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Supported By Employment Initiative Program Hero2Hired 1.

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1 Supported By Employment Initiative Program Hero2Hired 1

2 Supported By Background The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs) and the Reserve Component Chiefs are responsible for the readiness of their units and service members – Civilian employment is critical to Guard and Reserve Service members – Civilian employment is linked to well-being – The high unemployment rate within the Guard and Reserve is a Readiness issue 2

3 Supported By 3 A SOLUTION: Hero2Hired (H2H) is a top-tier career readiness program powered by an enhanced website and mobile application. offers a myriad of tools including a resume builder, a powerful search functionality, military skills translator, and boasts a direct line to jobs posted by military-friendly employers with a stated commitment to hiring Guard and Reserve Service members. Operating with the direct support of over 4,900 volunteers and 56 Employment Transition Coordinators, H2H is a leader in the field of career readiness and talent acquisition. And More… What is H2H?

4 Supported By EIP H2H Program Components Kiosks Mobile App Job Fairs Web Site Mobile Job Store FacebookVirtual Career FairsMedia Plan

5 5 Simple is better ! is designed to be a useful, fast loading, results oriented web application Our mission is to connect RC Service members with career opportunities and jobs through engagement with employers

6 Supported By High Touch Network 6 56 Employment Transition Coordinators (ETCs) 4,900 ESGR Volunteers 27 Yellow Ribbon Program Specialists 40 USAR Field Support Personnel Other support opportunities: – NGB field support personnel – Family Programs – ACAP – DOL - LVERs and DVOPs – Non-profits

7 Supported By H2H Awareness Campaign 7 Marketing Kits Print Ads Social Media: - Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Blogs Brand Management

8 Supported By 8 What are the benefits of H2H for service members?

9 Supported By 9 What are the benefits of for employers?

10 Supported By Questions 10

11 Supported By POC Department of Defense State Point of Contact ETC Name ETC Email/Phone 11

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