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Deputy Executive Director

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1 Deputy Executive Director
Top HIV diagnostics for small labs in Africa Philippe Duneton Deputy Executive Director 17 June 2013

2 Long term goal of the Global Health Community
HIV/AIDS GOAL: Reaching 15 million people with ARVs by 2015 WHO New 2013 Guidelines CD4: 500 cells/mm3 from 350 FDCs – 1 pill a day (Tenofovir based) Patient monitoring

3 Low access to HIV treatment: Only 9 million of 25 million people in need are now on ART
1 Previous target of Universal access set up in 2011 (and defined as 80% of those in need), was to reach 15 Million by year 2015. The number of people considered eligible for ART will increase approx. to 25 million with revised criteria (CD4 Threshold) for ART initiation and the addition of the groups already considered independent of CD4 such as all pregnant women and breastfeeding women (previously called Option B plus), children under five years old, HIV-positive partners in serodiscordant couples, and people with HIV and active TB disease or severe chronic liver disease and Hepatitis B ). The challenge of reaching an additional 16 million people in need of treatment is compounded by the fact that a proportion of those currently on ART are receiving suboptimal treatment including d4T-containing regimens (estimates up to 20-30% of those on 1st line ART) .

4 Monitoring diagnostics CD4 Viral Load Early Infant Diagnostics
Large modern laboratories Sophisticated equipment Highly trained staff Benefit: High volume 4,500 tests a months Samples need to be transported Result returned to patient Nyumbani, Karen, Kenya Pediatric University Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

5 The reality of low resource settings
Limitation in health infrastructure Crowded facilities Basic laboratory facilities Irregular power and water supply Limitation in human resources Few doctors Health workers with limited training carry out most consultations District Hospital, Meconta, Mozambique Quality, simple to use diagnostic and medicines are needed to assure rapid effective treatment Kiboga Referral Hospital, Uganda

6 Point of care testing Small devices
Easy to use outside central laboratories Rapid results Back up power supply HIV patient monitoring CD4 Viral Load Early Infant Diagnosis 1er maio, Maputo Mozambique

7 Benefits to Patients Ideal for resource limited settings
– both urban and rural Decreases turn-around time – results available on same day Improves patient outcomes – prompt treatment Reduces loss to follow up – no need to return for results Reduces workload of the central laboratory Phebe Hospital, Liberia

8 UNITAID's new Point of Care Projects
CHAI/UNICEF Medecin Sans Frontiere FEI –OPP-ERA London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines AIM: Increase CD4 testing to 80% and Viral load testing to 50% in low income countries Good monitoring of patients = better care and treatment

9 PointCare Technologies
CD4 Product Pipeline* BD FACSPresto™ BD Biosciences Pima™ Analyser Alere PointCount NOW™ PointCare Technologies Visitect® CD4 Omega/Burnet Zyomyx CD4 Test MBio CD4 System CyFlow® CD4 miniPOC Partec Daktari™ CD4 Counter 2009 2010 2013 2014 Disposable Disposable Instruments Instruments *Estimated as of March timeline and sequence may change. 9

10 EOSCAPE HIV™ Rapid RNA Assay System LYNX Viral Load Platform
Viral Load and EID Product Pipeline* Liat™ Analyser IQuum Alere Q Alere EOSCAPE HIV™ Rapid RNA Assay System Wave 80 Biosciences RT CPA HIV-1 Viral Load Ustar LYNX Viral Load Platform NWGHF Micronics Gene-RADAR® Nanobiosym SAMBA VL DDU/Cambridge ALL Cavidi AMP Gene Xpert® System Cepheid LYNX HIV p24 Antigen NWGHF Truelab™ PCR Molbio/bigTec Viral Load Assay with BART Lumora BioHelix SAMBA EID DDU/Cambridge 2013 2014 2015 2016 *Estimated as of March timeline and sequence may change No market launch date set by company. 10

11 Call for LOIs UNITAID is pleased to announce the first Call for Letters of Intent (LOI) of its new strategic period Deadline: 22 Sep 2013

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