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P Type in your answers…. Number one is completed for you!

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1 P. 2-46 Type in your answers…. Number one is completed for you!
Unit One P. 2-46 Type in your answers…. Number one is completed for you!

2 What were the British colonies in America like in the 1770s?
Ch. 1 1. List European nations that set up colonies in America? France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Spain 2. According to the reading what does being a subject mean? Being under the rule of a monarch 3. Name of the Native American people who lived along the Eastern seacoast? Eastern Woodlands Tribes 4. What is the best known league? Iroquois League

3 5. The Iroquois League inhabitated in what modern state? New York
6. What was the population in 1790? 4 Million 7. Name the 3 largest cities in the colonies? Philadelphia, Boston, New York

4 8. 90% of colonist were what? Farmers
9. What does self-sufficient mean? Provide for own needs 10. Men and women who sold their labor in exchange for the cost of the trip from Europe to the colonies? Indentured Servants

5 11. How was the typical colonial family different from the families in Europe? Typical Families Were Wealthier 12. What percentage of the population was held in slavery? 20% 13. The population of the colonies was diverse. Explain? Different Ancestry, Different religious beliefs

6 Ideas for Discussion p. 8-9
1. What did Crevecoeur like about life in the colonies? NO Aristocracy, possible to make a good living. 2. What rights did he enjoy? Free to live without unreasonably

7 14. Were class differences important in the colonies? Yes
15. How much land did a white male have to own in order to vote? 50 acres 16. How did the colonists view themselves? Virtuous, hardworking, and simple people 17. Who were the Founders? The political leaders

8 Lesson Review p. 12 3. What difference did gender, race, and wealth make to people in colonial society? 4. What rights did colonists value?

9 Internet activity What was life in the colonies like for the following groups: Children and adolescents Indentured servants- Native Americans People held in slavery Women

10 Why do we need government p. 13
Ch. 2 1. What were the Founders students of? History and Philosophy 2. Briefly describe John Locke? English philosopher, 2 Treaties of Government, Natural Rights 3. Living in a state of nature. What does this mean, and what would life be like in a state of nature? No govt., no laws

11 4. The ideas of Locke are used in what American documents?
DOI, state constitutions 5. List the natural rights… Life Liberty Property 6. According to Locke, why were governments formed? To protect peoples rights

12 7. What does consent mean? To approve of something or allow something to take place 8. What is a social contract? Government has the power to enforce laws

13 Lesson Review p. 20 5. What is the main purpose of government according to John Locke? To protect our natural life

14 Internet Activity p. 20 =

15 What is republican government? P. 21
Ch. 3 1. A country that has a government in which power is held by the people who elects representatives? Republic 2. How long did the Roman Republic last? Nearly 500 years 3. Who shared the power to govern in the Roman Republic? Both common people and the aristocrats

16 4. Representatives should make laws that serve?
The entire community 5. How are representatives responsible to the people? People vote 6. What are possible disadvantages of republican government Works best in small communities, republican govt. works best when people are alike

17 7. What is James Madison often called? Why?
“The Father of the Constitution”- He played such an important rule in creating our Constitution 8. Madison believed that members of government should be elected by a large ________ number of people rather than small__ number or favored group 9. Who was Cincinnatus and what did he do for the people of Rome? Skilled military leader who was asked to be a dictator and lead Rome into battle

18 10. Why is civic virtue important?
Citizens need to participate in their govt. to promote the common good 11. According to the Founders why did the Roman Republic fail? Its citizens lost their civic virtue

19 Lesson Review p. 30 5. How were the values of republican government promoted in the colonies? Why were these values promoted? Parents, teachers and clergy taught repupublican values to kids

20 Internet Activity #2. Many government buildings in Washington, D.C., and many state capitols across the country look like Greek or Roman buildings. Find photographs of government buildings . Compare them with drawings or photographs of ancient Greek or Roman buildings. Explain how this architectural style in our country symbolizes the influences of ancient Greece or Rome on the Founders.

21 What is constitutional government? P. 31
Ch. 4 1. A Constitution is the legal framework for government? 2. What does constitutional government mean? There are limits on the powers of the govt. 3. Governments of unlimited power are known as?

22 4. The constitution is a higher law. Explain?
Set of laws that establish and limit the power og govt. Everyone must obey the law 5. In “The tragedy of Antigone” , who does Antigone disobey? Her uncle Creon the ruler of Thebes 6. What happens to Antigone? Sentence to death

23 Lesson Review p. 40 #4. Identify two areas of private life in which you think government should not interfere. Explain why you think government should not intrude in these areas.

24 Internet Activity #3. On this slide, provide examples of constitutional government and dictatorial government.

25 How can we organize government to prevent the abuse of power? P. 41
Ch. 5 1. How does our government prevent the abuse of power? 2. From p. 43 list 3 founding fathers? 3. List the 3 branches of government and what power does each hold?

26 4. What branch is Congress?
5. List the two houses in Congress? 6. What is the name of a proposed law?

27 Lesson Review p. 46 1. How does a system of separation of powers work?

28 Internet Activity #2. On this slide display pictures, graphs and news articles illustrating separation of powers and checks and balances.

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