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$100 $400 $300$200$400 $200$100$100$400 $200$200$500 $500$300 $200$500 $100$300$100$300 $500$300$400$400$500.

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3 $100 $400 $300$200$400 $200$100$100$400 $200$200$500 $500$300 $200$500 $100$300$100$300 $500$300$400$400$500







10 EARTH - $100 How many times does the Earth rotate in a month? A. 7 B. 30 C. 365 D. 15

11 EARTH - $200 One complete revolution of Earth around the sun is known as A. An hour B. A day C. A year D. A season

12 EARTH - $300 The imaginary line that encircles the Earth midway between the North and South poles is the__________. A.Ocean shoreline B.Solstice C.Equator D.Equinox

13 EARTH - $400 When viewing the Earth from above, the Earth is rotating _____. A.Clockwise B.From the north to the south C.From the south to the north D.Counter clockwise

14 EARTH - $500 Why does the length of Earths day and night change? A.The axis of the moon is tilted. B.Earth rotates from east to west. C.The axis of the moon is straight D.The axis of the Earth is tilted.

15 SEASONS - $100 When does the longest day of the year occur? A.Vernal equinox B.Summer solstice C.Winter solstice D.Autumnal equinox

16 SEASONS - $200 Why do people on Earth experience four seasons? A.Tilted axis of Earth B.Earths revolution C.Earths tilted axis and revolution D.Earths rotation

17 SEASONS - $300 When the North pole is tilted toward the sun, it is_____. A.Summer in both hemispheres B.Winter in both hemispheres C.Winter in the northern hemisphere D.Summer in the northern hemisphere

18 SEASONS - $400 The hemisphere that leans toward the sun has_____. A.Long days and long nights B.Long days and short nights C.Short days and short nights D.Short days and long nights

19 SEASONS - $500 When are day and night equal all over the world? A.Summer solstice B.January 1 C.Winter solstice D.Vernal Equinox

20 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $100 If you are in the umbra of an eclipse, what will you see? A.Partial eclipse B.Full moon C.Total eclipse D.New moon

21 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $200 High tides occur ________. A.Every 6 hours B.Every 12 hours C.Once a month D.Once a day

22 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $300 A lunar eclipse occurs when___ A.The sun is between the earth and moon B.The moon is between the earth and sun C.The moon is in the first quarter D.Earth is between the sun and moon.

23 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $400 What do we call the completely dark area of the shadow of the earth or moon? A.Partial eclipse B.Total eclipse C.Umbra D.penumbra

24 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $500 What is the main cause of tides on Earth? A.Wind B.Gravity of the sun C.Gravity of Earth D.Gravity of the moon

25 MOON - $100 Why is there no weather on the moon? A.There is no atmosphere B.There is too much sun C.One side of the moon is always without sunlight. D.There isnt enough gravity.

26 MOON - $200 What are the dark, smooth areas on the moon called? A.Maria B.Highlands C.Umbra D.Rilles

27 MOON - $300 Long valleys on the moon are known as _____. A.MariaB.UmbraC.Rilles D. Highlands

28 MOON - $400 True or False? The moon revolves around the Earth in an elliptical orbit.

29 MOON - $500 What year did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon? A.1968 B.1969 C.1971 D.1972

30 MOON PHASES - $100 The waxing-crescent moon occurs directly before the____. A.New moon B.Full moon C.First-quarter D.Waning-gibbous

31 MOON PHASES - $200 The new moon occurs directly before the _____. A.Waning-crescent moon B.Waxing-crescent moon C.Full moon D.First-quarter moon

32 MOON PHASES - $300 What causes the phases of the moon? A.Earths revolution around the sun B.Earths revolution around the moon C.The moon revolving around the sun D.The moon revolving around Earth

33 MOON PHASES - $400 Which phase of the moon occurs just before the waxing-gibbous and after the waxing-crescent? A.Full moon B.New moon C.Last quarter moon D.First quarter moon

34 MOON PHASES - $500 During which phase of the moon does a lunar eclipse occur? A. Full moon B. New moon C. Last quarter D. New quarter

35 EARTH - $100 B. 30

36 EARTH - $200 C. A year

37 EARTH - $300 C. Equator

38 EARTH - $400 D. Counter Clockwise

39 EARTH - $500 D. The axis of Earth is tilted.

40 SEASONS - $100 B. Summer Solstice

41 SEASONS - $200 C. Earths tilted axis and revolution

42 SEASONS - $300 D. Summer in the northern hemisphere

43 SEASONS - $400 B. Long days and short nights

44 SEASONS - $500 D. Vernal Equinox

45 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $100 C. Total eclipse

46 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $200 B. Every 12 hours

47 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $300 D. Earth is between the sun and moon.

48 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $400 C. Umbra

49 ECLIPSES/TIDES - $500 D. Gravity of the moon

50 MOON - $100 A. There is no atmosphere

51 MOON - $200 A. Maria

52 MOON - $300 C. Rilles

53 MOON - $400 True

54 MOON - $500 B. 1969

55 MOON PHASES - $100 C. First-quarter

56 MOON PHASES - $200 A.Wanning-crescent moon A.Wanning-crescent moon

57 MOON PHASES - $300 D. The moon revolving around Earth

58 MOON PHASES - $400 D. First-quarter

59 MOON PHASES - $500 A. Full Moon



62 FINAL CATEGORY What month do we add a day, how often do we add it, and what do we call it.

63 February, every 4 th year, Leap year FINAL CATEGORY






69 JEOPARDY! Slide Show Notes The font for the question & answer slides is Enchanted; a copy of this font in located in the REAL Jeopardy Template folder. (This font will need to be installed in the C:/WINDOWS/FONTS folder of the computer running the show.) In order to keep all of the sounds and fonts together, copy the entire REAL Jeopardy Template folder. To change the categories: –1. Go to Edit and Replace… –2. In the Find box, type ACRONYMS (all caps) –3. In the Replace box, type the category in all caps (for example, PRESIDENTS) –4. Click Replace All... To use the Daily Double: –1. Choose which dollar values to set as Daily Double –2. Link that dollar value to one of the DD slides –3. Link the arrow on the DD slide to the correct question slide (so dollar/category match)

70 Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show On the game board with the categories on top, click on the desired dollar value. (The first game board is used only to blink in the dollar values like the show.) ICONS: –? Go to the answer screen. –House Go back to the game board. –Right Arrow (on Daily Doubles) Go to the question screen. –Turned-up Arrow Reload question screen after incorrect guess

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