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SORCERER Platform Overview. Sorcerer product line Sorcerer 2 well-established standard –Self-contained tower (or 2U rack unit) –Can fit under bench, shared.

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1 SORCERER Platform Overview

2 Sorcerer product line Sorcerer 2 well-established standard –Self-contained tower (or 2U rack unit) –Can fit under bench, shared by lab –One high-end processing node, with integrated storage –Good match for single Orbi or similar Sorcerer Enterprise new HT platform –Pre-integrated rack cabinet –Goes in server room, shared site-wide –Includes multinode blade server with high capacity storage subsystem –Ideal for multi-instrument throughput

3 Sorcerers Primergy hardware platform Sorcerer 2 on Primergy platform – Came out in 2008 – Introducing 3 rd rev in Q3 this year – Further uptick in CPU and system components SNR-Fujitsu partnership developed with Sorcerer 2 – Joint platform design – Testing and tuning – Manufacturing – Worldwide field support Enables Enterprise platform – Collaboration for optimal blade server, storage and interconnect design – Result: takes throughput to next level with high performance and scalability

4 Sorcerer 2 server evolution System ModelSilver box (rev2)Primergy TX300S4Primergy TX300 S5Primergy TX300 S6 # CPUs2222 Cores/CPUDualQuad # Sorcerer jobs6888 CPU architecturePaxvilleHarpertownNehalemWestmere Rel CPU integer throughput.* 44% (est.) 100%204%215% * SPECint*_rate_base2006 20092010200820112007

5 Sorcerer Enterprise platform Goal: scalable analysis throughput for multiple instruments – More data to analyze, more data to keep – Faster scan rates, e.g. Orbi Velos – Multi-vendor instrumentation – Broad array of applications and downstream analysis – Needs most sensitive searching Solution: Sorcerer Enterprise on blade server – Primergy BX900 server with up to 18 blades Each blade has more processing power than a Sorcerer 2 – Eternus DX80 ~9TB disk space in base configuration, expandable up to ~180TB (Sorcerer 2: ~2TB available disk space) RAID-6 for extra data integrity and redundancy

6 Sorcerer Enterprise under the hood Components in base config – Primergy BX9oo blade server: 10U (17½) chassis with 18 slots 1 build-in high speed interconnect blade 2× (up to 18×) BX920 blades, each with: 8 Nehalem cores, 36GB RAM, 2×76GB fast SAS drives, built-in ethernet – Eternus DX80 disk storage system Each module can hold 12 disks (450GB SAS or 1TB nearline) iSCSI fast connection – Integrated in rack with UPS, network switch etc. Externally – One Ethernet port, one IP address (plug-and-play)

7 Sequest 3G What is it? – Next generation Sequest – keeps (and extends) its gold standard sensitivity – evolves for modern proteomics Key benefits of the technology – optimized for high-throughput searching of large data sets – digital signal processing techniques improve sensitivity for noisy spectra – provides robust PTM search – support for new fragmentation techniques such as ETD – extensions to SEQUEST 3G enable multiple similarity scores for improved specificity

8 Sequest 3G on Sorcerer Key Steps: 1.Fast but accurate spectrum matching that uses ppm mass accuracy 2.Complete "on the fly" consideration of chosen PTMs 3.All candidate matches (not just a "short list") get rigorous cross-correlation scores... 4.... to enable most sensitive ranking and effective compilation of results 5.Comprehensive XCorrs also allow reliable E-value results for simple interpretation, as well as computation of legacy SEQUEST scores

9 Sorcerer PE Software V4.0 beta Sorcerer Enterprise distributed searching TPP v4.3.1 Support for Scaffold V3.0 Sequest 3G initial release Muse: new scripts – Integration with DTASelect, Census, APEX, etc. – New Versasearch combined ETD/CID analysis New license manager facilitates better performance with more system resources – Better Sorcerer Enterprise performance Coming Msconvert support will handle Xcalibur 2.1 Raw files Bug fixes and minor updates

10 Muse Example: DTASelect and Census Great tools for filtering, reporting and quant from Yates Lab – Available from Yates lab ( – We recommend it for SILAC etc. (commercial offering in development) On Sorcerer, install scripts and run census_select.muse – Runs DTASelect, then Census – View DTASelect report directly from Sorcerer Web GUI – Runs Census pre-analysis using search results and supplied params/config census_select.muse -c ~/custom/census/census_config_silac.xml

11 VersaSearch for combined CID/ETD Unified search accommodates ETD variations All-CID, all-ETD, alternating, & decision tree Peptide terminus mods to account for b vs c, y vs. z-radical Post-processing to define true vs. decoy Post-search re-scoring provides other similarity scores E.g. binomial scores User-defined fragmentation models SEQUEST 3G Peptide ID Extract peaklist Protein Inference RAW peaks pep hits prot hits Determine CID vs. ETD Tag True/Decoy w/ MUSE Peptide FDR w/ terminus mods

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