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The 2012 EFT Gathering The Royal York Hotel 27 – 30 January 2012.

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1 The 2012 EFT Gathering The Royal York Hotel 27 – 30 January 2012

2 The 2012 EFT Gathering Two days of inspiring presentations Two days of inspiring presentations Group Discussion Panels Group Discussion Panels Workshops on Friday and Monday Workshops on Friday and Monday Saturday Night Social Saturday Night Social ITS YOUR GATHERING! DONT MISS IT!

3 Maureen Fearon - I am the Love Guru It is wonderful to love and be loved, and not always that easy! Maureen has worked with many single people with many common problems. Being single and looking for love reveals many disabling issues. You may have to flirt, you may have to talk to a stranger! You may be dumped or have to reject someone else! Its a wild emotion farm with lots of new feelings and old ones revisiting now stronger and more powerful. EFT helps.

4 Emma Bailey - From Horses to Humans Horses, like all animals, live in the present moment, something that seems to elude many humans. They are generous beings that reflect our truths. Emma has used EFT with severely abused horses to change extreme behaviour: this has helped her intuition and practice with her clients. Emma is now using horses to help people realise and release their blocks and unwanted behaviour to truly live in the present moment.

5 Marcia Fletcher - Scientific Research, Us v. Them? Much of the published research into EFT has been deemed methodologically challenged! In other words, full of gaping holes and so gets undermined by the scientific community. Can we produce robust research? Kinesiologist and EFTer, Marcia worked part-time in the Department of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter to learn the skills to further scientific research into EFT. Learn how you can join in!

6 Jacqueline Seddon I Dunno "I dunno" How many times do we get, or give, this response? Are you or your client blocked and really unable to answer or are you blanking because scared of where things are going? Sometimes tapping with people you are very close to can get these reactions. Jaqueline Seddon found her way around the blocks after she found successful a one word approach when tapping with her daughter. This had interesting results.

7 Jenny Gilmore Chronic Fatigue Disabling Chronic Fatigue/CFS/ME affects about 250 000 people in the UK, and can be so severe that people are confined to bed for years. What can we do when a client has severe fatigue? How can we help a friend or family member? What about our own issues? Jenny Gilmore former ME sufferer helps people with severe fatigue. Learn about the fight and flight mechanism and tips for sufferers, carers and practitioners.

8 Megan Smith Could it be the Medicine? Do you have EFT clients with health issues? Are you aware of the impact the clients medicines can be having on your work? What are the medicines telling you about your client? When can medicines be useful to EFT clients? Why do people get side effects? Is EFT useful in treating side effects? Pharmacist Megan Smith considers these questions

9 Group Discussion Session Russian born Masha Bennett works in the NHS combining EFT and CBT, South African Bennie Naude is known for his excellent workshops on Shame and Guilt and American Shoshana Garfield PhD is an expert on recovery from torture. This international trinity forms our first highly interactive group discussion panel. To get the ball rolling we ask you to submit questions in advance

10 Jessica Mor More Courage,More Present At very short notice, Jessica stepped into present at the 2011 Gathering. Her deeply moving and profound presentation received a standing ovation and thousands worldwide have listened to the audio. So we have invited her back! Last year Jess spoke about having the courage to be present through personal pain and to trust the tapping to do the work. Now she'd like to share with you how we can do this as practitioners with our clients for phenomenal results.

11 George Brooks Self Help for Self Harm Statistics suggest that one in ten young people self-harm and many go on to do so throughout their lives with fifty times more people committing suicide that self harm than those who dont. A teacher for 30 years George Brooks is now an EFT counsellor. He will share what he has learned about this taboo subject and particularly how EFT can empower these young people to lead happy healthy lives

12 Annie Kaszina He Loves Me: He Hurts Me Women who love abusive and violent men have hopium addiction. Annie shares useful tips on overcoming toxic relationships: the Nine step Recovery Process including the New Strengths Accelerator. Learning from 10 years international experience with women who have undergone severe emotional abuse and domestic violence and her personal story; Annie uses EFT to heal the hurts and discover the gifts in every life

13 Aryanne Oade Recovery from Workplace Bullying Workplace bullying is on the rise with more people subject to or witnessing bullying. Chartered psychologist and author Aryanne Oade coaches both people subject to bullying – and people who use bullying behaviour. She will describe the dynamics of a workplace bullying relationship, the impact of bullying, and how coaching and EFT can help someone detoxify, regain their confidence and return to work again.

14 Brian Snellgrove Through Your Clients Eyes How many of us have learned to envision the session from the client's point of view? Few of us know the often amazing chain of events that brings the client to us. Brian has been a healer and counsellor for 30 years and will dig into his fund of experience to help us learn more about effective communication and how EFT can facilitate this.

15 Joe Potter No Hands Tapping EFT is full of unexpected and useful techniques. No Hands Tapping may be one such. In any case it is unexpected and simple! This EFT idea is so unlikely that that it seems that it couldnt or shouldnt work yet Joe Potter EFT Trainer and Reiki Master finds that it does. Joe now invites the whole audience to try it out together to see for ourselves whether this unlikely technique might be worth placing in our EFT toolboxes.

16 Group Discussion Panel Jessica Mor is known for her work The Courage to be Present', June Spencer works within a GP practice and Jan Mustchin offers EFT support groups for Bradford Cancer Care. These three 'Js' highly experienced tappers, form our second group discussion panel. Once again please submit questions in advance to get the panel started and then we open up to a group discussion

17 The 2012 EFT Gathering Weekend 28/29 th January Workshops Friday 27 th Jessica Mor – The Courage to be Present Gwyneth Moss and Heather Smiles – EFT Surrogate Tapping Frances Goodall – Living from the Heart Workshops Monday 30 th Bennie Naude – Releasing Shame and Guilt Masha Bennett – EFT for Eating Disorders and Addictions

18 Workshop Friday MASHA BENNETT EFT for Eating Disorders We all have to eat and to eat sensibly but control can get out of control and leave no choice. Addictive behaviour takes away our choices, destroys health and damages relationships. Masha Bennett has a wealth of experience inside and outside the NHS and in this day she gives you an insight into addictive behavour and effective tools for change, choice and hope.

19 Workshop Friday GWYNETH MOSS and HEATHER SMILES Surrogate Tapping Learn through stories, demonstrations and practical exercises a simple three step approach to distant healing with EFT surrogate tapping. Learn how to tap on yourself to offer distant healing to animals, children and adults. Learn how to tap for others ethically and safely and how to easily find the words.

20 Workshop Friday FRANCES GOODALL Living from the Heart Lets build a safe, warm, creative space to explore emotions, to learn to trust and to open to love in our daily lives. A real challenge in the hurley- burley of day-to-day existence. In this afternoon Frances combines EFT with heart opening meditations. Practices which help us navigate tough times with deep courage and celebrate the good times with gratitude. Bring more love into your life, and to your friends, family and clients.

21 Workshop Monday JESSICA MOR The Courage to be Present Having tapped herself through severe anxiety, depression and dissociation to come to a place of healing and resolution, Jess would like to share what worked with you. Jess has found that compassionate and courageous use of clean EFT language, together with imagination, is all that is needed to remain present through pain and thereby watch it transform.

22 Workshop Monday BENNIE NAUDE Release Shame and Guilt Guilt and shame kills creativity, dreams and relationships. It also kills people. Unless you deal with it, it will deal with you. If you dont recognise it in your clients youll wonder why youre going around in circles, stuck and frustrated. Dont release your own and it will get in the way of your life and get in the way of the way you work with clients; guaranteed. Learn safe and effective ways to let it go, for yourself and others.

23 The 2012 EFT Gathering Two day Gathering weekend £125 for both days £65 for one day £65 for full day workshops on Friday and Monday £25 for half day workshop Weekend and full day workshops price includes lunch

24 The 2012 EFT Gathering Full information and booking at: This is your event - be there!

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