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How to Become a Great Queen

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1 How to Become a Great Queen
40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011 How to Become a Great Queen Through Strong Leadership

2 Successful Queens are not only Good Managers , they are GREAT Leaders.
40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011 Successful Queens are not only Good Managers , they are GREAT Leaders. TM

3 Both to manage and to lead…..
40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011 These skills, although different, need to work together and intertwine in harmony. These skills, although different, need to work together and intertwine in harmony. Both to manage and to lead….. Management skills pertain to the needed planning and coordination to meet the goals. Leadership skills pertain to the inspiration, motivation, and building of trust needed to believe in the goals. These skills, although different, need to work together and intertwine in harmony.

4 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
together in harmony… The management skill of meeting goals is related to the leadership skill of sharing a vision. As a leader you must have a vision for your Chapter’s future and motivate your Cowgirls toward that vision while following the plans, procedures, and tasks you as a manager created.

5 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Together in Harmony… As a Leader As a Manager You need to be proactive & creative You must get your Cowgirls to believe that the work & goals are worthwhile You need to be directive, action-oriented & responsive. You must make sure each individual has the skills necessary to achieve those goals.

6 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Quite Simply It takes a strong leader to get a Chapter to see the big picture, and a great manager to get the individual Cowgirls to be a part of the big picture. They are different roles, but combined they create an incredible overall management style. The more confident you are with these learned management skills, the more effective you can establish yourself as a leader. The best leaders recognize that what they know pales in comparison to what they still need to learn. They are always open to ideas and insights that can lead to better ways to accomplishing goals. By constant dialogue with their cowgirls, co-queens and Cowgirl Headquarters, it makes them more proficient in pursuing and achieving the objectives. Effective leaders are virtually idolized by the people they lead. Part of it is because of their unique personal skills, however, the leaders who are willing to take the heat, accept risks, and make decisions under fire makes people want to follow them. Their courage, intelligence, and decisiveness impress people and inspire confidence.

7 Being known as a strong leader is easy to obtain when you know in your heart you are doing the right thing for the “good of all.”

8 5 Tips to Great Leadership
And how to apply them.

9 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Leadership tips Develop trust and credibility. When people trust you, they will be more inclined to follow you. A leader builds trust by considering the “good of all” when making decisions. Trust fosters collaboration. Leaders do not abuse their power, but build trust by using it properly. Trust fosters collaboration, which contributes to openly sharing information, which then creates a solid team who supports each other.

10 Tips cont… Trust is based on the respect and expectations of a leader who cares and acts with compassion in a most positive way.  With trust there is: Honesty Integrity Compassion Fairness Good relationships

11 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Tips cont… Share the vision with absolute clarity. Queens need to share the vision of what they want their Chapter to achieve. You also need to listen to what members are saying.  Doing all the talking does not let them participate in the vision quest with their ideas. Shhhh! 1) A leader might share a vision like, “We will be a world class customer service organization that provides the benchmark for customer satisfaction.”  To get others to see and understand your vision, you need to motivate and inspire with the same enthusiasm and positivity you have inside you. 2) It is vital, however, that your team understands the vision, and is 100% clear on the objectives.  You are striving for a better and secure future, while eliminating the common work related fears. 

12 40 Something Cowgirls Vision
To be the best, most influential network of horsewomen in the United States. Providing positive support and sharing in personal growth and opportunities for all members. A friendly, open-door membership for woman of all backgrounds and experiences to enjoy.

13 What is your vision?? What are you looking for out of your chapter?
Where are you taking your Chapter?

14 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Sharing the vision… People with a shared vision are more productive and have a greater sense of achievement.  Inspire them to follow the processes and procedures you will put in place to achieve the vision

15 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Tips cont… Be there to help them succeed - Coaching, mentoring, communicating, and listening. Great interpersonal skills are vital for a successful leader. Be out there and find the strengths and talents of your members, and place them where they can shine, help them be successful. 1) They need to know how their strengths serve the objectives.  Show them the respect they deserve, and you have their interests at heart.

16 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Tips cont… The bottom line is that they need to know that you will be there to help them succeed. You can do this by: Coaching. Try and help them improve their skills to do their job better. If hosting an event for you, give them feedback on their performance with observations and give good advice. Use specific statements rather than general comments, whether good or bad. The most important aspect here is that you are always looking at ways to help develop your employees’ unique skills, both individually and as a group, for a better future including possible growth in the company.  This is a win for the company as well.  The company will gain more productive employees, not to mention you will look good in upper managements eyes

17 Tips cont… Mentoring.  Help them understand what you are all about, guide them for a better chance of promotion, and have them learn about other aspects and functions of the business. Communicating.  Clearly share your visions and goals, encourage individuals and groups, praise when praise is due, and take the time for one-on-one meetings. Listening.  Let them share ideas, concerns, and know you are approachable and caring.

18 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Tips cont… Make the decisions and be held accountable. Keeping with the “good for all” vision, you will mostly make the right decisions and guide your Chapter in the right direction. People expect to be held accountable in their job performance, they also expect you to be held accountable as their Queen. If you fail or deny any wrong doing on your part, or place blame on someone else, you will lose credibility and not be seen as an effective leader. Being held accountable is also a positive thing, as you want to be known for the good things that you do.  The same goes for your members as it makes them feel important and appreciated.  You do, however, need to allow people to sometimes fail or make mistakes during the process of achieving difficult goals.  You do, however, also need to confront them.  By using your management and leadership skills, people will admit their mistakes and accept accountability.  Your skills as leader will also help and coach them to improve.  If you do not already have the nerve and confidence to confront people, you will eventually, with the help and support of Headquarters and other Queens we should lift your confidence and ego immensely.  Make sure your decisions are always ethically sound.  Do not ask or expect your team to get the results unethically or use a “no matter what it takes” approach.

19 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Tips cont… To do this: 1) Sift the data for facts and relevance. 2)Look closely at the issue while never losing sight of the big picture. 3)Talk to Cowgirls involved and/or Headquarters if needed. 4)Don’t make a decision too quickly unless necessary. 5)Think about the cost/benefit for both the short-term and long-term. 6)Once a decision is made, do not be wishy-washy or unsure about yourself. You will be seen as a person who can be easily persuaded with little confidence. You also need to know when it is better to follow, rather than lead, by trusting your members suggestions.  Leaders realize they can’t know all the answers, and earn respect when they seek advice of others when needed.    If you make a decision that is obviously seen as showing favoritism, or just a lack of judgment, by promoting someone who has bad work ethics, no respect, or below average performance, you will not only lose respect, but also hurt team morale. 

20 40 Something Cowgirls, Queen's Retreat 2011
Tips cont… Keep it all under control and headed in the right direction. You, as leader and Queen, need to focus on what’s most important related to the vision and goals of the organization. You need to eliminate chaos and be known as a person with authority who can make the right decisions. You might have 5 projects going on at once, but focusing more on the least important when the most important is in need of help will destroy your vision and miss your goals.  Make sure you get your team to focus on the most important and critical tasks to achieve the goals related to your vision.  By delegating tasks to the right people, fulfillment of the vision will become more likely.    Everyone needs to have the same focus and direction you have.  A sense of community within the team, with a common goal, is key.  If you waver and change your mind and direction continually, you will lose trust.  Consistency is key to maintaining control and keep things going in the right direction. 

21 To Sum it up….

22 In Summary Leaders do have to lead and be authority figures, but have the wisdom of relating to people less as a boss, and more as a mentor and collaborator. Finding that happy medium is the true sign of an inspired and effective leader.

23 Further more…. Great leaders embrace the process of discovery by never giving up the quest for information.

24 They are never 100% satisfied as there is always room for improvement.

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