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Amazon Seller Central agency’s services

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1 Amazon Seller Central agency’s services
Apparel Web – New Service Proposal

2 Why Sell On Amazon? You might think most consumers start their online shopping sessions with a visit to Google, but according to a poll conducted by NPR and Marist, Amazon is actually the most common starting point for online shoppers. With 44% of shoppers starting on Amazon (which is 11% more than Google) and 40% of Americans buying products on the website at least once every month, Amazon has become the central hub for online shopping. If you’re in the eCommerce industry, selling on Amazon is your best bet for maximizing your reach and, ultimately, your revenue. Product & Sale Testing - There is a misconception that product testing is costly and time consuming. That doesn’t have to be the case with Amazon. You can carry out sample tests to save you a lot of money further down the line by testing the product and the market before committing to a big order, or developing cross border EC. Moreover, you can discover and fix a lot of problems, and change your approach before taking on stock. Whether you’re new to the Amazon marketplace and need help establishing your Amazon Store or you’re an established business and need help optimizing your Amazon Store, AW can help achieve your goals on the world’s biggest ecommerce website.

3 4 Advantages of partnering with an Amazon agency (1/4)
1. Save time Like any business owner, you have a busy schedule. As an Amazon seller, your to-dos often include: Responding to shopper reviews Fulfilling product orders Processing order returns Overseeing product manufacturing or sourcing Updating product listings Adding new product listings Managing product ad campaigns And more With an Amazon seller agency, you make more time for the tasks that demand your attention and that your agency can’t do for you. 4 Advantages of partnering with an Amazon agency (1/4)

4 4 Advantages of partnering with an Amazon agency (2/4)
2. Improve shopper experiences Partnering with an Amazon Seller Central agency also helps you build a better customer experience. When you sell on Amazon, you interact with customers in a few different ways, including: Responding to reviews Handling product returns or exchanges Answering product questions And more While Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) helps with some customer service tasks, like product returns, your company must handle the rest, like answering product questions. If you have a small team, these day-to-day tasks can become time- consuming and put your team behind on other critical tasks. We will help you overcome this challenge. 4 Advantages of partnering with an Amazon agency (2/4)

5 4 Advantages of partnering with an Amazon agency (3/4)
3. Rank higher in Amazon search results Around 70% of shoppers stick to the first page of Amazon search results. This user behaviour makes it vital for your company’s products to rank on the first page of relevant search results. Earning a top spot in Amazon search results involves optimization your listings, like by: Using keywords in product tittles, descriptions, and features Selecting appropriate product categories and sub-categories Uploading high-quality product photos Encouraging product reviews and more. Save the cost of hiring a full-time team member by using our service. We use our expertise to research keywords, write compelling and informative product titles, and monitor competitor movements. With better product optimization, your business can rank higher in Amazon search results. A higher ranking makes it easier for your company to build brand awareness and attract sales, which benefits your bottom line. 4 Advantages of partnering with an Amazon agency (3/4)

6 4 Advantages of partnering with an Amazon agency (4/4)
4. Grow your business beyond Amazon When you partner with us, you source marketing and advertising talent specific to ecommerce and Amazon, which offers your company a competitive advantage without the high cost of building an in-house team. With us, your business can grow beyond and start selling on your global EC website. 4 Advantages of partnering with an Amazon agency (4/4) Brands like Anker, for example, used Amazon to build brand awareness and develop a customer base. While the company still sells on Amazon, they also maintain a website that allows online orders and eliminates the fees that come with selling on Amazon. This strategy pays off because with multiple channels for selling, Anker can earn more sales. For example, in addition to securing sales from searches on Amazon, Anker can also attract customers by appearing in searches on Google and in ads on websites across the Internet. Your company can do the same with a trusted Amazon partner.

7 Browse Our Amazon Seller Central Agency’s Services
#1 Amazon store launch Open an Amazon Store with zero hassle. Get 20+ products added to your Amazon Store, as well as professional copywriting and a competitive ad campaign. #2 Amazon product optimization Launch and optimize 20 to 100 products or more. Receive a custom strategy that includes keyword research, competitor analyses, in-stock rate monitoring, and more. #3 Amazon advertising Get a custom campaign that includes Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display Ads, as well as ad creation, bid management, and monthly reporting. #4 Amazon consulting Collaborate with an experienced Amazon consultant on multiple projects, from product optimization to product advertising. Plus, receive monthly reporting summaries.

8 #1 Amazon Stores and Marketplace Launch Services
With our Amazon Store setup and management services, you can increase your sales, revenue, and market dominance. Features  Aggressive  Market Leader  Trailblazer  Enterprise Addition of products to Amazon Up to 20 products Up to 50 products Up to 100 products 100+ products Category and Subcategory Suggestions Amazon Store Creation and Optimization (If client is brand registered) Best Practice on Responding to Reviews Product Description Copywriting 1 page per product Competitor Analysis Amazon Buy Box Win Support Amazon Store Design (Brand Registered Clients Only) Brand Registry Support Amazon PPC Progressive Monthly Management Cost Required with Amazon Store & Marketplace Launch $2,000 $2,500/mo. or 28% of ad spend, whichever greater $5,000/mo. or 24% of ad spend, whichever greater $12,000/mo. or 20% of ad spend, whichever greater Amazon PPC Monthly Ad Spend Required with Amazon Store & Marketplace Launch Up to $5,000 $5,001 to $15,000 $15,001 to $50,000 $50,000+ One Time Setup (Over three months) $3,750 $8,000 $15,000 Call for Quote Progressive Monthly Management Cost $1,300 $3,200 $4,600

9 #2 Amazon SEO Services for Product Listing Optimization (1/2)
With extremely competitive search results on Amazon, it’s becoming essential for companies to invest in the expertise of an Amazon SEO company. We offer specialized Amazon SEO services that help your business not only maintain your sales numbers but grow them, which means you’re moving more inventory on a regular basis. Features  Aggressive  Market Leader  Trailblazer  Enterprise Initial Product Analysis Competitive Product Price Analysis Product User Engagement Analysis Keyword Research for Individual Products (30 keywords per product) Product Listings Keyword Mapping and Optimization Search Term Keyword Additions Product Title Optimization Product Imagery List (list of products that do not meet Amazon recommended image number or have image errors) Product key features optimization Product Category Optimization Product Review Evaluation Initial Product Optimization 20 products 35 products 100 products Custom Initial Product Copywriting Video Additions (Provided by client) Image Additions (provided by client) Initial Photo Editing Initial campaign development & strategy

10 #2 Amazon SEO Services for Product Listing Optimization (2/2)
With extremely competitive search results on Amazon, it’s becoming essential for companies to invest in the expertise of an Amazon SEO company. We offer specialized Amazon SEO services that help your business not only maintain your sales numbers but grow them, which means you’re moving more inventory on a regular basis. Features  Aggressive  Market Leader  Trailblazer  Enterprise Initial inventory and backend review New Products Consulting & Integration into Amazon Account Existing Product Optimization Suggestions and Implementations In-Stock Rate Monitoring Perfect Order Percentage Monitoring Order Defect Rate Monitoring Global Marketplace Suggestions Ongoing Product Optimization Competitor Analysis Monthly Pricing Monitoring Monthly Sales Monitoring Monthly Amazon Reporting Initial Campaign Investment (One-Time) $2,700 $3,800 $6,600 Call for Quote Progressive Monthly Management Cost $1,300 $3,200 $4,600

11 #3 Amazon PPC Management Services:
Competing on Amazon requires more than an aggressive search engine optimization strategy — it demands a competitive pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Almost 10 percent of clicks on Amazon now go to paid ads, demonstrating that if you aren’t advertising, you aren’t earning what you could on the world’s biggest ecommerce platform. Features  Aggressive  Market Leader  Trailblazer  Enterprise Monthly Ad Spend Up to $5,000 $5,001 to $15,000 $15,001 to $50,000 $50,000+ Keyword Research (Up to 30 keywords per product) Campaign Strategy Development Campaign Setup Negative Keyword Research Ad Creation Bid Adjustments Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands (Brand Registered clients only), and Product Display Ads (Vendors only) Promotion, Coupon, Lighting Deal Management Subscribe and Save Recommendations Management of both Automatic and Manual Campaigns Monthly Reporting Progressive Monthly Management Cost $2,000 $2,500/mo. or 28% of ad spend, whichever is greater $5,000/mo. or 24% of ad spend, whichever is greater $12,000/mo. or 20% of ad spend, whichever is greater

12 #4 Amazon Consulting Services for Accelerating Sales
Whether you want to improve your product optimization, ad campaigns, or Amazon Store, our experienced Amazon consultants can help. Features  Amazon Consulting SEO Consulting Keyword research, competitor analysis, product keyword recommendations Amazon Advertising Consulting Product Content Consulting Product Photography Best Practices Consulting Dedicated Amazon Marketing Expert Online Project Management Schedule Client Communications (1 hour/mo.) Monthly Activity Reporting for Hours Allocations Progressive Monthly Management Minimum commitment of 8 hours/mo. for 6 months $150 per hour | $1,200/mo. minimum

13 Why invest in Amazon Store setup and management? (1/2)
1. Increase Amazon Sales With half of the market heading to Amazon to search for a new product, it’s critical for companies to have a presence there. An Amazon Store not only demonstrates that your company’s active on Amazon but that you’re also established. For many consumers, that can serve as a trust signal. Your Amazon Store shows that there is a brand and a company behind a product. That can convince shoppers to add your product — and not a competitor’s — to your cart. 2. Improve Shopper Loyalty A storefront on Amazon acts as a microsite for your company. You receive a custom URL, as well as a location to showcase your brand and products. Even better, your Amazon Store can feature links to your social media. That can result in more engagement across your social media platforms. It can also increase the loyalty of these shoppers. For example, when you launch a new product, you can announce it to your social media followers — and provide your followers with a link to your Amazon listing. It’s critical to note, however, that your social media is more than a promotional platform. If you want to build the loyalty of your target shopper, then you need to make your social media strategy about them.

14 Why invest in Amazon Store setup and management? (2/2)
Create?? Why invest in Amazon Store setup and management? (2/2) 3. Crease Immersive Shopping Experiences When you invest in our Amazon store setup service — or Amazon store management service — you create an immersive shopping experience. They can browse your products without the noise of search results, almost as if they were on your website. By offering this kind of experience, you can improve not only your sales but also your brand awareness. Better brand awareness can lead to the earlier benefits mentioned, like higher activity on your social media accounts and increase shopper loyalty. 4. Customize Product Promotion With our account management for Amazon Stores, we can handpick products to promote on your Amazon Store or utilize dynamic widgets to auto-populate your product displays. For example, you may promote your best-selling products to increase their sales even more. In most instances, your Amazon Marketing Specialist will reference keyword data and use individual shopper insights to customize which products appear on the homepage of your Amazon Store. That way, you’re offering users customized options that appeal to their shopping habits. .

15 Why make our Amazon seller agency your partner? (1/2)
If you’re looking to work with an Amazon seller agency, Apparel Web is a trusted partner to SMBs across the globe. We’re the choice for businesses that want a reliable partner that delivers real results. Learn more about the advantages of working with our Amazon agency: Transparent Prices Transparency matters to you and us. That’s why we publish our prices online. You can always view our rates and plans. Even if you request a custom plan, our team will break down every deliverable and its cost to provide you with a transparent price. 2. Custom Strategies Custom strategies, not cut-and-paste ones, succeed. That’s why we tailor your strategy to you. Using your brand, audience, products, and goals, our dedicated account managers can create custom plans. These plans help your business achieve its goals and receive a great return on investment (ROI).

16 Why make our Amazon seller agency your partner? (2/2)
3. Satisfied Clients Your satisfaction matters to us. We will ensure high client’s recommendation score. We drive real, measurable results for our clients and provide a client-focused experience that revolves around your goals and aspirations. 4. Transparent Reporting Results define your company’s success and investment in Amazon marketing and advertising. That’s why we provide routine and transparent reports (generally every month) that summarizes your campaigns’ performance. Whether you’re curious about your Advertising Cost of Sale or your ROI, we provide it. Plus, we can customize your report to focus on your most valuable metrics. 5. Measurable ROI A good ROI powers your continued investment in an Amazon agency, as well as marketing and advertising. No matter the service or strategy, you can expect our team to provide you with a return on investment. That’s because we aim to deliver real result to our clients. These are the kind of results that help you hire another team member, launch a new product, or expand your operations.

17 Common FAQ (How AW sell for our clients as AMZ seller agency)
1. If you are manufacturer, we are able to get the inventory directly from you and list them as our own products on our seller account as long as all the requirements, brand permissions and applications are approved. Common FAQ (How AW sell for our clients as AMZ seller agency) 2. Another option for us as the main seller would be to grant user permissions to you as our clients on Seller Central. We may add our clients as authorized users and we could be an account manager for example. To know more about user permissions please visit the help page "Set and edit User Permissions" at  DUYQ23 3. Another option would be that our clients open multiple selling accounts if they wish to manage different selling accounts with different brands, they may also set authorized users in each account to manage who can edit and add products. To know more information about having multiple seller accounts, visit the help page "Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct" at  nt_G &referral=AU1AZ3KC50DSF_A20SP4EYDUYQ23

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