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USER INVOLVEMENT 2012/13 “It’s good to talk” Deborah Mosdall User Involvement Lead.

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1 USER INVOLVEMENT 2012/13 “It’s good to talk” Deborah Mosdall User Involvement Lead

2 User Involvement 2012/13 User surveys June – December Day Services feedback Case studies Comments cards Complaints

3 User Surveys 2012 Sent June – December No. of surveys sent: 890 Returned: 232 (26%)

4 USER SURVEYS 2012 – Key results The service offered

5 USER SURVEYS 2012 – Key results Overall view


7 USER SURVEYS 2012 IPU Areas for improvement


9 USER SURVEYS 2012 CT Areas for improvement

10 USER SURVEYS 2012 - Areas to consider Bereavement Support

11 “Everyone who came from the Community Team or Hospice were friendly, respectful and always answered our questions. Thank you all” (CT) “Ten minute response time not very good if emergency ” (IPU) “PCSS gave my husband night care which enabled me to cope during the day. Thank you” “My mother was in a lot of pain/discomfort prior to the arrival of the community team. They quickly helped her to become comfortable and allowed her to die peacefully” (CT) “I used the button on the day my mum passed away & staff responded immediately” (IPU) “Can’t fault anything” (CT) “ Sometimes difficult to get nurses in the afternoon. I have tried 3 times (different days/times) to be able to talk to someone. However they are good at returning calls when available” (CT)

12 “I like meeting other people, chatting, change of environment. They have a lot going on here” “Takes longer to get here. Now we have to pay for lunch.” “People are always very kind and seeing if there is anything I need. Really open and welcoming ” “My husband is in a wheelchair but he comes to visit me here and staff make him welcome. My daughter may come next week” “Here is improving week by week. Originally I preferred Finchley but now they are on a par.” “I like it here very much”

13 “Dear Hospice, Thank you to everyone who makes our day enjoyable, from the moment we enter; warm greetings throughout the day ” (Enfield) “Far too many lights are left on overnight – it is terribly wasteful of money/donations/energy ” (IPU) “Water dispenser for Open Space. I felt lousy when I arrived today but thanks to the ministrations of the wonderful staff, I’m going home a lot happier.” (Enfield) “I just wanted to say that the care given to my mother-in-law was exceptional. Thank you so much – this is really an amazing place” (IPU) “This is a friendly environment. It would have been better if you have internet wifi access so that patient’s families can reach distant relations via skype.” (IPU)

14 “We had real confidence in the Community Team – they really helped all of us. We could speak to someone at any time. I was always ringing up with questions they probably thought were stupid, but they didn’t seem to mind. There was nothing that could have been any better” “I came to see a doctor at the Hospice but she upset me. I told her that I felt completely on my own looking after XX all the time – there was no-one else there in the night, only me. The doctor didn’t seem to realise how lonely it can be. XX needed help with everything ” “Now my husband has been in the Hospice for 3 days. The people here are wonderful – supportive, gentle, caring. He is treated with complete respect and dignity – everyone is treated as an individual” “I don’t know what I would’ve done without those nurses – I was able to get some proper rest with them in the house”

15 Reception Books “I think your care is absolutely fantastic. You have looked after my daddy so well. Now there is nothing else for you to do. He is starting to die. Well he has been dying but now he is properly dying. He can’t even open his eyes. Well he can but not for long, about half a second. You have helped me and my family get through this terrible time. I am going to donate money to this wonderful place. You have helped me through a terrible time in my life and you are still helping me. Not just me, everyone who has lost someone. You are a fabulous place. Thanks again. Love from XXXX, 11 years old.”

16 Where to find feedback First Class: Conferences: User Involvement : Case studies and comments cards Website: 2012/13 Survey results and report will be added shortly

17 Please! Please! Please! Encourage people to fill out Comments Cards Find people who would like to tell their story Let people know they can “Have their say”

18 Thank you

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