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Creative Writing Poetry.

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1 Creative Writing Poetry

2 Persona Poem A structured 8-line poem, biographical in nature. title
Name of author of poem first name/nickname of the person in the poem 4 adjectives which describe the person X of Y formula, about an important relationship to the person 3 things s/he loves 3 things that scare her/him 3 things s/he wants to see resident of...a place or time or concept last name of the person in the poem

3 Persona Poem Edward Cullen Edward Immortal, lonely, loving, protective
By Edward Cullen Edward Immortal, lonely, loving, protective Son of Carlisle Vegetarianism, Bella, running through the forest Volturri, Bella’s safety, Shapeshifters Bella grow old, blush of Bella’s face, Esme’s Island Resident of Forks, Washington Cullen

4 Persona Poem Harry Potter Harry Brave, loyal, seeker, inquisitive
By Harry Potter Harry Brave, loyal, seeker, inquisitive Son of James and Lily Riding a broom, Ginny Weasley, Hogwarts Voldemort, the Dursleys, Dementors Parents, Deathly Hallows, destroyed horcruxes Resident of Little Winging, England Potter

5 Up and Down Poems Description for Up and Down Poems: Structured poems using a word or phrase in a top-to-bottom ("up and down") direction. Works well as follow up for a class event, activity, topic or related reading.

6 Up and Down Poems Horrible stuff, cOmpletely disgusting, in fact! Makes mE Want to gO and find a "Real job"... Nah, I don't thinK so!!

7 Up and Down Poems Directions …..
Students can write individually, in pairs or in small groups to choose a word or phrase as the topic for the poem. Students then brainstorm related words Consider adjectives, adverbs, feeling words, power words, etc. Write the word DOWN the middle of the page one letter per line Fit words and phrases around the letters, using the brainstorm list to help. The idea is that each letter from the key word becomes incorporated into the word or phrase going across. Hint: Write the key word in all caps, big, or even in color, so letters stand out and the key word can is easy to read.

8 Up and Down Poems Why Eat In Great Heaping Tons

9 Phone Poem Directions: Some poetry forms invite the writer to come up with a specific number of syllables for each line of a poem.  Use your phone number to help you select which words you will include in the seven lines of your instant poem by matching the number of syllables with your phone number. Start by writing your phone number vertically.  Then use that number as your guide to precisely how many syllables can go on that line of your poem.

10 Phone Poem Topic/Title:
First digit of phone number ______ Second Third Fourth Fifth _____ Sixth Seventh

11 “Guilty Pleasures” 5    I bite into the 5    peppermint patty. 5    The taste floods my mouth. 1    Not 2    guilty. 1    No 2    regrets.

12 1 warmth. 5 The spirit is gone. 5 Claus should just fly by.
“The Grinch” 6    I cannot believe it. 7    Holiday break comes fast now. 5    No decorations. 1    No 1    warmth. 5    The spirit is gone. 5    Claus should just fly by.

13 If (or What If) Poem This form of poetry asks you to consider
possibilities. Begin with the word If or the words What If . . . and let your imagination flow. Write at least 10 lines. Include a rhyme scheme if you’d like.

14 If (or What If) Poem If I were invisible, I’d explore every secret place on Earth. If I were blind, I’d spend more time listening. If I were rich, I’d buy something special for every person. What if time suddenly ceased to pass? What if the world’s leaders weren’t so arrogant? What if zoos displayed different types of people?

15 Limerick A humorous poem with 5 lines using the end rhyme scheme... aabba.

16 Limerick “A Cold Woman” By Paul McCann There once was a woman of ice . She never knew how to be nice . She spent all of her life, on the edge of a knife, cutting herself off from advice.

17 Limerick “Fashion” Can't believe it’s true, must be a ruse.
It seems kids these days actually choose. It's a very strange fad to dress up just like Dad. Bell-bottom pants and big clunky shoes.

18 Limerick Across the top of a blank sheet of paper, write 5-6 places you have lived or visited.... neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, addresses Choose the 2 places that are easiest to rhyme Help each other "brainstorm" rhyming words Write in columns underneath the place names. This can be done using only the last syllable of the name…Example: Beijing: bring, fling, king, Ming, opening, ring, sing, sling, sting, thing ...

19 Limerick Template A There once was a ________ from ________.
All the while s/he hoped ________________. So s/he _____________________________. And ________________________________. That _________ from __________________.

20 Limerick Template A There once was a man from Beijing . All his life he hoped to be King . So he put on a crown, Which quickly fell down. That small silly man from Beijing. There was a young lady of Niger Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.     They returned from the ride     With the lady inside And the smile on the face of the tiger.

21 Limerick Template A There was a young lady named Bright, Who traveled much faster than light.     She started one day     In the relative way, And returned on the previous night.

22 Limerick Template B I once met a ______________from _________.
Every day s/he _________________________. But whenever s/he ______________________. The _________________________________. That strange ____________ from __________.

23 Limerick Template B There was a young lady of Lynn Who was so uncommonly thin     That when she essayed     To drink lemonade She slipped through the straw and fell in.

24 Free Verse This type of poetry is free of rhyme and regular rhythm (meter). It may appear in several stanzas or in a single long one. Be sure to include examples of figurative language, imagery, allusions, and repetition. Free verse poetry attempts to capture the normal rhythms of ordinary speech. Attempt to write at least 15 lines. Choose a topic that interests you or one for which you hold strong feelings.

25 Free Verse-How to start
Choose your subject and write about it. Get it all out. Stay deep and true to the rhythm of the poetic movement rolling through you, but get everything about the subject down on paper. Check your rough poem to see if anything is missing. If you need to add a line, or even a stanza, do so. If you’re missing a metaphor, simile, or turn of phrase, add it. Read the rough poem aloud. Free verse is a rhythmic dance with voice and words, so check the sequence of lines and make sure that one flows into the other. Move through your poem with an editor’s pen and make sure you’ve selected the words that give proper accent and cadence to the overall poem. Read the poem aloud until it flows like honey and you feel it inside. That’s a sure sign of a well-completed piece of free verse.

26 Free Verse “Winter Poem” by Nikki Giovanni
once a snowflake fell on my brow and i loved it so much and i kissed it and it was happy and called its cousins and brothers and a web of snow engulfed me then i reached to love them all and i squeezed them and they became a spring rain and i stood perfectly still and was a flower

27 Free Verse “Jerk” by Christina
I love your voice, your soft brown hair. I love your eyes and love your stare. I love your laugh, your cocky smirk, your stupid jokes. You precious jerk, you know I do. I want my hands all through your hair each treasured strand. I’m wrapped around your finger still. Am I yet yours? Your love does kill the things I hold so close to me and yet you’re the best jerk I see. Free Verse “Jerk” by Christina

28 Free Verse “The Body” by Sweenerborg
Is a body unconscious a person still? No mind is present to govern its deeds. Does a body have dreams, or a fate to fulfill? No way to feel it when it bleeds. Can I be a human, too? Maybe I’m not even real. But I am flesh, through and through? Scratch it up, then let it heal. Or can a monster have a mind? An evil thing, or weeping ghost. Are living and breathing intertwined? A being punished for its host. With electrical thoughts, is it ever alive? Just a skin, an empty shell. Is the soul really needed for the body to thrive? A carcass washed up on the shores of hell. Free Verse “The Body” by Sweenerborg

29 Ode to the Weary Math Student
Woe to the math student, In an advanced class, Who tries oh so hard, And yet can’t seem to pass The equations are evil, The numbers, nonsense And all the test grades Contain dark suspense Woe to the math student, A slave to the book Odd answers are in back Oh so tempting to look Who studies for hours, And stares at the page, The body is paralyzed, But inside, so much rage Woe to the math student, Doomed to the grave, If surviving to the bell, The soul may be saved, But oh, when returned home There awaits homework, The student, in despair, Calls the teacher a jerk Woe to the math student Who will surely die The numbers are deadly, And no one knows why The brain has shut down, The body is weak, And oh, what’s awaiting In math class next week?

30 Free Verse After the Sea-Ship by Walt Whitman
After the Sea-Ship—after the whistling winds; After the white-gray sails, taut to their spars and ropes, Below, a myriad, myriad waves, hastening, lifting up their necks,  Tending in ceaseless flow toward the track of the ship:  Waves of the ocean, bubbling and gurgling, blithely prying, Waves, undulating waves—liquid, uneven, emulous waves, Toward that whirling current, laughing and buoyant, with curves,  Where the great Vessel, sailing and tacking, displaced the surface;

31 Epitaph Epitaph poetry is used to honor those who have passed away. This could be about yourself or someone you know or read about. Write down a list of qualities of the person honored or discussed in the epitaph. Get detailed. Think of the things that mattered most, but also look for unique qualities that the person possessed. Create a detailed list of accomplishments. Look for ideas from the person's friends, hobbies, livelihood and family situation. Ask yourself what that person would want said about herself to others in a crowd. How would s/he like to be remembered? What was important to him/her? Look for a way to weave humor into the poem

32 Epitaph Beneath these green trees rising to the skies, The planter of them, Isaac Greentree, lies; The time shall come when these green trees shall fall, And Isaac Greentree rise above them all.

33 Epitaph Jeanine Custis She failed her breathalizer test now she lays with the best Margaret Daniels She always said her feet were killing her but nobody believed her. Beneath this stone a lump of clay Lies Uncle Peter Dan'els Who early in the month of May Took off his winter flannels

34 Epitaph LESTER MOORE Here lies Lester Moore Four slugs from a .44 No Les No More. Note: Lester Moore was a Wells, Fargo Co. station agent for Naco, Arizona in the cowboy days of the 1880's. He's buried in the Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona

35 Epitaph ANN MANN Dec. 8, Here lies Ann Mann, Who lived an old maid But died an old Mann. ANNA WALLACE The children of Israel wanted bread And the Lord sent them manna; Old clerk Wallace wanted a wife, And the devil sent him Anna.

36 Shaped Poems The words should be formed into a shape or creatively arranged. Diamante Poems: Contain opposing concepts which meet in the middle line, structured in a diamond shape

37 Shaped Poems Line 1: 1 noun. The topic or theme of the poem (and the opposite of line 8). Line 2: 2 adjectives. They describe the noun in line 1. Line 3: 3 gerunds (verb + ing). They describe the noun in line 1. Line 4: 4 nouns: two nouns related to line 1 and two nounsrelated to line 8. Line 5: 3 gerunds (verb + ing). They describe the noun in line 8. Line 6: 2 adjectives. They describe the noun in line 8. Line 7: 1 noun. This is an antonym (opposite) for the noun in line 1.

38 Shaped Poems “Seasons” Winter Snowy, cold Skiing, Skating, Sledding
Mountains, Winds, Breeze, Ocean Swimming, Surfing, Scuba diving Sunny, hot Summer


40 Shaped Poems “The Circle of Life” Life Wonderful, fortunate
Fantasizing, socializing, communicating Horrible, beautiful, beginning, end Gruesome, bad, terrible Death

41 Shaped Poems  Spring is past, and Summer's past, Autumn's come, and going; Weather seems as though at last We might get some snowing. Spring was good, and Summer better, But the best of all is waiting,- Madame Winter-don't forget her.- O You Skating! Spring we welcomed when we met, Summer was a blessing; Autumn points to school, but yet Let's be acquiescing. Spring had many precious pleasures; Winter's on a different rating; She has greater, richer treasures,- O You Skating! Gleam of ice, and glint of steel, Jolly, snappy weather; Glide on ice and joy of zeal, All, alone, together. Fickle Spring! Who can imprint her?- Faithless while she's captivating; Here's to trusty Madame Winter.- O You Skating!

42  They are kneeling upright on a flowered bed    He      has just caught her there                                 and holds her still      Her gown                   has slipped down                                             off her shoulder  He has an urgent hunger                        His dark head                                   bends to hers                                              hungrily  And the woman the woman      turns her tangerine lips from his             one hand like the head of a dead swan                     draped down over                                                  his heavy neck  Shaped Poems

43 Shaped Poems Buffalo Bill's defunct who used to
ride a watersmooth-silver stallion and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat Jesus he was a handsome man and what i want to know is how do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death

44 Touhey Poem Describe a place, situation, or event using all 5 (6 for the women) senses Consider emotional connections to your topic Free verse, blank verse, rhyme, metered, prose Taste Feel Sight Smell Hearing

45 Touhey Poem Decide on a place/situation/event that means something to you.     List sensory words to it Focus on the place/situation/event itself Avoid using phrases such as "It is..." Avoid using linking verbs except as an exception. Avoid phrases such as “It sounds like,” or “tastes like,” or “feels like.” Use information without stating the lazy statements. 6. Poem is to be at least six (5) lines long with multiple modifier for each sense. 7. Revise as needed to have at least four (4) devices in poem Personification Similes Metaphors Allusions Alliteration End rhyme Internal Rhyme Hyperbole Onomatopoeia Symbol

46 Touhey Poem       Loneliness Cold, coarse, clammy fingers Creep their twisted way into the mind. As loneliness' piercing scream Echoes soundlessly into emptiness, Its musty, decaying path Leaves no room for coherent thought.  Anger A red, ripping roar rages Overwhelming all, blasting, blistering, Leaving nothing but ashes. Anger's freezing, burning breath Brings bitterness and defeat. No hope can exist in Its acrid, arid hands.

47 Touhey Poem Spring Spring is green with bright yellow buds, New shoots emerge from the dark brown earth, The scent of rain mixes with blossoms in the air, Birds chirp with newfound vibrato in the trees, Succulent strawberries ripen in the sun, All is fresh, warm, and beautiful in the world.

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