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1 Frankenstein

2 How were Elizabeth, Henry, and his parents influential in Victor’s life? Which person(s) do you feel were the most influential? Explain and give evidence. 1 pg. (Front and Back)

3 What was your initial response toward the character of Victor Frankenstein? Did this feeling change by the end of Chapter 4? How are Walton and Frankenstein similar and different.

4 Consider Victor’s relation to his creation
Consider Victor’s relation to his creation. Parental responsibility is a troubling issue in today’s society, some think. What obligations do you think parents have toward their children? Do you think parents should be held responsible for their children? Why or why not? (2pgs.)

5 Cinquain In your composition book, write a cinquain for Frankenstein characters. Cinquain is a 5 line poem that describes a noun Line 1-one word title or noun Line 2-two adjectives Line 3-three –ing participles (word the tells what a noun is doing ex. Running, jumping) Line 4) a phrase about a noun. Line 5) a synonym for you title, another name

6 Cinquain example Ex. 1 Hester Prynne Innovative, Fearless
Motivating, Shielding, Serving Bearer of the scarlet letter Guilty

7 Symbols in Frankenstein Directions: Draw the table and show answers in your composition book. First, find an example of each symbol in the Letters and/or Chapters 1-5 of Frankenstein. Then state the possible meaning of each symbol. Symbol Example Explanation The color white, or brilliant light water ice Lightening or electricity

8 Nature is an important part of the setting of the novel
Nature is an important part of the setting of the novel. At times, it soothes Victor’s troubled mind. At other times, it mirrors his agitation. Choose a scene that takes place out of doors and analyze the role that nature plays.

9 Frankenstein Analysis
Victor had been totally engrossed in his work until the Creature came to life. Why do you think Victor’s feelings changed? What do you think is the significance of Frankenstein's dream about Elizabeth? What future events might it foreshadow? Explain what Justine is being accused of in trial. What is the evidence against her innocence? What do Elizabeth’s reactions to the horrible events unfolding around her reveal about her personality? Support your answer with details from the story. The Alps are symbols in the story. What do you think the snowy peaks symbolize?

10 Directions: Shelly uses indirect characterization to depict Victor’s ambivalence about his work. His moods shifts between chapters. Draw the table in your notes. Describe Victor’s reaction to the situation listed, and then describe the reason for his reaction. Situation Victor’s Reaction Reason for Reaction Henry arrives Victor and Henry return to Victor’s apartment Victor is praised by Waldman and Krempe Victor visits the site where his brother is murdered. Victor meets the creature on the slopes of Montanvert

11 Why does Victor destroy the partner that he is creating for the Creature? Discuss the reasons why.

12 Persuasive Statement or Idea
Directions: In Chapter XVII, find 3 persuasive statements and list them in the first column. Second, explain the effect the statement/idea on Victor. Then, describe how the statement effected you. Persuasive Statement or Idea Effect of Statement or Idea on Frankenstein Effect of Statement or Idea on You Ex. The human senses are insurmountable barriers to our union.

13 Directions: Answer each question in complete sentences in your journal.
Do you believe that the Creature is really remorseful about Victor’s death, or do you think, as Walton does, that he is a hypocritical theme? Describe what happens on Victor and Elizabeth’s wedding night? Victor saw a tree destroyed by a bolt of lightning. He now sees himself as a “blasted tree” whose soul has been invaded by “ the bolt.” What is he saying about himself in this allusion? In what ways do the characters of Victor and the Creature begin to resemble each other? Why is their growing similarity ironic?

14 Irony Directions: Find 2 examples of each type of irony in the novel and explain what makes the statement ironic. Write the chapter number next to the example. Irony Example Meaning Verbal Irony 1)“I am a traveler in want of rest.”-Creature to Blind Delacy Ch.15 2) Dramatic 1) Situational Irony

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