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Crispy&Milky presents

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1 Crispy&Milky presents

2 Innovative range of products
By European Dessert Group

3 Crispy&Milky chocolate
Crispy&Milky Ice – cream Aroma

4 Crispy&Milky cranberry
Crispy&Milky cherry

5 Crispy&Milky technical parameters:
Contents: filling 55% (skimmed milk curd 44%, mixture of vegetable fats (water, hydrogenated vegetable fats, sugar, milk protein, food stabilizers: sorbitol syrup, hydroksi propyl cellulose; emulsifier: mono-and-diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono and- diglycerides of fatty acids), polysorbate 60, soya lecithin; table salt, flavourings, colour – beta carotene), sugar, food stabilizers (acetylated distarch phosphate, xanthan gum), ice-cream flavouring), waffle 24% (wheatmeal, cacao glaze (vegetable fats, sugar, cacao powder 15%, emulsifier – soya lecithin), sugar, vegetable fats, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier – soya lecithin, table salt, loosener – baking soda), cacao glaze 21% (sugar, vegetable fats, cacao powder, dry milk whey, cacao paste, emulsifier – soya lecithin, vanillin, table salt). 100g product contains: energy value 371 kcal / 1552 KJ; protein 3.2 g, carbohydrates 35g, fat 25g Conditions of temperature: (2 °C , 6 °C).

6 Crispy&Milky package

7 Crispy&Milky NEW package

8 About product In 2010 European Dessert Group launched innovative and modern product on the European market - Crispy & Milky- cottage cheese dessert with various sorts of filling. Cottage Cheese Dessert Crispy & Milky have different tastes: ice- cream aroma, cherry, cranberry and chocolate. Cottage Cheese Dessert Crispy & Milky is based on curd mass, which contains important group of vitamins: A, D, E, B2, moreover has irreplaceable micro elements for human body: phosphorus, iron, magnesium and calcium. The uniqueness of Crispy&Milky is production technology by itself, which was created by leading European Dessert Group professional technologists for quite a long period of time.

9 About company European Dessert Group
"Jaunbūmaņi", Dreiliņi, LV-2130 Stopiņi district, Latvia  Phone:                    

10 Manufacture factory

11 Manufacture factory

12 Manufacture factory

13 Our partners:

14 Thank You for Your attention!

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