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The Jahshaka Project Jahshaka V3 Application Overview Revision 1 The Jahshaka Project.

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1 The Jahshaka Project Jahshaka V3 Application Overview Revision 1 The Jahshaka Project

2 Jahshaka V3 digital content creation tools, sharing not managing the creative process

3 The Jahshaka Project digital homegamesvisualizationtelevisionfilm/comm Product Positioning by Market jahshaka jahplayer jahnet

4 The Jahshaka Project enterpriseconsumersystemsdesktop Product Positioning by Function editing/effectsjahshaka DIjahshaka DI playbackjahplayer collaborationjahnet

5 The Jahshaka Project Phase 4Phase 2Phase 3Phase 1 Go To Market / Product Availability jahshaka DI jahplayer Jahnet jahshaka

6 The Jahshaka Project What is Jahshaka? Enterprise collaboration Creative tools Ultra high resolution interaction 3d compositing Software or hardware rendering Highly efficient user interface Highly optimized across GPU and CPU Great Creative tools Versatile media playback and management Flexible and open, built on open standards Automation Multi stage versioning Easy expansion via industry standard plug-ins Pre-set and customizable user interface Open source – participation equals ownership!

7 The Jahshaka Project Why Jahshaka? 20 th Century 21 st Century * modular * open source * plug-in driven * fast! * large user base * workflow * integration * network aware

8 The Jahshaka Project When would you use the Jahshaka? Tasks –Asset management and media playback –Short Form Editing –Digital Intermediaries (DI) –3D visualization and compositing –HDR element and scene matching/lighting –Pre-product/visualization –Color Correction Suites Media –short form specific applications –progressive based –Any resolution (HDV, 2K) –Any bitdepth (8bit, 10bit, 12bit, 16bit, 32bit float)

9 The Jahshaka Project Where would you use the Jahshaka? Film & Post production facilities Broadcast facilities 3D rendered element assembly Multiple artists collaborating High resolution, high bit depth applications DI facilities Media playback and preview rooms

10 The Jahshaka Project Who would use Jahshaka? Compositing artists or Operators 3D visualization/Pre-visualization artists Production system administrators 3D gaming FMV artists Colorists Digital matte artists VFX supervisors VFX producers

11 The Jahshaka Project Media Management & Playback

12 The Jahshaka Project DI & Color Correction Solutions

13 The Jahshaka Project 3D Compositing & Versioning

14 The Jahshaka Project Editing

15 The Jahshaka Project Third Party Developers Keylight Tinder Furnace jahshaka + furnace gives us a industrial strength image processing solution that will allow us to immediately enter the film compositing marketplace. jahshaka + Tinder gives us a industrial strength special effects solution that can be used to address markets stretching from film to broadcast television and the technology can also be commercialized to provide consumer level effects jahshaka + Keylight gives us an industrial strength keying solution that would allow us to enter the massive keying and rotoscoping marketplace. The modular jahshaka architecture allows us to engage established plugin developers and leveare their products as a route to market. Existing plugins on the market give us immediate access to features that would take many months to develop.

16 The Jahshaka Project Jahshaka Key Features & Benefits Jahshaka toolset for high performance effects creation –Features core technology designed and implemented in jahshaka v2, already downloaded by over 500,000 users 3D Compositing environment allows for a new level of VFX virtual cinematography –Complete 3d system for compositing with optimized cpu and gpu rendering giving users both superior speed and high quality output Collaborative features allow teams to work more efficiently –Allows both technical designers and production supervisors to work alongside multiple artists in a shared environment Enterprise software provides centralized data management –All assets and meta-data can be stored either in a local sql database or a shared, facility wide database with enterprise support Open, Modular, Scriptable Design –Highly modular design for rapid product development and simple on site integration –Combines open source software models and open xml data storage with a python application architecture for full scripting control

17 The Jahshaka Project Jahshaka V3

18 The Jahshaka Project High End Editing $300m-$500m H/w+s/w High End Compositing, Effects & Paint (hw+sw) $400m-500m Custom Software For Film Industry Approx $400m High End 3D $100m Plugins $250m - $750m (s/w esd) Ref 4 Ref 1: M2 research 2002 Ref 2: Visual Media internal analysus 2004 Ref 3: SCRI Graphics and Effect 2003 Ref 4: JPA consulting Mid/Low end Compositing, Effects & Paint $500m-$700m H/w + s/w Mid/Low End Editing $600-$800m Mainly s/w Static Market Growth Market Graphics Software Market niches Ref 3 SCRI Mid/Professional 3D / Web 3D $300m-$1bn Game Development?

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