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Complete and Incomplete

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1 Complete and Incomplete
Protein Complete and Incomplete Students have over half an hour left after going through the ppt. I had them boil an egg for each person in their group during the ppt. They have time to cook eggs how they like them. One egg per person in their group. Can provide cheese or whole grain toast to go with their egg. I used to show the DVD but it’s really boring and scientific and pretty much a repeat of what I just told them. With a sub they could watch the DVD first to fill out the note taking guide and then go through the ppt.

2 Protein has multiple functions
Build and repair body tissue Maintain cell growth Energy

3 Must be supplied daily Constantly needed to replace wear and tear of tissue and keep up protein concentration in the blood serum

4 If you have too much Excess protein converted to energy Stored as fat
Expelled in urine

5 Fats and carbs cannot replace protein
Needed to replace wear and tear of tissue and keep up protein concentration in the blood Excess protein, once converted to energy, cannot convert back to protein

6 The best sources of protein
Milk Eggs Fish Poultry Red Meat

7 Amino Acids Building Blocks that proteins are made of.
There are 22 different ones, but 9 are essential for good health.                                                                 

8 Complete Protein Any food that has all 9 essential amino acids.
All animal proteins are classified as complete proteins. Support growth and maintenance of body tissue

9 Complete protein plant sources
Brewers Yeast Certain nuts Soybeans (tofu) Cottonseed Germ of grains


11 Incomplete Protein Provide normal maintenance Do not support growth
Some plant foods contain protein, but not all essential amino acids Incomplete Proteins Beans Nuts and grains legumes peanut butter

12 Eat a variety of food Make certain the body gets all the essential amino acids. Make protein complete Combine plant and animal food Combining plant protein from variety of cereals and grains


14 Extending Proteins Chicken and Rice Chili con carne
Macaroni and Cheese Tuna Noodle Casserole Also called “sparing”

15 Protein provides 4 calories per gram

16 Protein needs influenced by
Age Body Size Quality of the proteins Physical state of the person 3-6 ounces per day or 2-3 “servings”

17 To know how much protein you need…
Go to myplate and enter in your information.

18 Insufficient Protein Lower one’s resistance to disease, Damage liver
Weight loss Lack of energy Stunt growth Death Not common in U.S.

19 The Incredible Edible Egg

20 How to Make a Hard-cooked Egg…
Place eggs in the bottom of a saucepan. Fill the saucepan with enough cold water to completely cover all of the eggs. Bring the water to a boil, then immediately turn the temperature down to a simmer. Simmer eggs for minutes Drain and quickly cool eggs with cold running water. Gently tap the eggs to crack the shell, and peel If the shell sticks to the egg, it is not cool enough. Cool eggs completely before beginning to peel or dye.

21 Nutrients in eggs Protein Vitamins A, D, and riboflavin Iron Fat

22 The parts of the egg…… A. Air Pocket B. Thin Albumin C. Thick Albumin
D. Yolk: High in fat and cholesterol (this is why it’s sometimes not used) E. Chalaza: anchors the yolk in the center

23 Eggs should be stored in their ORIGINAL CARTON
Eggs should be stored in their ORIGINAL CARTON. The cardboard helps block unwanted odors and flavors from seeping into the egg. How long can eggs be stored? 2 -3 weeks

24 Foam Soft Peaks Stiff Peaks
What are the three stages of beating egg whites? Foam Soft Peaks Stiff Peaks

25 Egg Foam Even the smallest amount of FAT from the egg yolks will prevent the formation of beaten egg whites. Even if you get a small amount of the yolk in with the white mixture, it will not foam.

26 For best results, use a METAL mixing bowl when beating egg whites
For best results, use a METAL mixing bowl when beating egg whites. Plastic can trap tiny bits of fat and oil.

27 List the five functions of eggs and give an example of a food product that they perform that function in: FUNCTION FOOD PRODUCT -Binder Meat Loaf

28 FUNCTION FOOD PRODUCT Thickener Pudding Coating Breaded Chicken

29 FUNCTION FOOD PRODUCT Leavening Angel Food Cake Agent German Pancakes Emulsifier Mayonnaise

30 List some ways that eggs can be prepared:
Hard/Soft Cooked Scrambled Fried Poached

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