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2 A policy is a contract between the insured (car owner and listed drivers) and the vehicle insurer. The auto insurer promises to pay for damages and injuries incurred or caused by the insured driver in the event of a road accident, theft, fire damage, weather related losses and other perils listed in the policy. In turn, the insured pays the agreed fee (the premium) in the fashion and time determined at the start. An important point to note here is that non-payment is generally taken as cancelation of the policy. In such cases, you must contact the carrier to reinstate the cover and clear the arrears if you still want to be insured by the firm.

3 Save by Shopping Around for the Best: You need to find a company that likes to insure you and therefore offer lower quotes. To do that you will need to shop around a bit. Get a few quotes for the same coverage you have with your current insurer and see if they will come attractive enough. Save Money by Changing Car Insurance Coverage: Many people buy fancy policies and pay handsome premiums. Some companies like to load their policy packages in both ends. They load the coverage with all sorts of fancy looking items and demand high premiums as a result. On the other hand, many companies offer decent level of coverage in great prices. Saving Money by Buying an Insurance Friendly Car: Buying a safer car or a family oriented car instead of a sports one can save you a lot of money. Even between similar types of car from the same manufacturer can save you considerable amounts. Companies make the same models for different clientele. One model can be for everyone and cheap to insure. And the other model may have one or two sporty extras including a little more powerful engine and it will cost you a lot more to insure.

4 Discounts Offered for Drivers: Personal circumstances play a key role in auto insurance calculations. Age, Gender, Education, Occupation, home address and credit score are some of those factors considered. On the other hand, economic position of motorists would affect other factors as well. A well off motorist can invest in a safer automobile while a driver with tight budget may struggle to even maintain the car owned insurance Savings Based on Driving History: Many vehicle insurance companies offer the largest discounts to drivers with no claims and traffic violations up to five years. Companies look for proofs to justify the savings. Managing to stay trouble free for a while is a good indication of the risk levels. Good drivers have many choices from companies to policies because quite a few packages marketed target them. When you have a few claims and traffic violations in recent years you may find that some companies may not even offer a quote at all.

5 The autos insured is another key factor in the way rates are set. Particularly, collision and comprehensive coverage pays for damages to insured cars. Therefore the premiums will be directly correlated with the price of them. Depending on the car owned policyholders can save money or pay extra premiums. Here are some saving opportunities. Buying Safer Cars Multicar policies Installing Anti-theft Devices Insuring up to Current Market Value Drop Coverage for Older Cars

6 Insuring Cars is a topic most adults have to deal at some stage in their lives. It is best to deal with it properly and get the best coverage, a reputable carrier and affordable premium. Our visitors will see a few informative articles and opinions on this website. They could either follow the navigation menus or use the search box. Insuring Cars Another search box provided is for getting quotes. Here you can have a look at the current deals on auto insurance and compare them with your renewal terms. We have helped a few motorists over the years in bringing their costs down. There is no guarantee that you will be able to save as well. But if you do not have go you will never know how low the premium can go. Motorists have to deal with renewals once a year at least. So, it is not that bad if you spare a few minutes to check the coverage to make sure you are getting what you need. Then, come over and get a few quotes to compare if you are getting a good deal. More Information:


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