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Working with the Media Leadership Training Institute.

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1 Working with the Media Leadership Training Institute

2 Working with the Media Goal of this training To learn strategies and skills to effectively communicate your important message to the media.

3 Working with the media The journalist has a special place There is a tendency in the higher echelons of government to believe that the purpose of the journalist generally is to stick his nose into affairs that are none of his business and, specifically, to interfere with the higher considerations of domestic and foreign policy. Without doubt, some of the framers of the Constitution would have agreed with this uncharitable assessment. However, on the assumption that the journalist on balance would turn out to be more of a benefit than a nuisance, he was recognized as a very special person and protected in the Bill of Rights under its free press guarantee. John Hohenberg, Journalist and educator

4 Working with the media What is the DMH media policy Help the news media Local contact Client confidentiality Positive stories Office of Public Affairs

5 Working with the media Media happens Telling our message What is our message??? Why tell our message???

6 Working with the media Top 10 strategies for successful interview 6. If the reporter falls asleep, take that as a hint you have talked long enough. 7. Make sure your toupee is on straight. 8. Try not to make funny faces at the camera. 9. Dont use words that the average 7 th grader cant understand. 10. Dont use any words that your mother wouldnt be proud of.

7 Working with the Media Top 10 strategies for a successful interview 1. Give yourself some time to think before you respond. 2. Be honest and cooperative. 3. Its OK to say I dont know (But I will find out for you). 4. Say no to no comment. 5. Dont let them see you sweat.

8 Working with the media When reporters want an interview, the most basic rule is: Give yourself time to think before you talk. The quotes that people regret are usually said reflexively, in the heat of anger or the shock that follows a rude surprise … if you can prepare for even five minutes, youll do a better job speaking for yourself and your organization. Clarence Jones, Journalist and author

9 Working with the media Interview tips Pre-interview interview Prepare Be honest Remember themes and positive points Use notes (not so much for TV) Its OK to say I dont know (But Ill find out for you)

10 Working with the media Interview tips Avoid jargon Use kitchen table language Use analogies Provide supporting material if appropriate Follow up/clarification

11 Working with the media Interview tips for TV Understand the Sony sandwich Think in terms of sound bites The average sound bite is about 15 seconds

12 Working with the media Real life scenarios On camera interviews

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