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Fountain Valley High School

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1 Fountain Valley High School
Guidevisement Juniors and Seniors Fall 2011



4 Are you on track for high school graduation?
GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS YEARS CREDITS English* 4 40 World History 1 10 U.S. History U.S. Government (Senior requirement) 5 Economics (Senior requirement) Advanced Math (Algebra**or above) Mathematics*** 2 20 Physical Science Life Science Physical Education Visual & Performing Arts/World Language/Applied Curriculum (one year- Visual & Performing Arts or World Language) 1 ½ 15 Health (9th gr.) Elective Credits 60 Students must have 220 credits to graduate from high school. Students must earn 220 credits and Pass High School Exit Exam

5 What does it take to go to a UC or CSU?
UC/CSU “A – G “ SUBJECT REQUIREMENTS Minimum Subject Requirements: “A-G pattern” 7 of the 15 required courses must be complete as of Jr./Sr. 7* 8* 9 10 11 12 Enter Semester Grades Below a. U.S. History – l year World History (or AP European History) – l year b. College Prep English 4 years; AP highly recommended c. Adv. Math (Alg. 1, Geometry and Alg. 2 (or Alg. 2/Trig) 3 years required; 4 + years recommended d. Laboratory Science (from Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 2 years** required 3+ years recommended e. Foreign Language (same language) 2 years required; 3 + years recommended f Visual or Performing Arts***(one yearlong course) g. Advanced Course/Academic Elective One additional year approved academic elective 1. Advanced Math – 4th ,5th year(s) or 2. Foreign Language – 3rd, 4th, 5th year(s) or 3. Lab Science – 3rd, 4th, 5th year(s) 4. Social Science – Government, Economics, etc. or 5. Visual Performing Arts Broaden your admission options: Continue to enroll in academic areas even when the 15 minimum UC/CSU subject requirements are completed. Broaden your admission options: Continue to enroll in academic areas even when the 15 minimum UC/CSU subject requirements are completed. What courses you choose in high school will determine your college choices All courses must be completed with a grade of C or above.

6 Testing PSAT The Official Practice SAT
Given nationwide 1 time per year, this year at FVHS on Sat. Oct. 15th, 2011 Top 4% of Juniors who take the PSAT may become National Merit Scholars We encourage all juniors to take the PSAT Register online at the FVHS Student Store from Sept 19 - Oct.13 or at the Activities Office 10/3-10/13

Register at for all SAT and SAT Subject Tests All students attending a 4yr college need to take the SAT or ACT Test UC schools “highly recommend” taking 2 subject tests. Subject tests should be taken in spring of your sophomore or junior year Register for ACT test at:

8 SAT vs ACT SAT ACT 2400 perfect 36 is a perfect score 1500 national avg. 21 is national average Lose points for No penalty for wrong Incorrect answers answers Reasoning and logic Based closer to curriculum learned in HS Math up to Alg. II Math up to Trig (6 ques) Reading/Writing/Grammar Reading/Grammar/Science

9 Every Year in High School Juniors
Take challenging courses in core academic subjects Talk to your Guidance Specialist and see if you are eligible to take an AP course. Take the PSAT Test in Oct. Attend College Presentations in the Career Center Attend District College Fair on Oct. 4th at Westminster HS VISIT COLLEGES THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN! In May consider taking a SAT Subject Test. Make sure you test to your academic strengths! In June take the SAT or ACT Continue volunteering, working or joining clubs that interest you If you are a student athlete register with NCAA at: at the end of your junior year

10 Every Year in High School Seniors
Take challenging courses and make sure you are on track to graduate and meet college admissions requirements Make sure you have meet all college testing requirements (SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, ACT) Re-take in Oct, Nov. or Dec. if necessary Continue to visit colleges that interest you Attend College Presentations in the Career Center Attend District College Fair at WHS on Oct. 4th 7:00pm Meet all college application deadlines If you are asking for Letters of Rec give teachers at least 3 weeks notice. See Mrs. Wakeman for Common App. UC App Workshop on Oct. 6th, CSU App Workshop Oct. 13th both at 6:30pm in the Library/Media Center SENIOR GRADES COUNT! Do not let your GPA slip

11 What does it take to go to a 2yr College?
Must graduate from High School or Be 18 yrs old Apply online Attend orientation SAT/ACT Tests not necessary Community College Registration takes place in spring of your senior year Even students applying to a 4yr college may want to register at a CC as a back up plan Seniors should consider taking a concurrent spring class at OCC/GWC

12 Conclusion Pass your classes, take challenging courses
Few remediation options Subject Tests or ACT in spring of your junior year. Repeat tests in fall of senior year Keep your options open Start planning early Make college/career decisions junior and senior year 12

13 Conclusion Continued Keep up your GPA
Most colleges require a minimum 2.5 or higher GPA REALITY: Average GPA for admissions to: UCLA: SAT 2039 UCSD: SAT 1968 UCI: SAT (2010 admit #’s, 2011 not available) UC Merced: SAT 1623 USC: unweighted GPA 3.9 SAT 2130 Cal St. Long Beach: 3.3 SAT (verbal/math) 1100 Cal St. Fullerton: SAT (verbal/math) 1110 Cal St. Channel Island: SAT (verbal/math) 1003 * Note: CSULB and CSU Fullerton give FVHS seniors a geographical preference. Must meet a 2900 index. (SAT critical reading + SAT math) + (800 x HS GPA) = index * UC Stats Class of 2011

14 Useful Resources FVHS.COM then College and Career Planning Page
University of CA System: Cal-State System: OCC: GWC: Community College Transfer List (IGETC): Fastweb (scholarship search engine): FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid: College Board (SAT Tests): ACT (ACT Tests): NCAA (For Student Athletes): Career Decisions:

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