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Broccoli A Case for Television Advertising. The Broccoli Campaign In an environment of: media hyper-fragmentation, rapidly advancing technology, advertiser.

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1 Broccoli A Case for Television Advertising

2 The Broccoli Campaign In an environment of: media hyper-fragmentation, rapidly advancing technology, advertiser pressure to demonstrate results, anti-television research & sentiment, the Television industry had to provide its advertising partners with renewed proof of the power of Television advertising. The Broccoli campaign was our answer…

3 The Broccoli Campaign Insert case study video:

4 Why Broccoli? john st, (TVBs creative partner) recommended an actual case study as the best way to prove the power of TV Broccoli was an unadvertised product – perfect for an advertising effectiveness test Broccoli is an un-owned product, one which we could anonymously commandeer for our test Broccoli had little to no top-of-mind advertising awareness, is a generally disliked product, but being a highly nutritious food, would be beneficial to Canadians as an advertising message

5 How did we do it? As a not-for-profit association, TVB could not fund a television advertising campaign The media airtime was donated by TVB member stations TVB paid the hard costs of commercial production Our creative agency and their production partners provided their services pro-bono because they believe in the power of television advertising and agreed that it was in the advertising communitys best interests to set the record straight

6 What did we do? The campaign had two primary measurable goals: 1.To prove that television could make a mundane product such as broccoli relevant by raising top-of-mind ad awareness by 20 points and intent to purchase by 10 points; 2.To increase year-over-year sales of broccoli by 5%. Achievement of these goals would clearly demonstrate televisions ability to build brands (even as the sole medium), and should be a part of any media mix

7 What did we do? TVB approached this campaign as if it were a product launch As primary grocery shoppers, W25-54 were identified as the target audience john sts media agency partner recommended we support the launch with 1,500 grps over the course of the campaign The Broccoli campaign was initially planned as a 6-week flight i.e. 250 grps per week, however due to talent issues we had to condense the campaign to 5-weeks and adjust the weight level to 300 grps per week (achieved to 275)

8 What did we do? The campaign ran from January 4 th, 2010 to February 7 th, 2010 Campaign timing was determined by the greater availability of airtime in a traditionally low-demand period Weekly GRP objectives were defined as 60% prime, with a 60/40 conventional/specialty GRP split Prime was defined as 7-11pm for conventional stations, and 5pm-12am for specialty stations

9 What did we do? Unlike traditional television executions, donated airtime was 100% ROS, but consistent with established % prime and & % specialty goals To manage the GRP tracking task, the target markets were limited to Ontario and B.C. Every EM in both provinces was part of the campaign, and individual market objectives took spill into account Ottawa (E) Kingston Peterborough Barrie Toronto Kitchener London Windsor Sudbury/Timmins/North Bay/SSM Thunder Bay Okanagan-Kamloops Terrace-Kitimat Prince George Dawson Creek Vancouver

10 Programs 24 90210 20/20 30 Rock 48 Hour Mystery Access Hollywood All My Children American Idol Anthony Bourdain Appt with the Arts As The World Turns Avonlea Bernie Mac Best Recipes Ever Big Bang Theory Biggest Loser Bold & Beautiful Bones Bonnie Hunt Boston Legal Rotation Breakfast Television Breaking Point Brothers & Sisters Canada AM Cash Cab Castle Chopped Chriss Angel Cityline Cold Case Comedy Hour Conviction Kitchen Coronation Street Cowboy Country Criminal Minds CSI CSI: Miami CSI: New York Curling: Hearts Prime Daily Planet Daily Show Days of Our Lives Death To Town - Kids in Hall Deep Space Nine Degrassi Degrassi: Next Generation Designed to Sell Desperate Housewives Destroyed In Seconds Dharma and Greg Dirty Jobs Disney/CBC Movie Doctors Dollhouse Dr. OZ Dr. Phil Dr. Quinn Dragon's Den Ellen End Leash Entertainment Tonight ER ET Canada Everyone Hates Chris Extreme Cuisine Extreme Makeover Home Family Guy Fashion Television Fifth Estate Flashforward Flashpoint Football: US College Frasier Friends General Hospital Ghost Hunters Ghost Whisperer Glee Golden Globe Awards Good Wife Gossip Girl Grammy Awards Grey's Anatomy Heartland Holmes on Homes Home Improvement Hour House House Hunters How I Met Your Mother In The Kitchen Inner Space Inside the Actors Studio Insider Intervention Jamie Oliver Jay Leno Jeopardy Judge Joe Brown Judge Judy King of Queens Kitchen Night Last 10lbs Law & Order Law & Order: SVU Law & Order:CI Let's Make a Deal Letterman Little House on the Prairie Look-A-Like Lost Lots of daypart rotation Lots of local news Lots of syndicated strip Man vs Wild Marketplace Maury Povich Medical Medium Melrose Place Mentalist Mercy Metropia Michael Coren Monk Murder She Wrote Murdoch Mysteries Myth Busters National Nature of Things NCIS NCIS: LA Newlywed NHL No Snooze Tuesdays No Way! It's Thursday Numb3rs O.C. Office Old Christine One Life to Live Oprah Party Mamas Passionate Eye People's Choice Awards Planet Earth Poker Power & Politics Price Is Right Private Practice Property Virgins Providence Rachel Ray Ramsey Real Housewives of Atlanta Real Housewives of New Jersey Real Life Regis & Kelly Republic of Doyle Restaurant Makeover Revamped Rez Bluez Ricardo Sanctuary Seven-2-eight Shimmy Simpsons Smallville SNL: Weekend Update So You Think You Can Dance Star Trek: Enterprise Star Trek: NG Stargate Atlantis Stargate SG 1 Sue Thomas F.B. Eye Supernanny Supernatural Survivor Tennis: Australian Open The Waltons This Hour Has 22 Minutes Throwdown Til Debt Do Us Part TMZ Tonight Show Top Chef Torry and Dean Trauma Travelling Chef Tudors Two and a Half Men Tyra Vampire Diaries Verminators View Wedding SOS Weight Loss Wheel of Fortune Without a Trace X Weighted Young & Restless

11 The Broccoli creative… Insert commercials:

12 The Broccoli Website To add legitimacy to the campaign, a website was created to respond to the call to action included in each commercial Content on the site was limited to static pages espousing the virtues of broccoli and offering a few recipes

13 The Results In short, the campaign was a unequivocal success!

14 Measurement Pre and Post flight surveys were conducted by Ipsos Reid in October 2009 and February 2010; the sample base was 1,636 adults between the ages of 18 and 64 Year-over-year sales (volume) were analyzed using AC Nielsen data Social media and Online were monitored using Radion 5 and Google metrics

15 Ad Awareness Results Overall advertising awareness reached an astounding 90% vastly surpassing our goal of a 20 point increase

16 Survey Results Top-of-mind awareness for broccoli grew from no mentions to being the second most mentioned produce in the grocery aisle 13% of respondents indicated they purchased at least one more bunch of broccoli on their latest shopping trip as compared to the pre-campaign period Intent to purchase at least one more bunch of broccoli increased by 13 points compared to the pre-campaign period which surpassed our intent to purchase goal of a 10 point increase

17 Product Traits

18 Online/Social Results Mentions of broccoli or miracle increased by 444%

19 Search volume was up 100% Fans of the campaign created a Facebook fan page which garnered more than 17K followers Fans posted the commercials to YouTube which generated more than 30K additional views Fans created more than 15 spoofs which were posted to YouTube and viewed more than 20K times Online/Social Results

20 Sales Results Best of all, according to AC Nielsen the volume of broccoli sold in Ontario and B.C. increased 8% in same period year- over-year sales surpassing our goal of 5% Thats an additional 188,574 pounds of broccoli!

21 To paraphrase Mark Twain:the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

22 Television State of the Nation

23 Television …the current super media (Deloitte Canada, TMT 2011) Scientific proof of televisions supremacy in generating engagement and recall Viewing time is as high as ever (or growing) Advertisers continue to invest in television

24 TV Update Science has proven TV advertising effective –In 2009 Innerscope Research conducted a Biometric study of Canadian advertising to measure the subconscious effect that it has on consumers –Respiration, heart rate, skin conductance and movement were measured along with eye tracking to determine how engaged subjects were with the advertising to which they were exposed –Subjects were exposed to television advertising from 24 national brands; each brand had a corresponding ad in either Newspaper, Radio, Online Video or Online Display –Television advertising proved to be more engaging and generated higher recall that all other media included in the study

25 TV Update Science has proven TV advertising effective

26 TV Update TV viewing remains strong – per capita weekly hours PPM

27 TV Update RTS Fall 2010 - Multi-media time spent per capita

28 TV Update Cross study comparison – Weekly hours Adults 25-54 Source: Marketing Magazine May 17, 2010 na

29 TV Update Advertisers are producing more and more commercials

30 TV Update TV ad revenues have rebounded following the recession +9.5% +4.3% +2.5% +8.0% +0.9% +2.8% -7.7% +9.5% +7.2% Source: TVB TSS Report

31 Thank you! (

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