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What’s New? What’s Different?

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1 What’s New? What’s Different?
WebRTC vs. VoIP What’s New? What’s Different? @reidstidolph

2 Overview Level-Set Similarities Technical Differences
Architecture Differences Principle Differences Shifts in RTC

3 Voice Over Internet Protocol
“VoIP” a Broad term Grown to encompass multimedia, not just voice Diverse protocols some well defined standards, some de-facto, some proprietary Used in a variety of networks IPv4, IPv6, Public Internet, Private LANs, etc. SIP

4 The VoIP Universe UC Mobile VoIP Fixed Line Business VoIP
IMS Fixed Line Business VoIP Consumer VoIP

5 Web Real Time Communications
Plugin-less RTC Media engine in the Browser Purpose built for the World Wide Web Collaborative W3C and IETF standardization RTC as a feature, not necessarily the service or application

6 WebRTC Universe 1B devices Supported in 1Q14

7 User Experience Legacy
100 Years of Telco 20 Years of Web Reliable, Secure, Resilient Rich, Dynamic, Innovative

8 VoIP and WebRTC Similarities
Transmission of communication data between Users in real-time Use RTP, SDP O/A G.711 Run over IP networks

9 Unique Transport per Stream
Technical Divide Opus H.264 Codecs VP8(?) AMR-WB Signaling Protocol SIP XMPP Undefined H.323 WebRTC VoIP Signaling Transport WebSockets UDP TLS HTTP TCP Media Description BUNDLE MSID Traditional SDP DTLS-SRTP TURN ICE MSRP Unique Transport per Stream Media Transport Data Channels RTP RTP-Mux STUN UDP SDES-SRTP Network IPv4 / IPv6

10 Architecture DB AS LB-L LB-G WS VS Internet

11 Principle Differences

12 Identity Telco ID Web ID Identity Management User-Centric

13 WebRTC Mobility and Resilience: More Needed
Web App has no control over network changes App Failure Reconnect handover Rehydration - automatically reestablish lost sessions Restore call/session after browser refresh/crash Network handoff Device handoff

14 Shifts in RTC: Create and Extend
RTC Extension, WebRTC enabling existing comms WebRTC as a new edge access network Network evolutions toward NFV, Telco-OTT Security, Interoperability, Reliability Advance session handling App creation toolkits for rapid service creation, prototyping Media scaling, compliance

15 Thank You! @reidstidolph

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