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Brief history of Coopenae

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1 Brief history of Coopenae
Who is Coopenae? Coopenae is a private financial institution (like a National Credit Union in USA). 1966, was founded in July 1966.(45 years old) 1983, started the process of specialization as a financial institution. 1994, began being supervised by SUGEF. 1999, successfully overcame the crisis in the cooperative sector. 2001, started leading the market and reached a market share of 12% (at this time 23%). 2004, the target market was expanded. 2008, insurance market and homebanking 2009, Net - Coopenae We could say this were ground-breaking products. And this three products have had a long lifecycle

2 Mission Best option. Increase the quality of life of our associates.
Everyone on the staff must work hard and believe in their integral development as a human being. We will do our job day by day as professionals, with excellence in customer service, sensitivity and generating trust with the management of the company. Let me stress the main aspects of our mission

3 VISIÓN Vision We will be a leading cooperative and a model in the global context, where the most important goal (WIG) is the full satisfaction of the associates as both owners and clients.

4 Background information of Costa Rica
Population, approximately 4.5 million Land area, square kilometers Annual inflation, average 10% since 2006, for 2010 our inflation was 5.82%. Exchange rate, US$ 1 to ¢ (colones) Assets of Financial Institutions represent 90% of our annual GDP (we call it PIB) I considerer it is important for you to know some relevant info of CR. That will allow you to make comparisons more accurately. GDP, gross domestic product. As you probably know that percentage is more than 100% in more developed Economies of Latin America and more than 200 or 300% in Canada and the US. Background

5 Costa Rican Financial System (June 2011)
As you can see in this table, our financial system is relatively small in comparison with yours. The last years the percentage have been increasing faster. And, on the other hand this the biggest participation of cooperatives al around Latin American. Source:

6 Ranking - Private Financial System - millions of US dollars – June 2011 -
If you look at the table. Sixth largest or Sixth on the list, regarding assets The 17 biggest Source:

7 Ranking - Cooperatives - US dollars (millions), June 2011 -
If you take a look at the first table I think that covers everything in relation to my introduction or background Source:

8 % Part. en el Sist. Finan. Coop.2
Ranking – Cooperatives in Latin America - US dollars (millions), December País Rank Nombre Activos % Part. Sist. Finan.1 % Part. en el Sist. Finan. Coop.2 ME Nacional LAC CHL 1 Coopeuch 2.088,2 0,90% 72,53% 3,00% MEX 2 Caja Popular Mexicana 1.911,8 0,43% 30,70% 2,75% BRA 3 CREDICITRUS                                                  1.343,4 0,05% 1,93% CR 4 COOPENAE 600,5 2,19% 26,30% 0,86% 5 COOPERFORTE CECMF INST FIN FED                              552,9 0,02% 0,80% 6 CCPRE INTERIOR PAULISTA                                     549,8 0,79% 7 Caja de Ahorro de los Telefonistas 530,0 0,12% 8,51% 0,76% 8 CC VALE DO ITAJAI - VIACREDI                                490,4 0,71% 9 CCR PLANT CANA ZONA DE GUARIBA                              408,1 0,59% If you take a look at the first table I think that covers everything in relation to my introduction or background Source:

9 Balance Sheet (US $ millions)
Our business grew by 39.8% first nine months of the year. Loans increase 47.4% to millions There has been and increase of Changes: dramatic, marked, significant slight

10 Profits or loss (income) statement (million US $)
d d Last year we made a profit of 4.7 million dollars. In this years our profits have risen dramatically Operative expenses now stand at 6.9 million dollars Forecast page 43 The bottom line

11 Credit Default Coopenae 0.38% the delinquency rate had risen

12 Liquidity Lidity shortfall in Costa Rican banking system

13 Return on Equity (ROE) ROE Coopenae 11.70% Source:

14 Annual profits

15 Capital Adequacy ratio (CAR)
Capital requirements are increasing. Costa Rican regulators Fuente: elaboración propia, datos de

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