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The Daily 5 & The Literacy Cafe

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1 The Daily 5 & The Literacy Cafe
Maui Preparatory Academy’s Lower School September 13, 2012

2 What is the Daily 5? A student-driven management structure designed to fully engage students in activities that support literacy~ reading and writing Creates routines and procedures that foster independent literacy routines that become habit

3 Read to Self The best way to become a better reader is to practice each day with “Good Fit” books that you have selected yourself. It’s Fun!

4 Work on Writing Just like reading the best way to become a better writer is to write each day. It’s Fun!

5 Read to Someone Partner reading provides opportunities to practice strategies, improve fluency, check for understanding, and hear your own voice while sharing in the learning community.

6 Word Work Expanded vocabulary leads to greater fluency in reading, therefore increasing comprehension. Becoming more proficient as a speller leads to writing fluency and the ability to get your ideas down on paper.

7 Listen to Reading Just hearing fluent and expressive reading of good literature expands your vocabulary; helps build your stamina and will make you a better reader.

8 Foundations Important to The Daily 5
Trusting students Providing choice Nurturing community Creating a sense of urgency Building stamina Adults stay out of students’ way once routines are established

9 Benefits of The Daily 5 Children become better readers and develop a love for reading when they have time to actually read and write. Providing choice is highly motivational and puts kids in charge of their learning. Students have more individualized time with the teacher. Students develop their own goals to work on independently. Provides structure, short intervals of repeated practice, and time to explore – exactly what students this age need!

10 What is the Literacy Cafe?
The literacy tasks alone are not enough… CAFE is a guide and system to focus our instruction, help students set reading and behavior goals, monitor their progress— CAFÉ Comprehension Accuracy Fluency Expand Vocabulary

11 The CAFE Menu 4 components Strategies are added as introduced
Students self-select goal to work on

12 What It Looks Like For Teachers…. For Students…
Deliver 3 – 5 whole group lessons each day Teach 3 – 4 small groups of children each day Confer with 9 – 12 individual students each day Hold all students accountable for eyes-on-text For Students… Engaged in the act of reading and writing for extended amounts of time Receive focused instruction on building and maintaining independence Receive tailored instruction through whole group, small group, and/or individual conferring, by their skilled classroom teacher, each day

13 The Daily 5 in Action

14 The Daily 5 in Action

15 How does it fit into a 21st century model?
Student choice Independence Time management Collaboration Goal setting and follow-up Learning to read a variety of media for different purposes Learning/having foundation skills to explore own research

16 FAQ - If the students read so much during the day, do you assign reading as homework, too?
Yes! If we want children to have literate lives, they need to experience, practice and fall in love with reading outside of the school walls as well. We don't want them to view reading as an isolated activity that is just done within the confines of school. We do stress that their outside of school reading should be for pure pleasure!



19 Ways You Can Support Us 10 extra minutes of reading at home makes a difference! Share your love of reading with your children Donate gently used books for classroom libraries Donate beanbags, lamps, pillows for cozy reading nooks

20 Mahalo!!!

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