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Mobile Captions Company LLC

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1 Mobile Captions Company LLC
5 8/10/2009 1

2 “..Grandpa, can you hear me?? I said, CAN YOU HEAR ME ??
The Problem “..Grandpa, can you hear me?? I said, CAN YOU HEAR ME ?? Tired of yelling? Tired of not understanding? 37 (X 2) million Americans relate !

3 A Valuable Service – A High Profile Group
Captions on cell phones for the hearing impaired (like TV captions) MCC provides end-to-end solution (phone app and server) and 2nd level customer service Based on patent-pending technology Subsidized service – the users do not pay for it First single-device mobile solution

4 Enthusiastic Users “..if captions were available on a cell phone, they would be instantly adopted…” Ed O’Brien, Board Member, Hearing Loss Assoc. of America (HLAA) “Thanks for your company's work in captioning over cell phones.  This sounds to be an exciting technology for us.” Claude Stout, Executive Director, Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc.

5 MCC CapStreamTM Demo Click on picture to start clip
These captions are being sent over the air Slowed down at an older person’s request !

6 37 Million with Hearing Trouble
Fast-Growing U.S. Hard of Hearing Market 37 Million with Hearing Trouble Hearing Aids – 4.3m Oral Deaf M Subsidized Assistive Technology ~ 200K Subsidized Hearing Aids Oral Deaf AT

7 Current Services Landline Captioned Services – (special equipment)
IP Relay Service (internet, 2nd phone for voice) Video Relay Service (requires sign language) Mobile IP Relay (requires data plan and 2nd phone) CapTel Phone MCC Phone

8 Assistive Technologies – Fast Uptake
History shows that the market will respond very quickly to a better technology. Video Relay Service took off – uses signing From 0 to 10M minutes/month in 7 years IP Relay – uses internet to deliver text From 1M to 7M minutes per month in 3 years Captel took away from traditional TRS immediately

9 User Unfriendly Getting equipment is regulated or expensive
Set-up is cumbersome Services lack functionality – text only, can’t use your own #, need two devices, coverage area Operator intrusion Stigma

10 MCC: Changing the Game Complete independence – mobility, from and to any phone One phone to use your own voice and to hear the other person’s voice (Wow !) Automatic relay set up – transparent operator Restores phone calling to nearest “natural” state of any of the relay services Features No data plan Save, scroll Text size, emoticons, colors Textmails

11 Go to Market Strategy TRS Partners (FCC and state reimbursement)
Sprint Relay Hamilton Stellar Purple Network Partners (network service provider) Sprint Jitterbug Qualcomm Direct Sales: web, trades shows co-op

12 Client Server Architecture
Network Partner Internet Remote Party PSTN MCC Relay App MCC Server MCC Captioning User MCC Handset App caption provider Confidential & Proprietary to Wireless Caption, Inc.

13 End to End Solution Reliable, near real-time transfer of text over the wireless infrastructure Handset Client Application Manages UI during call Small footprint, downloadable Many user features; font size, speed, scroll, save and retrieve, format, colors, etc. Relay Application MCC server interfaces with captions provider’s system Relays text into network infrastructure Monitors network, customer activity, etc.

14 Roadmap Increase in phone selection Expansion to other countries
Use of Data Channel Establish MCC relay centers Expansion to other networks Expansion to other applications (translation, noisy environments) Use of server based voice to text translation based on training for frequent callers Integration with other services

15 MCC Partnership Opportunity
Early funding would make a big difference for negotiation and timing Technology partnerships would allow us to leapfrog current technology and offer services to a much wider market faster Synergy with other product offerings (technology or market channels) would enhance profitability

16 Senior Management Team
Jan Dehesh, Chairman Former CIO, VP International Bus. Dev., Qualcomm Board Member GoAmerica (former) President, Statmon Technologies (network monitoring) Jonathan Masters, President Co-founder, CFO Integrated Devices, 4G silicon Co-founder, CFO/COO Lakshmi venture group Senior Consultant Deloitte Consulting D. Sue Decker, VP Marketing and Sales Former General Manager – ATT Accessible Communications Managed telecom services for the deaf and HOH including: state relay services, internet relay and video relay service FCC Interface Board Member, GoAmerica (former)

17 Advisory and Board Team
Mr. George Grobar, Board Member Former SVP and CEO of Disney Mobile. Customized handsets as well as industry-leading data services, content and utilities. Mr. Adam Gould, Senior Advisor, Technology Former SVP NextWave, CTO and VP engineering of Nokia CDMA Wonsik Kim, Handset Technology Formerly with Kyocera, LG and SK Teletech, Korea Kim Mettache, Sales Chapter Founder and President, Association of Late Deafened Adults (ALDA), Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), and Voice Carryover Outreach Specialist, for CSDVRS.

18 Mobile Captions Company LLC
Thank You ! Mobile Captions Company LLC 5 18 18

19 Telecom Relay Service (TRS) Funds
Over $1 billion from states and FCC (FCC fund is $861 million in 2009) $300 million for text based services, about $250 million is from the states State & Federal funds pay net 30 days

20 Economic Fundamentals
$ 1.68 Reimbursement (FCC rate) 1.10 to Caption Provider $ to split between MCC and TRS provider (customer pays normal cell plan costs) MCC model assumes $ per minute to MCC Major variable cost is SMS Model assumes $.15 per minute Since a carrier is involved in both; strategy is to trade one for the other. Objective is break even at 8,000 subs.

21 Funding Milestones (First $1.5M)
Finalize network contract Finalize distribution partnerships Complete software development and testing Operations infrastructure: call center, logistics, etc. Launch service Another $1M needed after launch for working capital

22 Assistive Technologies

23 US Adults with Hearing Trouble
Favorable Demographics US Adults with Hearing Trouble Total Source: National Health Survey, 2006 Table 11

24 Cell Phone Consumer Trends & Behaviors
2 year service contracts are being challenged by no contract options e.g. Jitterbug Consumers are used to purchasing new phones & switching companies MCC and partners may offer consumer incentives to switch

25 Sprint Relay Web Site

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