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Quality Bytes - Cryoserver Mail Archiving June 2011.

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1 Quality Bytes - Cryoserver Mail Archiving June 2011

2 About Quality Bytes Founded in 2000 Pioneer provider of Internet Security & IP Telephony solutions From SoHo to mid-size organizations Based on the Israeli highly developed & demanding security markets Private company HQ and R&D center are located in Israel Large install-base

3 Our Products ServerXpress Providing a multiple-application security platform (UTM) Provides a firewall, bandwidth management, IPS/IDS, VPN, URL Filtering, proxy cashing, mail relay and real-time monitoring Installed at the organizational gateway MailXpress A comprehensive Email security solution Protects the entire network against all known Viruses, Trojan-horses, Spam and malicious codes Includes a simple but effective Mail Archiving Cryoserver E-mail Archive A state-of-the-art email archiving system for companies, educational institutions and NGOs around the world Provides a flexible solution and integrate with any email system and environment Allows infinite email storage and reduces costs by 90% Scalable Cost effective.

4 Our Products – Cont. TelXpres A pure IP Telephony system supporting a wide range of applications, protocols, telephony devices, softphones and security standards. Represents a single-box straightforward PBX solutionwith one central management system QBFax A corporate FAX solution provides interoperability with desktop and information systems (Outlook, ERP,CRM) and manages faxes from anywhere in/out of the office (including Fax-to-Mail and Mail-to-Fax)

5 Cryoserver Archive Solution

6 Legal Retention Requirements Increasing number of laws and regulations – SOX, FINRA, FSA, SEC, FDA, MHRA, HIPAA, IRS, FERPA, Consumer Liability, Basel II, Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, Taxes Management Act 1970, Common Law, … Email is evidence Evidential weight For example, emails may need to be retained for up to 6 years and beyond (two examples from the Limitation Act 1980): Legal action for simple contracts can begin up to 6 years after performance Personnel and training records to be retained for 6 years after employment ceases Privacy Legislation – (FMA 99, IRS, Data Protection 1998, Human Rights Act 1998 etc…)

7 Problem and Cost Factors Mail stores are reaching capacity Mail server is performing slower Problem / cost - historic email data No practical mechanism of retrieval Back-up is taking many hours, in some cases 18+ hrs Backup tapes: Very time consuming – one at a time Recreate the whole environment Discrete time periods at a time Searching and retrieval - slow Who is involved? Audited? Complete record? Altered in any way?

8 Cryoserver the Solution Simple to use Providing email protection forever Email/IM security Storage management Eliminate the need for email backup DR solution Eliminate mailbox quotas Outlook Integration Enhanced reporting tools Storage Expansion spare bays or SAS card

9 Internal Cryoserver Architecture

10 Features and Benefits Complete Record Captures a copy of every email – retrieve accidentally deleted emails (personal DRP) Advanced indexing – for fast retrieval Emails CAN NOT be deleted! Comprehensive Audit Trail privileged & administrator level access to the system is audited – ensures employee privacy Robust – Mirrored Configuration Complete HW redundancy allows uninterrupted operation Flexible Compatible with most email servers Modular system design – can be changed to suit individual requirements Architecture – repositories can be strategically places throughout the organization or tactically placed to monitor specific sensitive activities

11 Features and Benefits (Cont.) Scalable Flexible Storage – suits organizations of all sizes, capable of handling terabytes of data Multi-Tenant operation – supports multiple domains (ISPs, MSPs) Distributed Architecture – reduce network traffic by placing storage modules close to individuals mail servers LDAP / Open Directory Support Fast Email Retrieval High Level Security Reduce Storage and enables Performance Gains Single Instance Storage Compression Stubbing

12 High Level Security Emails stored with timestamp & Digital Finger Print Detects attempts to temper with stored data Access to system is only possible via secure interface All traffic passing through the system modules is SSL encrypted Multi-Level Protection Level 1 – Basic Users: can see only their own mails Level 2 – Privileged Users: can see all emails. Level 3 – Data Guardians: internal/external personnel to check that searches are done according to regulation/corporate policy Level 4 – Administrators: can create accounts, modify user details, reset passwords. Cannot see emails.

13 Demo

14 Outlook Integration


16 Exchange Configuration Server: CryoStubbingForExchange.exe Client:.msi installer

17 Back fill the archive Import Legacy email PSTs NSF GroupWise EMLs MBOX And many other types Import straight from the mail server

18 PST Importing

19 Search Options


21 Import Utility (aka Vacuum s/w)

22 Daily Reports

23 Disk Usage

24 Reports


26 Summary Uses & Benefits 1. Speedy Dispute Resolution (Internal and External) Mediation and risk reduction Increased privacy and confidentiality for employees during email investigations 2. Long term document retention (10, 20, 30… 100 years into future) Independence from mail system 3. Customer satisfaction Respond (quickly) based on facts not conjecture Identify vexatious customers 4. Powerful deterrent against misuse of electronic communications 5. Fraud detection Post-event analysis of the Cryoserver repository

27 6.High Evidential Weight Practical tool for legal discovery Easy fulfilment of subject access and regulatory requests 7.Day to day End User productivity savings Searching ones own historic emails and attachments 8.IT Savings Reduced data storage costs Reduced cost and effort: No more resurrecting and searching backup tapes End user requests dealt with by end users 9.Good corporate governance & compliance Brand and reputation protection Formal, audited procedures Summary Uses & Benefits

28 Pre-installation Questionnaire

29 Exchange Wizard

30 Cryoserver Configurations

31 Thank You For More information:

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