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Building & Maintaining a TEAM Presented By Dennis I. Blender, Ph.D. Blender Consulting Group.

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1 Building & Maintaining a TEAM Presented By Dennis I. Blender, Ph.D. Blender Consulting Group

2 Team Building Definition A team is an energetic group of people, committed to achieving a common objective, who work well together, enjoy doing so, and produce high quality results. Team building is a process designed to create a work climate where members can achieve work satisfaction by directing their energy, creativity and imagination toward improving their work and work environment. Teamwork is characterized by the team’s willingness to examine it’s process so as to continuously improve itself as a team and as individuals. Benefits –Increased productivity, efficiency –Increased trust, respect –Better serve “customers” – internal and external –Greater stability, security –Achievement of business objectives and personal goals –Willingness to take risks, try new things –Greater comfort level –Clarification of goals, roles, procedures, relationships –Create collaboration and reduce competition –Better able to handle change

3 Stages of Team Development Stage 1 – Testing –Team begins to form; people try to define their role –Perceptions are fine-tuned to subtle, nonverbal messages –Conventional means of getting involved, interacting –Gradual development of personal exchanges, contact –Question to be answered – How do I fit into this team? Do I want to be on this “bus”? Stage 2 – Infighting –Sorting out of personal relationships –Alliances are formed –Leader is watched and evaluated by members –Questions to be answered – Who controls the team? How is control exercised? What happens to “delinquents”? Who stays on the “bus”? Who gets off the “bus”? Stage 3 – Getting Organized –People want to work together – commitment to the common goal –Each member recognizes mutual support and interest –Listening and respect increases –Problems are handled creatively, flexibly, constructively –Questions to be answered – How do we get the work done and get better? Where do we sit on the “bus”?

4 Stage 4 – Mature Closeness –Members develop rapport and closeness –Members extend themselves for their colleagues –Informality becomes the norm –Individual roles, contributions are recognized, secured –Observers are aware of the team’s closeness –Questions to be answered – How do we stay together? Where do we go from here? Where else can the “bus” go?

5 Effective Team Characteristics Clear & Elevated Goal Collaborative Climate Competent Team Members External Support & Recognition Results - Driven Structure Principled Leadership Standards Of Excellence Unified Commitment Team Excellence Blender Consulting Group

6 Effective Team Characteristics Clear & Elevated Goal –Goal to be achieved or purpose to be served –Worthwhile and challenging objective –Clear consequences connected with achievement –Compelling enough to create a team identity _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Results-Driven Structure –A team design determined by results to be achieved –Clear lines of authority and accountability –Methods for monitoring individual performance and providing feedback –Decision-making process encourages fact-based judgments –Communication system: Information is easily accessible Credible sources of information Informal opportunities to raise issues Methods for documenting issues and decisions Blender Consulting Group

7 Continued……. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Competent Team Members –Possess essential skills and abilities to accomplish objectives –Individuals demonstrate strong desire to contribute –Members are confident in the abilities of each other –Individuals capable of collaborating effectively with each other _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

8 Effective Team Characteristics Unified Commitment –Achieving the team goal is a higher priority than any individual objective –Personal success is achieved through team success –Willingness to devote whatever effort is necessary ______________________________________________ Collaborative Climate –Members trust each other to share information, perceptions and feedback –Members compensate for each others’ shortcomings –Members trust each other to act competently and responsibly –The team embraces a common set of guiding values ______________________________________________ Blender Consulting Group

9 Effective Team Characteristics Standards of Excellence –High standards established –Members require each other to perform according to the standards –The team exerts pressure on members to improve performance ______________________________________________ External Support and Recognition –Availability of necessary resources –Support from critical constituencies –Sufficient recognition for accomplishments –Reward and recognition system Clearly defined Viewed as appropriate Tied to individual performance Tied to team performance ______________________________________________

10 Continued…… Principled Leadership –Provides the necessary autonomy to achieve results –Willing to confront inadequate performance –Presents challenging opportunities which stretch individual abilities –Recognizes and rewards superior performance –Open to new ideas and information –Influential with outside constituents________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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