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Writing Your Conclusion

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1 Writing Your Conclusion
8th Grade Language Arts Class Writing Your Conclusion Survivor Definition Essay

2 A Conclusion Paragraph Should…
Stress the importance of the thesis statement Give the essay a sense of completeness Leave a final impression on the reader

3 Writing Your Conclusion Dos
Your introduction paragraph goes from general to specific. Answer the Question ‘So what?’ Show your readers why this essay was important, meaningful, and useful. Synthesize; Don’t Summarize Don’t simply repeat things that were in your essay – they’ve read it! Show them how the points you made were not random, but fit together. Your conclusion paragraph goes from specific to general. Redirect Your Readers Give your reader something to think about. Think globally. You don’t have to give new information, just demonstrate how your ideas work together to create a new picture. Often the sum of the essay is worth more than its parts.

4 Writing Your Conclusion DON’Ts
WHY? 1. Don’t simply restate your exact thesis statement in your final paragraph. It’s repetitive Your audience already read your essay, and should understand the main thought with fresh and deep understanding. You conclusion should reflect what they’ve learned, not repeat it to them.

5 Writing Your Conclusion DON’Ts
WHY? 2. Don’t bring up new ideas. If you have a brilliant new idea, it should have its own paragraph – not be stuffed into the conclusion. It confuses your reader and the last thing you want is your readers’ minds wandering off in your final paragraph.

6 How Do I Get Started? Go back to the notes you took on the “Writing Your Conclusion Dos” slide. Think about how you would answer the question “So what?” Ask yourself “Why is this important?” Use your answers to these questions guide your in writing your conclusion.

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