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Compound-Complex CDCX.

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1 Compound-Complex CDCX

2 Standard ELACC8L2: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. a. Use punctuation (comma)

3 Compound-Complex Compound-Complex sentences are sentences made up of 2 or more independent clauses and 1 or more dependent clauses. 2 ind + 1 dep= compound-complex Examples 1. Myra went to the store, and she bought some milk because her family did not have enough for their cereal.

4 Basically…. A compound-complex sentence is just a compound sentence (that’s the compound part) with a dependent clause stuck on it (that’s the complex part). Ex. Since they had nothing better to do, Mike and Angela took their dogs to the park, and they taught them to catch Frisbees.

5 Punctuation Basically, combine all of the previous punctuation rules to punctuate the compound and complex pieces of a compound-complex sentence. Ex. Since it is raining, we will stay inside, and we will postpone the game. Ex. I baked a cake, which was chocolate with vanilla icing, and I served it at my party.

6 HINT CHART 1 2+ 1+ Simple Compound Complex Compound-Complex
Independent 1 2+ Dependent 1+

7 Formulas 1 Ind + 0 Dep= Simple 1 Ind + 1 Ind= Compound 1 Dep + 1 Ind= Complex 2 ind + 1 dep = Compound-Complex

8 S, CD, CX, or CD-CX 1. I love animals, but I am allergic to them. 2. Since it is cold outside, we will turn up the heat inside. 3. The squirrel looked for his acorns, which he had buried in the fall, but they had grown up into little trees. 4. The shark stalked the school of fish and gobbled several of them up.

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