 Blogs Wikis Social Networking IM Text Messaging Online Games

69 Places where people of all ages:

70 Create profiles

71 Interact with others

72 Share content (text, video, photo)

73 Play

74 Learn

75 They also:

76 Bully Harrass Post provocative pictures Prey on one another

77 80% of parents are concerned about children meeting sexual predators online. --USA Today Parents and the Web: 'Complete dichotomy

78 Yet…

79 Only 30% of 18-to-24-year-olds worry about getting harassed or stalked online

80 But parents also say:

81 The Internet helps their children explore their passions 91%

82 The Internet is one of the most valuable education tools teens have 77%

83 So, we cant simply shut it down, block it, filter it away.

84 MySpace




88 70+ Million Users

89 Adding up to 250,000 users a day

90 (Not all kids…)

91 15 th Largest Country

92 The primary asynchronous communication tool for teens. --Danah Boyd, Henry Jenkins MySpace and DOPA

93 The MySpace AUP


95 The community polices itself

96 Aside from what we see in the news, whats happening at MySpace?

97 Music sharing (1 million bands)

98 Photo and video sharing

99 Communicating with friends

100 Identity development and cultural integration

101 They are doing online what they used to do on the playground

102 The difficult transition:

103 As a society, we are at a moment of transition when the most important social relationships may no longer be restricted to those we conduct face to face with people in our own immediate surroundings but may also include a large number of relationships which are conducted over vast geographic distances. --Henry Jenkins, MIT

104 How do we deal with this?

105 MySpace tips for parents




109 What kids need to understand:

110 This is public.

111 The New Permanent Record

112 Creating an online portfolio of themselves

113 The most e-mailed story from the Times today: For Some, Online Persona Undermines Resume

114 Delete doesnt always mean delete

115 Again, education is the key.

116 What you can do: (

117 Talk to your children

118 Google yourself

119 Google your kids Names Logins

120 Ask to see your childs profile

121 Read the profile, with links to friends and photos, with your child at your side

122 If youre skeptical, read it on your own and explore deeper

123 Keep the kids computer in a public place (i.e., NOT in their bedroom!)

124 Use filtering software such as Cybersitter or Net Nanny

125 Always (try to) stay a step ahead of your kids…

126 …And praise them when they do the right thing!

127 For kids:

128 Set page to Private

129 Dont include personal info (that includes last name, town, school, sports teams, where you hang out, etc.)

130 Dont include photos Only let people be friends if you already know them

131 Avoid in-person meetings with people you dont already know

132 Check comments regularly, and delete inappropriate ones instead of responding to them.

133 Dont post something that could embarrass you later.

134 Be skeptical

135 Report inappropriate behavior

136 DOPA (Deleting Online Predators Act)


138 The single greatest risk our children face in connection with the Internet is being denied access. We have solutions for every other risk. --Parry Aftab Parenting Online

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