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Alberto Santoro 1 A. Santoro DFNAE/UERJ/RIO CERN 28 September 2002 Outline - Introduction I – End Cap II - Electronics III – Computing –GRID IV - Physics.

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1 Alberto Santoro 1 A. Santoro DFNAE/UERJ/RIO CERN 28 September 2002 Outline - Introduction I – End Cap II - Electronics III – Computing –GRID IV - Physics – Diffractive and Forward Physics V - Phenomenology VI - HEPGroup/Funding/Conclusion

2 Alberto Santoro 2 INTRODUCTION -INTRODUCTION Our motivation was reinforced by the recent visit of the Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology to CERN Our HEPgroup in Brazil is constituted by researchers Physicists, Engineers and Students from several National Institutions: CBPF, UERJ, UFBA, UFRGS, UFRJ, UNESP, USP, Before to decide to come here and make this proposal, we had three years of discussions with our colleagues including our friend Dan Green with who we have collaborated in Dzero and later with Harvey Newman for GRID proposals. Then, we had lots of discussions in order to contribute to the CMS experiment.

3 Alberto Santoro 3 I - End Cap This is a project proposed during the visit of the Rector of the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro to CERN/CMS last year. We had visit of our colleagues from CMS to Rio, in order to see the industry NUCLEP which will be responsible for building the END CAP YE4 in Rio. The project is now in the hands of the MCT for financial support.

4 Alberto Santoro 4 II - Electronics A group of Engineers, led by Dr. Mario Vaz is preparing a proposal with Dr. P. Sharp, CMS electronics coordinator, in order to have an advanced program in electronics. Mario is here for that. III – Computing – GRID GRID - Status: 1) Project in the hands of CNPQ/MCT-HEPGRID 2) 2 projects waiting delivering money 3) 1 Project in the hands of FAPERJ Problems: Last Mile Connection – Waiting for Final Decisions from Financial Support Agency and RNP + Rede Rio Computing Program: GRID and Software mainly. Why GRID? I believe that we are convinced of this.

5 Alberto Santoro 5 France Italy USA Germany 622 MB/s CERN 622 Mb/s 100-1000 Mb/s ~4 TIPS only for CMS BRAZIL ~7TIPS 2000 Pcs = 8 TIPS 1 TIPS = 25.000 SpecInt9 1 PC(2 GHz) ~ 100 SpecInt95 622 MB/s T0 650K SI95 20 TIPS (~10KPCs) 540 Tbytes disk Robots Offline Farms 20 TIPS T1 4 - 7 TIPS 110 TB disk National Centers 2000 PCs UERJ Regional Center 2.4 Gb/s T2 1 TIPS - 25K SI95 20 TB disk - 250 PCs UFRGS UERJ UFRJ T3 0.25 TIPS ~TB disk 100 PCs T4 Individual Machines On line system 100MB/s A possible model for HEPGRID ~GB/s CBPF UNESP/USP

6 Alberto Santoro 6 IV – Physics Our Recent Experience on Dzero/Fermilab, where we built a system of 18 Roman Pots Detectors, brings us to this interesting Physics topic. (From 2. TeV 14. TeV) p D2I D D1I Bellows Beam Pipe Detector Roman Pot 59 57 36 31 23 13 0 19 23 32 Z[m] Q4Q4 Q3Q3 A2O A1U A1O A1I A1D Q2Q2 Q1Q1 A2U A2I A2D S Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 p P2U P2I P2D P1U P1O P2I P1D S U O I D P2O 18 Roman Pots giving 9 independent spectrometers – Diffractive and Forward Physics What physics could we contribute?

7 Alberto Santoro 7 Roman Pot Prototype 50 l/s ion pump Step motor Beam z y x UFBA CBPF D D FNAL LNLS

8 Alberto Santoro 8 V - Phenomenology Colleagues from Theoretical Physics, working in Phenomenology intend to have a strong collaboration with the physics of CMS.

9 Alberto Santoro 9 Experimentalists: 19 Engineers (& Comp. Scientist) : 8 Phenomenologists: 3 We have not included Students VI - HEPGROUP-Funding-Conclusion HEPCMS-Brazil Name of the Group : HEPCMS-Brazil It will be a Consortium constituted by Researchers from -UERJ – Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (11) -UFRJ – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro(3) -UFBA – Universidade Federal da Bahia(1) -UNESP – Universidade do Estado de São Paulo(2) -USP – Universidade de São Paulo (2) -UFRGS – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (6) -CBPF – Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (4)

10 Alberto Santoro 10 SCHEDULE: 2002 : September : Presentation of our Proposal to the CMS Collaboration in the CMS-week. November : Organize a Schedule to start the process of FTE- Gradual Contribution for CMS. December : CMS Collaboration Board decide about our proposal. 2003 : We are discussing about the possibilities for 2003: -one engineer full time at CERN -one physicist full time at CERN -#X physicists visits at CERN -#Y physicists working in Brazil with x% of time for CMS.

11 Alberto Santoro 11 Alberto Santoro (consortium coordination) Marcia Begalli Wagner de Paula Carvalho Participants of this Proposal UERJ Jose Guilherme R. de Lima José Roberto P. Mahon Carley P.O. Martins Luiz M. Mundim Vitor Oguri Wanda L. Prado Andre Sznajder Alexandre Sztajnberg (Computing Eng. Ph.D.) UFRJ Jorge Barreto Mario Vaz da Silva Filho* (Engineer – electronics) J. Mesquita ( Engineer ) (*)=CBPF also

12 Alberto Santoro 12UFBA Newton Oliveira UNESP Eduardo Gregores Sergio Novaes CBPF Gilvan Alves Helio da Motta María Elena Pol Moacyr Souza USP Oscar Eboli ( Phenomenologist ) Renata Zukanovich (Phenomenologist) UFRGS Maria Beatriz Gay Ducatti ( Phenomenologist ) Claudio Geyer ( Computing Scientist –GRID ) Adenauer Yamin Correa (Computing Scientist) Luciano Cavalheiro (Computing Scientist) Rodrigo Real (Computing Scientist) Fabio Cecin ( Computing Scientist ) UFBA

13 Alberto Santoro 13Funding We made a proposal to MCT/CNPq for the following itens: I –For End Cap - 700K$US in a 1y period II –For Electronics - 1,000K$US in a 3y period III - For Computing –GRID - 1,000K$US in a 3y period IV - For Physics – Diffractive and Forward Physics - 500K$US in a 3y period V -For Travels + small expenses - 100K$US/y From our side, everything is done, all proposals were submitted to the MCT including the direct negotiation with CERN. We did our homework. The contribution per capita will be done like in the past by invoice sent by CERN/CMS to CNPq like was done for DELPHI in the recent past. I hope to get these proposals and be approved by you to have the opportunity to work together. Brazil

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