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Is TV a blessing or a curse?

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1 Is TV a blessing or a curse?

2 To write a balanced argument

3 TV is a BLESSING! Many people believe that television is a miracle of modern life. Furthermore, that television is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century. Can you really imagine life without it? What are the advantages of watching TV? How does television improve our daily lives? How can you make television sound wonderful? e.g Box of delights Door to the world etc

4 TV is a Curse! On the other hand, many people in our society are of the opinion that television is a curse. They argue passionately that television alone is the root cause of many problems that we face today in Britain. Furthermore, that television has cast a spell over audiences; quietly influencing people with the celebration of crude behaviour, foul language and the desire for possessions. As a result, it could be argued that crime rates in this country have soared as a direct result of audiences watching too much inappropriate television. In addition, it might be suggested that television is preventing children from exercising regularly. Many experts agree that obesity in children is soaring. Has television led to a generation of couch potatoes? Children living their lives through the trials and tribulations of their favourite soap star, in contrast to their own real life which doesn’t come in neat half an hour programmes!

5 Brainstorm ideas that you could argue and flesh out
Brainstorm ideas that you could argue and flesh out! Think about both sides!

6 Conclusion In conclusion, it must be pointed out that whilst television many indeed have many disadvantages, Britain has become a nation of telly addicts. It is easy to see why we have become so obsessed with television, after all how else can you receive interactive entertainment 24 hours a day at the touch of a button? THEREFORE it is my considered opinion/ having considered the facts/arguments carefully I have come to hold the belief It is now clear, in my perspective that television itself is not the problem, but the amount of time spent watching it! Therefore, perhaps we should all spend a little less time tuning in and more time tuning out! (Is it time to pull the plug on TV?)

7 Is TV a blessing or a curse?
At least 4 paragraphs 1) Introduction- What is television? How has it changed? How does it effect modern day life? OUTLINE the problem 2) Points FOR - Advantages of TV. Why do many people believe it is a blessing? 3) Points AGAINST - Disadvantages of TV. Why do many people believe it is a curse? 4) Conclusion- having considered both sides of the argument what is your conclusion?

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