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What is Money Ch 13.

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1 What is Money Ch 13

2 Functions of Money Medium of exchange: Money can be used for buying and selling goods and services Unit of account or standard of value: prices are quoted in dollars and cents Store of value: Money allows us to transfer purchasing power from present to future. It is the most liquid (spendable) of all assets, a convenient way to store wealth

3 Characteristics of money
Portable Uniform Acceptable Durable Stable

4 Supply of Money Narrow definition of money: M1 includes all currency and checkable deposits Currency (coins + paper money) held by public “token” money, which means its intrinsic value is less than actual value. The metal in a dime is worth less than 10¢ All paper currency consists of Federal Reserve Notes issued by Fed

5 Supply of Money Checkable deposits are included in M1, since they can be spent almost as readily as currency and can easily be exchanged in to currency Commercial banks are main source of checkable deposits for households and businesses Thrift institutions also have checkable deposits

6 Supply of Money Qualification: Currency and checkable deposits held by the federal government, Federal Reserve, or other financial institutions are not included in M1

7 Supply of Money M2= M1 + some near-monies which include:
Savings deposits and money market deposit accounts Certificates of deposit less than $100000 Money market and mutual funds balances, which can be redeemed by phone calls, checks, or through the internet

8 Supply of Money M3= M2 + large certificates of deposit $ or more

9 Supply of Money Which definition is used? M1 will be used early in book, but M2 is watched closely by the Fed in determining monetary policy M2 and M3 are important because they can easily be changed into M1 types of money and influence people’s spending of income

10 Supply of Money The ease of shifting from M1, M2, and M3 complicates the task of controlling spendable money supply Definition is important when the government tries to measure and control the money supply Credit cards are not money, but their use involves short term loans; their convenience allows you to keep M1 balances low because you need less for daily purchases

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