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CONTACT Info: Christoph Maier +33 (0) 4 79 71 50 Production:

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1 CONTACT Info: Christoph Maier / +33 (0) 4 79 71 50 16/ Production: Juliette Leygues / / +33 (0)6 60 63 67 24 E-tourisme – a tool for the visibility of territories

2 The goal : Upgrade of European territoires What is EU-Latitude? County, village or region High quality online publishers Gallimard, El Pais Viajero, Atlas, Touring Editore. Scope: European Discoverers Short stays, looking for à la recherche de lauthenticity Multimedia content Web sites, contents for PC or cell phones) e-TEN: market orientated A public private partnership between publishers and Tourist Authorities

3 Le territoire au centre The demand of authenticity The offer of originality Built heritage, history, natural sites, territorial ambassadors, hospitality, activities: territorial originality. To value resources of territorial diversity EU-Latitude: visibility for authentic territories Search of diversity, discovery, authentic experience

4 The starting point: Latitude Gallimard

5 EU Latitude, before the guide How it works: EU Latitude sites describe and help to prepare the stay. Thus they are complementary to the paper guides used on the site. The lure of diversity Territorial diversity is the raw material for discovery EU Latitude: update Local tourist authorities are involved into the publishers platform. Your contents can be updated in real time.

6 3/ The search of synergies Collaboration with the Tourist Authorities The search of Synergies between territory and expectations in order to optimize the communication about the territory. 1/ the needs of the territory Everything depends on the Tourist Authorities intimate knowledge and specific strategy 4/cooperation with Publishers in order to choose and to promote territorial resources 2/ A strategic guidance The publishers give recommendations based on the expectancies of the community of discoverers. 5/ implementation by information professionels Our on site staff are multimedia journalists. They colaborate with the publishing committe and the TAs. a publishing committee in order to select the themes and key aspects

7 Homepages Example Nuggets

8 Exemple for on-site guidance 1/ multimedia guide multimédia on Pocket PC 3/ Audio guide for mobile MP3 – free or pay version 2/ mobile phone

9 Area format -> spot on... an offer according to your needs A seasonal highlight on the touristic offer A modular concept For any territory at any scale: urban, natural, regional, local Nuggets – the best and the most attractive as original proposals Thus we can propose a modular offer according to your expectations as the 3 examples right hand. City format -> Dynamic An online city magazine with an event focussed follow up Monthly update Video and audio upgrade upon request Possible as an add-on to any format Region format–> a spiritual supplement A regional webzine based on regional discoveries with publishing animation – weekly update

10 une offre dédiée et déclinée à vos besoins Format: ideas for a stay

11 une offre dédiée et déclinée à vos besoins Format: practical guide

12 une offre dédiée et déclinée à vos besoins Format: practical guide

13 une offre dédiée et déclinée à vos besoins Format: adaptation of contents

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