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BEN-E-LECT: EOB Concierge Service Enrollment Process

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1 BEN-E-LECT: EOB Concierge Service Enrollment Process

2 Step 1 – Register with United Healthcare
If you haven’t done so already, please visit your carrier web portal to register. Follow the steps required by your carrier to create your user name and password. NOTE: YOUR CARRIER WEBSITE REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT AND CLICK THE LINK TO VALIDATE. BEN-E-LECT CANNOT ACCESS THE WEBSITE ON YOUR BEHALF UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR CARRIER WEBSITE VALIDATION.

3 Step 2 – Visit the BEN-E-LECT WEBSITE at

4 Step 3 – Click on EOB Concierge Registration
Click here

5 Step 4 – Click Here To Register

6 Step 5 – Complete Online Registration Form and Submit
Click Here

7 Now you can sit back and enjoy your plan while we gather your Explanation of Benefits on your behalf. Once a day, BEN‐E‐LECT will pull your EOB’s from the carrier website and submit to our claims processors for immediate attention. If you experience any problems during registration or have questions please contact Customer Service at (888)

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