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Barracuda Message Archiver

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1 Barracuda Message Archiver

2 Drivers for Email Archiving
Compliance Storage Management Litigation 2

3 Litigation and Compliance Requirements…
Financial Public Sector Healthcare International FRCP Sarbanes-Oxley FERPA HIPAA Japan’s PIPA SEC Open Meeting Laws Medicare Conditions of Participation EU Data Protection Directive NASD Freedom of Information Act FDA Germany’s GDPdU FINRA National Archives and Records UK Bribery Act 2010 Gramm-Leach-Bliley

4 …represent significant organizational risks
Company / Organization Violation Impact Morgan Stanley SEC $15 Million Qualcomm FRCP / Litigation $8 Million Piper Jaffray FINRA $700,000 Cignet* $4.3 Million* HIPAA Public Educational Institutions FERPA Loss of Public Funding * Due to the failure to produce access to records

5 86% of email storage is driven by message attachments
An Attachment Problem 86% of storage is driven by message attachments

6 PST Files: Unable to Meeting Archive and Performance Requirements
Advantages Reduced server load Disadvantages No single instance storage Inability to search across copies Inconsistent backups Compliance issues 6

7 Backup Services / Products: Similar but Different
Archiving Designed for long retention Plan to save everything Indexing and searching is critical Backup Backup of primary data source Deletion from Primary Source deletes from backup Point in time snapshots

8 Barracuda Message Archiver
An Introduction: Barracuda Message Archiver

9 The Barracuda Message Archiver
Integrated solution Ensures ease of deployment and use Integrates with standards-based mail servers Eliminates PSTs Mirrored backup Extended storage Easy-to-use archiving and policy management Search and retrieval tools / Non- Content No per-user / storage fees Maintenance and hassle free 9

10 Customer Validation: Low Maintenance, Long Retention

11 Seamless Network Deployment

12 Litigation and Compliance Support: Search and Policy Alerts
Role-based access and search String-based searches on user-selected fields Role-based access enables auditor review AD/LDAP Authentication Audit logs ensure message robustness Policy-driven alerts and retention rules Ensure compliance through policy definitions on key user fields Retention policies that prevent information leakage Global policies Granular policies

13 Operational and Storage Optimization
Feature: Description: Exchange stubbing / PST Management Offload driver of storage saturation: Move attachments from Microsoft Exchange server onto the Barracuda Message Archiver Eliminate PST files through on-demand, automated or drop box upload Single Instance Storage Eliminate unnecessary duplicates: Intelligently removes duplicate s and attachments Message compression Extend effective storage size: Compress messages before storage in the archives

14 Intuitive Interfaces: Archived Access
Archive can be accessed from within Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access Accessible from inside and outside the organization Available offline access Mobile access via iPhone app Archived content available for access and search

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