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Action Plan Template Educator Academy May 2011

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1 Action Plan Template Educator Academy May 2011
European Union Contest for Young Scientists

2 EUCYS Action Plan Template Intel ISEF 2011 Educator Academy May 2011 2
Intel Confidential

3 High Level Goals Long term goals Short term goals
Institutionalize management of science fairs and science programs for schools Increase the quality of science projects at EUCYS by increasing the number of students participating in national science fairs by 20% within 3 years Increase the number of social science projects presented at EUCYS by 100% within 3-5 years Ensure sustainability for EUCYS contest – long term continuation Short term goals Standarize evaluation and measurement process for EUCYS and national science fairs Improve scientific review and judging Ensure all EU countries participate at EUCYS

4 Objectives Improved guidelines for participating science fairs
Student participation in affiliated science fairs increases 20% over a three-year period (teacher training program) Double the number of social science projects at EUCYS within 3 years Secured funding for EUCYS for next 10 years Introduced and applied new, standarized measurement system for national science fairs and EUCYS More effective judging process (better preparation for jury, shortened judging etc.) Affiliating missing countries

5 Action Plan – Steps to Meet Your Goals and Objectives
Measure success? Who’s Responsible? Deadline? Compare EUCYS and Intel ISEF guidelines Reach compliance Michael and Karen Dec 2011 Mobileze and equip National Organizers with facilitating tools for STEM education 20% increase in the number of national fairs participants Michal and Karen Dec 2014 Agree with national organizers about promoting social science projects Double the number of social projects in 3 years Tuula & Karen Develop and disseminate a new science fairs evaluation template 40% of national science fairs using the new template within 2 years time Michal & Karen & Pekka Dec 2013 Review existing judging process, compare with Intel ISEF rules and develop best method Improved judging process in place for 2013 Karen & Michal & Tuula Autumn 2013

6 Intel ISEF Educator Academy
What impressed you the most? Networking opportunities & quality of the speakers Relevant and applicable topics Excellent organization of Intel ISEF See in practice interesting science fairs accompanying events (alumni students, Nobel prize winners, etc.) What would you improve? Too many interesting speakers at the same time More international speakers (good practices from Asia, Europe) Curriculum day too busy

7 Optional Pictures Slide
If you would like to include a picture or a small group of pictures of your team experiencing the Intel ISEF Educator Academy, please do so on this slide only

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