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Making a chocolate cake With Fairtrade ingredients.

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1 Making a chocolate cake With Fairtrade ingredients

2 Ingredients list 80g self-raising flour 30g Fairtrade cocoa powder 1tsp baking powder 115g butter 115g caster sugar 2 large eggs For decoration: 50g Divine chocolate Decorations of your choice (I used strawberry strings and Tooty Frooties)

3 Step One First gather together all your ingredients. When you see this symbol, ask for an adults help!

4 Step Two Put the butter and the sugar into a bowl together.

5 Step Three Cream together the butter and sugar.

6 Step Four Add the eggs and a little flour.

7 Step Five Whisk the ingredients together until they look like this:

8 Step Six Add the rest of the flour.

9 Step Seven Sieve in the Fairtrade cocoa powder.

10 Step Eight Stir in the cocoa powder.

11 Step Nine Grease the cake tin and dollop the mixture in.

12 Step Ten Cook the cake in the oven for half an hour (ask an adult to help you with this).

13 Step Eleven After half an hour take the cake out and poke a skewer in to check that the cake is fully done. The skewer should come out clean after you have poked it into the cake.

14 Step Twelve Slice the top off your cake, to leave a more even surface. Dont attempt to do this on your own, as the knife is sharp.

15 Step Thirteen Melt the Divine chocolate on the hob.

16 Step Fourteen Spread the melted chocolate onto the cake, with a blunt knife.

17 Step Fifteen Decorate the cake! Be imaginative! Draw out your design on paper first to avoid mistakes.

18 Voilá!

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