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Text 1 July, 2010 DCMS: Training Manual Campaign Management.

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1 Text 1 July, 2010 DCMS: Training Manual Campaign Management

2 3 June 2014 2 DCMS Web Application Campaign Management Training Manual

3 3 June 2014 3 Introduction DCMS is a system, demanded by HPCL management to remain leader in LPG business in India. This manual will provide guidelines to get the HPCL Employees acquainted with the Campaign Management, CDRM and training procedures.

4 3 June 2014 4 Purpose This manual deals with the promotional offers implementation for effective campaigning, creation of opportunities and training programs. Intended Audience HPCL Employees

5 3 June 2014 5 Organization of the Manual Section/Chapter NameShort Description Campaign ManagementIt includes adding and searching promotional offers and schemes. CDRMIt includes creating and searching opportunities. TrainingIt includes creating and searching training programs. It also deals with assessment of the staff skills.

6 3 June 2014 6 Campaign Management The campaign management system will help to promote marketing and track results on the website. Campaigning of products can be done to consumers via email or SMS also. This will help the HPCL to focus on its customer and track the performances based on the promotional offers. This section is used to create and search promotional offers. It includes two screens: New Promotional Offer Search Promotional Offer

7 3 June 2014 7 New Promotional Offer You can create a new promotional offer through this screen. 1. For creating new promotional offers you need to open the DCMS application and navigate to Campaign Management in the menu. 2. Click on New Promotional Offer. The following screen will appear:

8 3 June 2014 8 New Promotional Offer screen

9 3 June 2014 9 Creating a new offer 3.Provide a Promotion Title and click on Check Availability. If the Promotional Title is not found to match with any of the ones in the past, the Save button becomes active. 4.Provide the From Date and To Date indicating the period during which the Offer will stay active. 5.The Available For filed indicates the number of times an eligible consumer can take advantage of the Offer. 6.In the Eligible Consumer section, provide the State, City and the category of people who are eligible (i.e. Distributors, Domestic Consumers or Non-Domestic Exempted).

10 3 June 2014 10 Creating a new offer (Contd) 7.In the promotional Offer Discount section, specify if the discount value is in percentage (Promotion %) or in amount (Promotion Value) and mention the figure in the Enter Amount field. 8.In the Promotion Condition section, include the various conditions by selecting from the drop down boxes. 9.In the Message Details section, provide the Email and SMS messages that will be sent to the eligible consumers. 10.Click on Save to save the operation. Click on Back to go back to the last screen.

11 3 June 2014 11 Search Promotional Offer This screen is used to search Promotional Offers that have already been created. Steps for searching are: 1.Open the Search Promotional Offer screen. 2.Provide one or more of the following search criteria: Promotion Code From Date and To Date Promotion Title Promotion Status 3.Click on the Search button. The results are displayed. Click on Clear to clear the fields for another search.

12 3 June 2014 12 Search Promotional Offer screen

13 3 June 2014 13 CDRM This option includes creating and searching opportunities and training programs. It also helps in performance assessment of the staff. The opportunities are meant for the following groups: Displays the sales opportunities for a customer, for a customer group, region or geography. Displays the sales opportunities for an item or for an item group. Displays the sales opportunities for a sales employee. Opportunity Management has been dealt with in the system using two screens: Opportunity Training

14 3 June 2014 14 CDRM – Opportunity This option deals with creating and searching opportunities. It includes two screens: Create Opportunity. Search Opportunity. Creating Opportunity: Open the Create Opportunity screen. If the consumer is an existing consumer, then you need to enter the Consumer Name and Consumer No. after checking off the Existing Consumer. If the consumer is not an existing consumer, then the Consumer Name is a free text to enter and will be a New Prospect.

15 3 June 2014 15 Create Opportunity screen

16 3 June 2014 16 CDRM – Opportunity (Contd) 3.Provide the contact details of the consumer in the Prospect Contact Details section. 4.Provide details of the prospective opportunity in the Opportunity Details section. 5.In the Opportunity Ownership section, Opportunity Owner and Opportunity Owner Id fields are automatically filled with the Name and User Id of the current User of DCMS Web. Provide Opportunity Closure Remarks, if any. 6.Click Save. The opportunity will be created successfully.

17 3 June 2014 17 CDRM – Opportunity (Contd) Searching an Opportunity: Open the Search Opportunity screen. Provide inputs for Opportunity Id or Opportunity Status or both. Click on Search to see the results. You can also search by not providing any criteria. Click on Clear to refresh the fields for another search.

18 3 June 2014 18 Search Opportunity screen

19 3 June 2014 19 CDRM - Training This option is used to create and search training programs as well as search for staff skill levels under different distributors. This section has been dealt with three screens: Create New Training Program Search Training Program Search Staff Skill

20 3 June 2014 20 CDRM – Training (Contd) Creating New Training Program: 1.Open the Create New Training Program screen. 2.Provide the details in the Program Info and Program Schedule sections. 3.Provide details of the training in the Skills Included in the Training section. 4.You can add new skills by Add New hyperlink and can also remove the row by selecting the checkbox under Remove Selected option followed by a click on that option. 5.Click on Save to save the operation.

21 3 June 2014 21 CDRM – Training (Contd) Searching the training programs: Open the Search Training Program screen. Provide a valid input for Training Id or Training Title. Click on the Search button. The result will get displayed in a table given in the following screen:

22 3 June 2014 22 Search Training Program screen

23 3 June 2014 23 CDRM – Training (Contd) 4. Click on Create Batch button which appears in the Batch Created column of the table if the batch is not already created. 5. You can also modify the Training programs by Modify hyperlink. 6. Clicking on Create Batch opens the Create Training Batch screen that allows to Select Distributor and Add Distributors Staff to the training batch operations as shown below:

24 3 June 2014 24 Create Training Batch Screen

25 3 June 2014 25 CDRM – Training (Contd) Searching Staff Skills: Open the Search Staff Skills screen. Select a Distributor through hierarchical search using the Zone, Region, Sales Area and Distributor fields. Click on the Search button. The results get displayed in a paged table below.

26 3 June 2014 26 Search Staff Skills Screen

27 3 June 2014 27 CDRM – Training (Contd) The entries of the column Staff Code remains hyperlinked. Clicking on an entry opens the details of the staff in a View Staff Skill screen as shown below:

28 3 June 2014 28 Thank You

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