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ALSPAC clinics Larisa Duffy – Clinic Manager

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1 ALSPAC clinics Larisa Duffy – Clinic Manager

2 The beginning About 14, 500 pregnant women About 12,000 new born babies were measured

3 Children in Focus (CiF)

4 Clinic Attendance

5 Young People @17

6 Observations Blood –Glucose, haemoglobin,lipids & cotinine samples –DNA samples Urine and Hair –Chlamydia/gonorrhoea tests on behalf of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme Blood pressure and pulse rate

7 Anthropometry height, weight, body fat, scoliosis a whole body scan and a hip DXA scan A pQCT scan of the lower leg

8 Computerised questionnaire mental health (depression) substance use (tobacco, alcohol & drugs) Gambling DCSF Interviews PLIKS and CSQ N Back, Probability and Go No-Go

9 Questionnaires on chronic pain, life events and fractures dental health questionnaire to take home and send back by post in ALSPAC packaging girls are given a questionnaire about their cycle, the date of the first day of their last period and contraception.

10 Scans carotid artery in the neck liver heart Monitors activity monitor (G-Force) blood pressure

11 Clinic Chart YP 1YP 2YP 3YP 4YP 5YP 6YP 7YP 8 8:20Blood 8:40Blood 9:00ArteryCom QIntviewBlood 9:20DXABPCom QHair 9:40DXAIntviewBPCom QHairCom Q Artery 10:00IntviewCom QHairCom QArteryDXA 10:20BPHairCom QArteryIntviewDXA 10:40BPHairCom QArteryDXAIntview 11:00Com Q ArteryDXAIntviewBP 11:20HairArteryDXAIntviewCom QBP 11:40Com QDXAIntviewBPHairCom Q 12:00BPCom QArteryHair 12:20Com Q

12 Mothers Observations –DXA scan for fat & lean mass and bone density –Carotid intima media thickness –Blood pressure –Height, weight, waist, hip and head circumference –Fasting blood samples (funds to complete assays on fasting glucose, insulin, pro-insulin, lipids and to store serum)

13 Mothers clinic chart FW1FW2FW3FW4FW1FW2FW3FW4 08:000Blood 08:200Blood 08:400DXAA1Blood 09:000A1DXAA2 09:250 DXAA2Blood 09:500 DXABlood 10:100 DXAA1Blood 10:300 A1DXAA2 10:550 DXAA2 11:200 DXA

14 Fathers Clinic Fasting Blood sample Height, weight, waist and hip circumference Blood pressure DXA scan Life style questionnaires

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