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Research carried out by Edward Baldwin

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1 Research carried out by Edward Baldwin
Does the developed use of the TASC wheel improve the processing skills of children in problem solving activities? Research carried out by Edward Baldwin

2 Research question “If my Year 5/6 high ability maths class are taught a series of thinking strategies, will it improve their ability to tackle problem solving activities?”

3 Background Observed that some children had trouble accessing some problem solving questions despite having the necessary Maths Skills to calculate the answer Top ability stream of Year 5/6 children Focussed on the work of 8 children Ranging from Level 3a to high 5s Would the TASC wheel help?

4 Introduction The TASC wheel : Thinking Actively in a Social Context
“Provides a practical framework for the teaching of thinking and problem-solving skills across the curriculum” Belle Wallace Also incorporates the ideas of Vygotsky

5 The TASC Wheel Work in small groups
Different stages: Gather/ Organise Identify Generate Decide Implement Evaluate Communicate Learn from Experience

6 The TASC Wheel

7 Example 1: Designing a car

8 Example 2: Raised beds planning
Children were asked to survey the school grounds and draw up a new map (measuring skills) Design a flower bed for an available space (drawing plans) Calculate the timber needed (area and perimeter) Calculate the approximate costs (Money and decimal multiplication)

9 Raised beds planning

10 This led to designing the beds, calculating the materials needed, and looking at costs
A practical use for their Maths!

11 Example 3: Creating newspaper reports
Example 4: Regular Maths problems and investigations

12 Example 5: Develop a maths game

13 Findings TASC wheel encourages self-evaluation and asking for advice and suggestions Develops ideas further than individuals would do normally It would take some children time to fill in the TASC wheel, slowing the work process (teething problems with what to write?) Quality of work produced improved

14 What to do next… Dissemination of practice to other staff members, especially younger class groups Develop the skills of introducing the TASC wheel Look for other cross-curricular opportunities to use this method Once experienced, children should move towards not using the structure Look into using Heuristics techniques alongside the TASC wheel

15 Conclusions Pros… Very useful exercise
Children’s expected work standard improved while using TASC wheel Self-evaluation and checking improved Will continue using the method in a variety of contexts Cons… Not specifically a Maths task! Time taken to fill out the TASC wheel

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