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Voice over WiMax Development Trends Amnon Gavish VP TBU Business Development

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1 Voice over WiMax Development Trends Amnon Gavish VP TBU Business Development

2 Topics Challenges and complexity Customer perspective Service provider perspective 3G new breed of services Solutions & protocols

3 The Challenge Hybrid solutions of WiFi/WiMAX and 3G/GSM enabled devices - next step in Mobile Broadband evolution From a consumer perspective, these technologies should operate seamlessly This hybrid of technology convergence o Introduces new challenges o Requires knowledge of a wide range of technologies How can the customer use it? What about the user experience?

4 The Complexity Convergence o Access (XDSL, Cable, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G, …) o Networks (CS, PS, radio) o Device (per technology vs. cross technology) o Service (Service per network vs. unified services) Technologies (DMH, UMA, FMC, IMS) Mobility (network independent services) Coverage (roaming, handover, handoffs) Usability (How can customers use it?) Services (Quad play – voice, video, data, mobile)

5 The Broad Picture - WiMax Convergence WiMAX Packet Cable WiFi 2/2.XG PSTN/ DECT FTTx PSTN WCDMA CDMA2K UMA FMC DMH IMS The real developer challenge…

6 Customer objective: Preserve existing services Telephony Emergency call TTY SMS, MMS Data/ Internet Location Service Supplementary Services (e.g. Caller ID, one voicemail, 3- way conference) No change in phone number Incoming calls follow me Outgoing calls have same caller identity Synchronized address book One dial plan Voice quality Security

7 Customer objective Identical user experience Additional services: o Simplify call forward between wireline and wireless o Alarm system o Fax o Mobile stations to act as cordless phones when at home, calls idle phones when busy o Intercom feature o Multimedia services One consolidated bill Reduced cost, time, and hassle

8 Customer objective Works on multiple networks (enterprise, home, home office, cellular) Coverage and seamless transitions (roaming and handover) between networks (cont.)

9 Service provider objective Increase ARPU Providing mobile access at home or in the office to increase usage by customers Poor coverage at a subscribers home or office ranks as a primary reason for subscriber churn Keep customers on their networks where ever possible to avoid roaming or other related charges while on other networks Seamless integration of additional services (e.g. multimedia)

10 Service provider objective: Services Quad play services to its customers Bundled services from its inventory of services Enter the mobile loop market by providing converged fixed/mobile services Customer experience the same or better than that offered by competing mobile service providers All services to perform as well, independent of the access/ network including call-setup time, voice quality, data rates, etc. Use existing core network to deliver all services, including authorization and billing, for licensed and unlicensed access

11 3G New Breed of Services Enhanced Messaging o Video Mail (VM) o Advanced Multimedia Advertisement o Multimedia Messaging (MMS) Conversational Multimedia o Push-To-Talk (PTT) over Cellular (PoC) o Push to Show/ Push to View o Videoconferencing for business or private use on the go

12 3G New Breed of Services Video Streaming o Live video broadcasting – TV on the go o Video On Demand (movies, news clips) - VOD o Video session archiving services o Playback & recording Peer to Peer o Video Chat o Interactive gaming o Video sharing (See what I See/ We share) o Collaboration (cont.)

13 3G New Breed of Services Complementary services o Presence aware services o Location aware services (cont.)

14 The Solution Only IP can do it all and integrate services: o Voice o Video o Presence o IM o Mobile o 3G Using: o IMS/MMD o SIP o IPPBX o Softswitches

15 Enhanced Messaging o SIP or 3G-324M – Video Mail (VM) o 3G-324M or SIP – Multimedia Advertisement o SIP – Multimedia Messaging (MMS) Conversational Multimedia o SIP - Voice o SIP/PoC – Push-To-Talk (PTT) over Cellular (PoC) o 3G-324M or SIP – Video Telephony & Conferencing Video Streaming o 3G-324M (DTMF based video portals) o RTSP (IP TV, surveillance) Multimedia Gaming o SIP/JSR-180 (J2ME) o SIP/PoC Service Enabler Protocols

16 Push-To-Talk (PTT) over Cellular (PoC) o POC Consortium/ Open Mobile Association (OMA) specification o Based on SIP RFC3261 & RTP/RTCP RFC3550/1 Presence & IM/MMS o SIP RFC3261 + SIMPLE WG specifications o SIP MESSAGE & MSRP Video telephony/ conferencing o 3G-324M o IETF XCON Video on Demand (VoD) o Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) RFC2326 o 3G-324M Services & Protocols

17 UE Solution Architecture Application GUI UDP/TCP/IP RTP /RTCP SIP (SigComp) SIMPLE3G-324MRTSP POC Media Streaming Video Services Presence CS Telephony

18 Other UE Requirements 3GPP/2 SIP IPv4/IPv6 support for signaling and media PoC support SigComp Mobile IP enablement Dynamic IP enablement Advanced RTP/RTCP (RFC 3550/1) RTSP SRTP J2ME JSR 180 enablement Support for feature/ smart phone

19 Thank you! Amnon Gavish VP TBU Business Development

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