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Welcome to The Pancreatic Protocol The Weigh to Health.

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1 Welcome to The Pancreatic Protocol The Weigh to Health

2 pH Balancing: The Missing Link Between Weight and Health

3 A Society in Trouble! Any two of these four challenges: Weight Blood Sugar Blood Pressure Cholesterol Now, imagine a short term solution to a long term problem! = Metabolic Syndrome X, Leading to Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer

4 Top weight loss myths I only need to exercise more to lose weight! I only need to eat less to lose weight!

5 Typical Approaches to Weight Loss Balanced Diet 30% Protein 30% Fat 40% Carbohydrate Low glycemic diets Protein drinks and bars (Please read label) Exercise Ineffective at loss, but helpful for maintenance Herbs & Supplements Decrease appetite: (Hoodia) Increase metabolism: (Capsicum) Decrease cholesterol: (Red Yeast Rice) Balance blood sugar: (Cinnamon, Gymnema, Fenugreek, Bitter Melon)

6 What Fuels the Body? The body gets its energy from 3 macronutrient sources: Carbohydrate (4 calories energy/gm) Proteins (4 calories energy/gm) Fats (9 calories turbo energy/gm)

7 How your body gets energy… Eaten food first, then stored reserves Carbohydrates Glycogenolysis in 3 days 4-5 pounds of water loss Protein Avoid gluconeogenesis (4 cal energy/g) Fat Ketosis the safe way! Turbo energy Reduce cravings (9 cal energy/g)

8 Carbohydrates Carbohydrate energy reserves are used up first 3 Days on the Pancreatic Protocol, carbohydrate reserves are depleted (glycogenolysis) Water loss of 4-5 lbs Possible sugar withdrawals

9 Protein After carbohydrate energy reserves are depleted, body burns protein Gluconeogenesis causes body to favor burning muscle over fat Transforms amino acids from muscle to glucose for the brain Important Prevent the loss of muscle mass with easily digested protein 90 to 120 grams/day

10 Fat Body will burn eaten fat before stored fat Limit fat Burning stored fat is called Ketosis Force the body to live on Fat Reserves (starts around Day 4 of The Pancreatic Protocol) Last source of energy Fat burns visibly (hips, stomach) Fat burns internally (arteries, cells)


12 What Stores Fat? Lipogenesis: Insulin is the key to unlocking fat cells Ingested Carbohydrates and Fats Become sugar and fat in the body Prevent the pancreas from resting Are not what satiates or fills us up Always burn before stored fat

13 Why Do Some People Gain Weight While Others Dont? The answer …

14 The Standard American Diet (SAD) Can Lead to Pancreas Abuse and Excess Insulin

15 High Levels of Insulin Can Cause Major Damage to the Body Diabetes Hypertension Obesity High Cholesterol High Triglycerides Inflammation Cell Membrane Damage Donut Sniffing pounds

16 Insulin Resistance Carbs metabolize to glucose (blood sugar) Insulin is secreted in response to rise in blood sugar Cell membranes become impaired/resistant The pancreas secretes MORE insulin (Hypoglycemia) Pancreas eventually burns out (Diabetes)

17 Chubby Babies are Cute and Cuddly There is a new theory that increased insulin (not necessarily high glucose) in the maternal circulation predisposes the baby to be born with insulin resistance.

18 Keys to Combating Metabolic Syndrome X: Increasing Awareness Resting and re-training the Pancreas Addressing toxicity, inflammation and pH balance Nourishing muscle while shedding toxic-laden fat

19 Understand, Commit, Execute The Pancreatic Protocol The 4-Stage Weigh to Health Alkalize, Detoxify, Oxygenate Burn, Baby, Burn!

20 So, what should I eat?

21 Lean Meat & Seafood Vegetables Seasonings Protein Isolates to Feed Muscle/Vitality

22 STAGE 1 (80% Weight Loss Goal) BreakfastLunchDinnerRepair Snack Supplement with double tonic, plentiful pink sea salt, 8 glasses water (minimum) per day, never skip meal, limited dressings, follow list strictly.

23 STAGE 2 (Remaining 20% Weight Loss Goal) BreakfastLunchDinnerRepair Snack

24 STAGE 3 Reset, Part 1: Waking up the Rested Pancreas in the Morning Fruits and Grains Back BreakfastLunchDinnerRepair Snack

25 STAGE 4 Reset, Part 2: Strict Two-week Minimum, Waking Pancreas, Breakfast and Dinner, then Eating Guidelines for Life (1 week splurge, then stage 1 for 24 hours to avoid storing fat)

26 Guidelines For Life Healthy Eating From Now On A Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Choose Good complex carbs and Good Fats OK to eat together in the A.M, will burn off! Separate fat at lunch, good carbs at dinner (veggies & lean protein both meals) Dont forget Univera repair snack before bedtime Weekly splurge followed by 24 hours of Stage 1

27 3 Types of Food Foods that if eaten in excess will not make us gain weight! Foods that can prevent us from losing weight! Will Gain Weight Wont Gain Weight Prevent Weight loss (e.g. pizza, donuts, chips, beer, fast food, ice cream, sweets) (e.g. cucumbers, celery, greens, lots of veggies) (e.g. organic apple, pasta – can prevent pancreas from resting and will burn first before fat) Foods that if eaten in excess can make us gain weight!

28 Doctor Recommended Bio-Impedance Analysis Tests Blood Sugar Acupuncture View Inflammation Control Chiropractic View Bladder Control Ketosis, the Safe Way Healthy Cell Environment

29 A Society Empowered! Weight Blood Sugar Blood Pressure Cholesterol The Pancreatic Protocol The short term solution to a long term problem! = Metabolic Syndrome X, Leading to Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer

30 Mandatory to Supplement! VibrantU Plus Pack includes 12 boxes of food (84 meals), all above supplements and an extra bottle of Tonic – a proven, synergistic package. Whats worth doing, is worth doing right! Plus the extra cleansing and digestion boost of enzymes and probiotics!

31 Bringing the Best of Nature to Humankind

32 60+ Full-time Scientists (20 PhDs), Clinical Studies, Pharmaceutical Grade Labs, 250,000 Plant Fractions in Largest Functional Library, 160 Patents, 15,000 Farmed Acres, 100,000 Acre Botanical Preserve, 250,000 sq ft Manufacturing Facility Blending Science with Holistic Stephen Cherniske, M.S, CSO Best Selling Author: The Metabolic Plan, The DHEA Breakthrough, Caffeine Blues The Pancreatic Protocol Seesaw Push UP on Pancreas, muscle, cell renewal Awareness (to nourish/balance/cleanse Push DOWN on pancreas overload & insulin resistance Toxicity, inflammation, pH imbalance, fat

33 Ageless Xtra Lead Product – High Impact Anti-Aging Pushing up on repair and down on damage Super High ORAC Antioxidant Rating Ingredients: B vitamins, Serenix corn extract, green tea extract, rhodiola crenulata extract, OKG, Protectin proprietary blend, cordyceps sinesis extract, fruit concentrate blend (grape, cranberry, blueberry, cherry), aloe vera, ginkgo biloba extract, alphalipoic acid, MaxCell proprietary absorption blend (jujube extract, jujube extract, Black pepper extract, aloe vera, Chinese licorice root) Compatible with stages 1-2 of pancreatic protocol. 1 oz with breakfast protein isolate food.

34 Compatible with Stages 1-2 of The Pancreatic Protocol RegeniCARE Essentials: The Ultimate Jetsons Meal (Say goodbye to Ensure!) All-in-One Superfood – all natural! Good fats, protein, complex carbs Vitamins, minerals, omega fats, fiber High antioxidant level Concord grape/strawberry/elderberry concentrates, whey protein isolates, aloe vera, xylitol

35 Aloe Gold Aloe Vera, pine needle extract, Fructo-Oligosaccharides and green tea extract for intestinal flora and digestion Univera sells 35-42% of all Aloe Vera in the world! Concentrate or one-ounce packets MetaGreens Super phytonutrient, cold pressed juicing and vacuum-assisted dehydration Five servings of vegetables in one heaping teaspoonful Spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, oat straw, dulse, alfalfa, cruciferous vegetables, organic Aloe Vera, stevia, etc.

36 DHEA decline is linked to fatigue, less muscle mass and strength, fat accumulation, weakened immune system DHEA (most comprehensive repair signal in the body), DIM, chrysin, vitamins B6/B12, Alpha Lipoic acid, N-Acetyl Cystine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and goji (wolfberry) concentrate Prime (Anti-Aging)

37 Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles; Improves smoothness, softness, & elasticity; Promotes youthful skin vitality; Supports healthy skin regeneration & renewal; Nourishes skin to optimize hydration; Promote antioxidant activity; 24-hour hydration protection for all skin types. LInitie Complete Hydrating System

38 All Our Losers are Winners!

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