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19 th Century Nationalism in America By Nick Lansing.

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1 19 th Century Nationalism in America By Nick Lansing

2 Nationalism shown through Manifest Destiny The 19th-century political and philosophical belief that it was America's divinely assigned mission to expand westward across the North American continent and to establish democratic ideals was known as Manifest Destiny. Started in 1840s. John O Sullivan was the first to name it.

3 Art and Culture

4 Nationalism and Expansion During the 19 th century the U.S. expanded In to such territory as California, Texas, Oregon and much more.

5 Inventions and Technology -Steamboats- early 1800s-Reaper-farming tool(1831)-Trans-continental Railroad, telegraph(1862)

6 Democracy The Manifest Destiny helped promote and defend democracy throughout the world, it continues to have an influence on American political ideology.

7 American Nationalism Manifest Destiny was a crucial part of American nationalism; it promoted democracy not just through America but the whole world. It increased the economy through the great amounts of trade due to the influence of new technology and movement. Music and songs changed because of all of the different cultures coming together.

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