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Back Safety/Lifting Techniques

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1 Back Safety/Lifting Techniques
Discuss any major injuries that have occurred. Mention the most hazardous back safety jobs in the plant.

2 Back Activities Reaching, bending over, sitting, standing in one place
Skiing, hiking, bike riding Playing with your children and grandchildren Working and feeling productive Discuss the activities that are pertinent to your plant.

3 Training Goals Back injury prevention
Use/learn proper lifting techniques Learn back stretching techniques Maintain/enhance high comfort level at work and home Emphasize that this isn’t just for work, it’s a “quality of life” issue.

4 Back Facts 80% of Americans will have a back injury that requires medical attention Back injuries are the second most common cause of lost work time, next to the common cold Back injuries occur more often at home than they do at work Injured backs are often subject to reinjury In addition to missed work, there may be a lifetime of pain Emphasize that many of these injuries are preventable. Beside lost work time they may lose the ability to do activities at home, weekends lost!

5 Back Facts Back Parts Vertebrae Spinal cord Disks
Muscles, ligaments, tendons Potential Back Injury Strain or sprain Bulging disk Herniated disk Emphasize the interconnection between parts.

6 Preventable Causes of Injury
Years of abuse Poor posture Unconditioned back Excess weight and potbellies Bad lifting techniques Talk about physical conditioning. Emphasize the correlation between stomach muscles and back pain.


8 Maintaining Back Health
Good posture - maintain the backs natural curves Good physical conditioning A strong stomach will help prevent back pain Flexibility - the more flexible, the less chance of injury due to strains/sprains Good lifting techniques - Bend at the knees Emphasize good posture in all activities (standing, walking, sitting, sleeping, lifting, etc.). Refer to attached hand out.

9 Helpful Exercises Walking Stretching (Regularly during day) Sit-ups
Leg lifts (Bend knees and lift) Squats Preventing back injuries has much to do with physical health.

10 Lifting Equipment Powered equipment such as forklifts, powered carts, and electric pallet jacks Handtrucks, carts, pallet jacks Cranes and hoists Conveyors Discuss these that apply to your facility.

11 Have a Lifting Plan Size up the load Clear the path Unloading zone
Weight Shape and size Clear the path Objects Tight doorways or corners Unloading zone Employees need to know their limits. Make sure they clear path; another injury due to trips could potentially be added.

12 Proper Lift Stand close with a shoulder-width stance
Squat by bending your knees and hips Pull the load close and grip it Tighten your stomach, lift your head Rise up with your legs Make sure you can see Take small, stable steps Do not twist your back Refer to the “Proper Lifting Techniques” posters that are posted in the plant.


14 Proper Unloading Squat down with the load
Do not bend your back over with the load Be careful of fingers Shoulders level with the load Slide the load close Use your legs Practice/demonstrate a proper lift?

15 Lifting Bags Squat down next to the bag Grab it at opposite corners
Lift it up to your thigh or waist Stand up Put the load on your shoulder

16 Team Lifting Designate a person to lead the lift Lift at the same time
Keep the load level Unload slowly together Emphasize that if one person twists or turns without the other knowing, it could result in injury. Lead person for each lift.

17 Think About Your Back Don’t be lazy Think long term
Don’t try to lift too much Consider your back in all things Emphasize “long term”. This is not just for the job it’s for life.

18 Summary Maintain back posture and conditioning
Use available lifting equipment Have a lifting plan Use your legs Always think about your back

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