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Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project

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1 Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Importance of Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project for Executing Southern Gas Corridor 2012 Frankfurt Gas Forum Germany 28 November 2012

2 Stand Points of the Project
Strategic Alliance Between Azerbaijan and Turkey In December 2011, Turkey and Azerbaijan have signed an agreement for a new gas pipeline project that will connect Turkey's east and west, carrying Azerbaijani gas to Europe. The new pipeline, named the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, is being designed by the Azerbaijani state-owned oil company SOCAR The inter-governmental agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has been signed on Tuesday, June 26th 2012 in Istanbul with broad participation.

3 Stand Points of the Project
Security Supply of Europe: Source, route and volume. Shahdeniz sources of Azerbaijan Shahdeniz 2, Upsheron, Ümid and Babek field Security Supply of Turkey: Source, volume and national network.

4 The Southern Gas Corridor
Southern Gas Corridor is needed for the independence of European Union Energy Security. Decreased gas production and increased demand pushes Europe to pay more importance to develop Southern Gas Corridor. For this reason, Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) is playing crucial role on the European Energy Security. Diversification of energy supply routes and provision of energy security in the region and beyond are closely interrelated, it is important to move forward and achieve new results in the implementation of plans and projects that are drew up in the last few years.

5 Natural Gas Supply-Demand
Projections of Europe Most possible scenario- Blue one- … Jeroen de Joode, European gas market developments in different energy transition scenarios

6 Natural Gas Resources of Azerbaijan
Reserves of Absheron, Umid, Babek, and Nakhchivan: 1.25 tcm of gas and more than 200 mln. tons of condensate* Shah-deniz Reserves: 1.2 tcm gas, 240 mln. Tons condensate Shah Deniz-1; Plateu production 9 bcma Shah Deniz-2; Plateu production 16 bcma *Ilham Nasirov, Deputy General Manager Investment Division, SOCAR

7 Supply-Demand Projection of Turkey
Natural Gas Supply-Demand Projection of Turkey High grow rates, no new contracts case.

8 Short Intro / Highlights of the Project
Objective: Transport of Azeri and Regional Gas Supplies to Turkey and to Europe Capacity: BCM Shareholding: SOCAR-BOTAŞ-TPAO (BP-Statoil-Total) Target Operation: 2018 Target Markets: Turkey and Europe (TAP/NIC)

9 Initially Planned Corridor

10 Critical Milestones IGA 1- 25 Oct. 2011 Gas SPA - 25 Oct. 2011
MoU 26 Dec (ratified) Project Company (TANAP Bv.) – June 2012 IGA-HGA 26 June 2012 (pending ratification)

11 Current Activities/Status
Preliminary/Conceptual Studies for: Routing and Route Verification ESIA / EIA Permitting Mapping Technical Feasibility ongoing (sensitivity analysis) Policy and Strategy setting ongoing Organizational Set-up ongoing

12 Way forward : Critical Milestones – Development Plan
Technical Studies PMOE assigned Engineering Contractor assigned ESIA/EIA Engineering Permitting Procurement of LLI and EPC Land Acquisition and Construction Commercial Framework: Project Entity set-up including Shareholders Agreement Transportation Agreements Financing Arrangements Operation Agreements Objective is to ensure commercial operation by 2018


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