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Island-Hopping Strategy

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1 Island-Hopping Strategy
Counter-offensive after Pearl Harbor U.S. Navy Bypass Japanese heavily fortified areas to attack more vulnerable islands Cut of lines of communication between Japan and its bases U.S. now strategically located to bomb Japan

2 Who was involved? Douglas MacArthur – Supreme Allied Commander Pacific Southwest Area Between New Guinea and Solomon Islands in Southwest Admiral Chester W. Nimitiz – Commander-in-Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet Marshal and Gilbert islands to Marianas


4 Battle of Coral Sea May 3-May 8 1942
Japan attempted to invade Port Moresby in Australia Started with Japanese invasion of Tulagi Ended with an air battle

5 Significance Japanese ships and air carriers damaged
Check Japanese expansion in South Aircraft carriers became a major force

6 Shokaku

7 http://www. fofweb. com/NuHistory/default. asp

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