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Français I Leçon 1A - Structures

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1 Français I Leçon 1A - Structures
Nouns and Articles

2 Noun – person, place, thing
As in English, nouns in French have number (singular or plural). singular plural le café les cafés un café deux cafés

3 Unlike English, ALL nouns in French have a gender (masculine or feminine)
Masculine Feminine le garçon (the boy) la fille (the girl) le café (the café) la bibliotheque (the library) Le stylo (the pen) la table (the table) You will have to memorize the gender of a noun along with the word.

4 Definite Articles In English, THE is a definite article. The is used to indicate a specific noun. (In English, it does not matter if the noun is masculine, or feminine, singular or plural.) the boy the girl the boys the girls the book the table the books the tables

5 (Definite Articles, cont. )
In French, the definite article takes different forms according to the gender and number of the noun that it accompanies. There are four ways to say THE in French. Le (masculine, singular) La (feminine, singular) Les (mas. or fem., AND plural) L’ (singular noun and starts w/ a vowel)

6 Indefinite articles In English and French, an indefinite article indicates an unspecified noun. In English, the singular indefinite article is a/an, and the plural indefinite article is some. (Gender of the noun does not matter in English.) a boy an actress some markers

7 (Indefinite articles, cont.)
In French, the indefinite article has three forms, and also depends on the gender and number of the noun it accompanies. Un (Masculine, singular) Une (Feminine, singular) Des (Mas. or Fem., plural)

8 Often, you can tell if a noun is masculine or feminine by looking at the definite or indefinite articles. Le lycee (the high school) la chose (the thing) Le crayon (the pencil) la carte (the map) But for nouns that start with a vowel or plural nouns, you have to learn if they are masculine or feminine by studying and memorizing. Les cafés (the cafés) l’ordinature (the computer) l’université (the university)

9 Nouns that designate a male are usually masculine
Nouns that designate a male are usually masculine. Nouns that designate a female are usually feminine. Masculine Feminine l’acteur – the actor l’actrice – the actress l’ami – the (male) friend l’amie – the (female) friend le chanteur – the (male) singer la chanteuse – the (female) singer l’etudiant – the (male) student l’etudiante – the (female) student le petit ami – the boyfriend la petite amie – the girlfriend

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