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Acadia Junior High School

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1 Acadia Junior High School

2 Getting Started Steps All Programs from Start menu 2) Microsoft Office
3) Microsoft Publisher

3 Select “Brochures””

4 Choose your Design and Brochure Type
3 or 4 Panel

5 Choose your Colour Scheme, Font and Page Size
Hint: We have yellow and blue paper so if you want these colours as a background colour, leave your background white and we’ll print it on either yellow or blue paper.

6 Save your Choices After you save your publication, you can still change the publication options including the colour, font sizes and number of panels by following the previous steps and re-saving your work. Save your work often using the “Save As” function in “File”!!!

7 Replace Placeholder Text
Click the existing placeholder text (text box) and type in your information. To Change Text Size: - Highlight text you want to change and choose another font size from the toolbar.

8 Text Boxes You can create your own text boxes using the paint option on the left hand side of the screen. Do not type past the blue lines which indicate your paper folds. You can also add pictures, charts, word art, graphs and shapes using the paint functions.

9 Replace Placeholder Pictures
Right click the placeholder picture, click “Change Picture” and then click the source of the new picture. If you select “Clip Art” the Clip Art task pane opens. Find the picture that you want to insert into the publication (you may use an existing picture from a file) and then double-click the picture. Publisher automatically sizes the image to fit.

10 Deleting Pictures Right click the placeholder picture and press “backspace” on the computer keyboard. You can copy and paste your own pictures or ones you have found from copyright free sites into your brochure.

11 Remember You’re Working with Two Pages

12 Page Configuration Panel Numbers: 5 2 3 4 6 (Back) 1 (Front)
Remember you have 6 panels on 2 pages to fill up with information and pictures if you are designing a three-panel brochure. See the diagram to see how the pages will look in the brochure when it is folded.

13 Citing Information and Pictures
The sources of your information and pictures should be found in your brochure at the bottom of the final panel.

14 Add Your Name To identify your work, don’t forget to put your name somewhere on your brochure.

15 Brochure Aesthetics To create a brochure that flows well from page to page, keep your text size, titles, fonts, colours, and pictures uniform.

16 Completing the Brochure
When the brochure looks the way that you want, save the file by clicking “Save As” on the “File” menu.

17 Printing the Brochure Before printing, complete a “print preview” from the “File” icon to ensure that all text and pictures have not been cut off. You may need to go back and resize. Remember that your brochure has two pages so must be printed back-to-back. Please ask for assistance before printing your brochure. Printing a colour brochure costs $.50

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