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Welcome. What We Will Cover Today Life Force International Unique, High Impact Wellness Product GotMy3 – Your Wellness Product Free Smart Financial Plan.

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1 Welcome

2 What We Will Cover Today Life Force International Unique, High Impact Wellness Product GotMy3 – Your Wellness Product Free Smart Financial Plan B

3 Life Force ® - Built With Staying Power Over 27 years of doing business - Your reputation remains intact Debt free - Your rewards are secure A+ Rating

4 Farmlands Drained Of Nutrients Soil depletion due to modern farming methods Humans need essential trace minerals…they are indispensable for life. 2 Chronic disease is on the rise. 1 The 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil, 2 PubMed PMID: 7022654

5 Prevention Is The Key Japanese citizens are known for: Their longevity and good health 30,000+ living healthy over age of 100 Lowest rate of chronic disease in world Attributed to their traditional diet which consists of 25% sea vegetables

6 Benefits Of Sea Vegetables Wide spectrum of minerals Macro & micro minerals Essential trace minerals Vitamins, Amino acids, Enzymes, Phytonutrients, and more…. Benefits of Aloe Vera Historically recognized as a healing botanical Increases immune cell function

7 The Gift Of Body Balance 9 Sea vegetables at your finger tips - Convenient Rich in minerals – Unique Whole food nutrition – As nature intended Liquid base of Aloe Vera - Easy to consume Highly absorbable - More value Vitamins, minerals and 121 naturally occurring nutrients - Saves time & money Black cherry flavor - Tastes great

8 Benefits People Experience Increased energy & vitality Increased feeling of wellbeing Improved digestive health Improved mental clarity Improved immune system health Improved sleep Reduced cravings Emotional stability *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

9 Now Youll Never Have To Choose

10 Our Goal: Help Everyone Get Body Balance Free 123

11 Order your 1 or 2 Body Balance Spark Packs + commit to Auto ship Ste p 1

12 Share your excitement with others Refer 3 new Customers They order 1 or 2 Spark Packs each + commit to Auto ship Ste p 2

13 When you get your 3 Your next Auto ship Spark Pack is FREE! All you pay = $8.95 Ste p 3

14 Now Help Your 3 Get Theirs FREE

15 The Rules Have Changed Millions are losing their homes, cars, and jobs Savings, home equity, and retirement plans have been devastated People no longer trust: Politicians and Government The Banking System Big Corporations The Stock Market Hard Reality is our world will never be the same as it was People need a financial Plan B NOW, not some day

16 Financial Plan B That Works Home-based business The new job security Set your own schedule – Start part-time No ceiling on your income Time freedom Tax advantages Minimum start-up cost

17 A Practical Business Plan A great Home-based business must consider: 1.Does the business model fit the average persons lifestyle? 2.Does it require the average person, who hates selling and recruiting, to master both, in order to have success? 3.Does the average person feel comfortable approaching others with the business? People fail - cannot overcome the cultural barrier of selling and recruiting Key to success - helping the average person to create a strong business without forcing them to act like a salesman and recruiter

18 Sharing vs. Selling Our method of sampling our products works well in any economy, but especially in a depressed economy Practical business plan Sets us apart from competition We found that most people love to give things of value to others Those who receive are happier with their first Life Force experience The Simple Sample System Prosperity Through Generosity

19 128 Body Balance stick packs ($356 value) 164 Vitali-C Plus stick packs ($184 value) 4 Quarts of Body Balance ($89 value) FIELD Leader Academy ($175 value) Advanced FIELD Leader Academy ($250 value) Over $1,000 value for only $495 These samples are Mini Sales Agents for you! Promote your business from the inside out Life Force marketing resources promote from the outside in!

20 Dont Eat Your Seed…Sow it! Sample 60 people within your first 30 days Thats an average of only two people a day Your Customers get free Body Balance by referring three customers. (You make the commissions) Your Members do what you do – Share and Sow! (You earn bonuses on their efforts)

21 Residual vs. Linear Income Employees and entrepreneurs see things differently in the area of income Linear Income Employees - trading time for dollars Residual Income Entrepreneurs - doing something once and creating income for an extended period of time

22 Create Residual Income Find a handful of members and help them do the same Create a network – put leverage to work Unlimited income potential *Amount in USD. No guarantees of income. Examples based on 100 BV Member Autoship orders and are for illustration purposes only. Individual incomes will vary.

23 Many Ways To Get Paid Fast Start Bonus Residual Bonus Trainer Bonus Matching Check Bonus Achievers Club Bonus Advancement Bonus Infinity Bonus Generational Power Bonus Pool Bonus

24 Solid Net Return If you earn $1,000 you have created a 200% return on your $495 investment If you make $12,000 a year you created the same cash flow as $600,000 in a 2% CD Any chance your 401K will get you that kind of return? Life Force business plan is practical and can yield a great return Puts you in the driver seat of your financial future Life Force is a smart choice for the modern world

25 The Timing Is Right Life Force International – David Colister The Wellness Industry Home-based Business Model Field Leader Training - Local Dream Academy - San Diego

26 What Appeals To You The Most? Customer – GotMy3 for Free Body Balance 1 or 2 Spark Packs - $98 / $188 Hobbyist – Create $100s Monthly 2 Spark Packs - $188 Business Builder – Create $1,000s Monthly Simple Dream Kit - $495

27 Immediate and Massive Action Larry King once asked Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, how he separated himself from his competition, whose names we no longer remember… Mr. Gates simply replied, I took immediate and massive action. Is there any reason why you cant start now?

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