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Manager, Energy & Sustainability J&J Workplace Solutions

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1 Manager, Energy & Sustainability J&J Workplace Solutions
Energy Program Dan Cassidy Manager, Energy & Sustainability J&J Workplace Solutions

2 Johnson & Johnson The world's most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services, for the Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices & Diagnostics markets. More than 250 operating companies More than 115,000 employees worldwide Selling products in more than 175 countries 3 Segments: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, and Consumer 2012 Sales $67.5 Billion Energy only $300 MM

3 1943 Our Credo Robert Wood Johnson crafted Our Credo long before anyone ever heard the terms “sustainability” or “corporate social responsibility.” The Credo serves as the foundational strategy for all of Johnson & Johnson businesses worldwide. Our credo focuses on the following four pillars: customers: the first pillar of the credo states our commitment to serving the customers who use our products. Employees: a commitment to treating our employees with the highest respect Our communities: serving the world in which we work, by encouraging outreach, health and education Stakeholders: If we successfully follow all other aspects of our credo, and create quality products, there will be a healthy profit The credo also states that “we must maintain good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources”. Overall, a focus on people, planet and business is directly aligned with our credo values. Robert Wood Johnson was a visionary that understood J&J’s stockholders would receive a fair return when the company kept our customers, employees and the communities in which we do business at the forefront.

4 Up to $190 Bn savings opportunity
3% solution that we participated in, Stay below 2 degree C US Corporations should be reducing by 3% per year What is also nice about this study is the $190B potential savings Up to $190 Bn savings opportunity

5 1990-2010 Sustainability Reporting
Environmental Leadership 1990 First Pollution Prevention goals Sustainability Goals 1993 First Sustainability report 2000 Next Generation goals 2005 Healthy Planet goals 2010 Healthy Future goals Johnson & Johnson Environmental Report, 1993 J&J has been publically reporting on environmental goals for over 20 years. Our first sustainability report in 1993 laid the ground work for measurement and improvement over the next 2 decades. Since then J&J has increased the level and depth of transparency in the annual sustainability reports. More information is available at From that great foundation in 1990, J&J has since launched three 5-year goal periods, starting with the Next Generation goals in 2000 and most recently with Healthy Future 2015, the most comprehensive set of sustainability goals yet. Over the years these goals have resulted in the reduction of environmental impacts, including thousands of tons of CO2, waste and water.

6 Healthy Future 2015 Healthy People Healthy Planet Healthy Business
Research and development for neglected diseases Affordable access to medicines Advancing community wellness Fostering the most engaged, health-conscious and safe employees in the world Building on our legacy in safeguarding the planet Reduce the environmental impact of our operations Increase the sustainable design of our products Enhancing outcome measurement in philanthropy Partnering with suppliers that embrace sustainability Committing to enhanced transparency and accessing the power of external collaboration Healthy Future 2015 is our current set of sustainability goals. They extend beyond just environmental sustainability. Healthy people aligns with the first three pillars of our credo, which focuses on customers , employees and communities. Healthy planet focuses on the third pillar of our credo; community outreach and environment; and when everything comes together, it creates a healthy business, representing stakeholders, the fourth pillar of credo. These goals were developed through interaction with stakeholders , thought leaders, and benchmarking against other leaders within the industry.

7 Reduce Facility Impacts
2015 Goals: 20% absolute reduction in facility CO2 emissions by 2020 Increase onsite clean-technology energy capacity to 50 MW 20% decrease in fleet CO2 emissions per mile 10% absolute reduction total waste disposal & water consumption Healthy Future 2015 is our newest set of sustainability goals that address the environmental, health, and wellness . Specific goals related to reducing environmental impact at a facility level include reduction of CO2 emissions, fleet emissions and waste disposal. Janssen Raritan site 1,870 kW completed December 29th 2011

8 CO2 Reduction Strategy – Existing Buildings
Energy Efficiency - Best Practices On-site co/tri-generation, fuel cells On-site renewables: solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas, geothermal Green energy procurement (PPA’s)

9 CO2 Emissions [ Thousand Metric Tons]
Worldwide CO2 Results Worldwide Results Goal vs. 2010: -4% CO2 Emissions vs. Sales Actual vs. 2010: -6% Sales [Billion US$] CO2 Emissions [ Thousand Metric Tons] Reputational risk Buy way out or actually do it? Sales increased by 500%, but emissions generally flat Net Emissions Offsets Sales

CO2 EMISSIONS FLOOR SPACE Thousand Metric Tons Million SQ.FT. +38% +12% ENERGY USAGE ENERGY COST Energy increased by almost 200%! +181% Trillion BTU’s Million US$ +31%

11 J&J Electricity Rates PR at top because of oil
US at bottom because of shale BRIC sites in middle

12 J&J Fuel Rates Can delete

13 Commitment to Clean Energy
Currently 45 MW installed or in-progress 34 Solar 10 Cogeneration 3 Biomass 3 Geothermal 2 Wind Project pipeline of over 14MW 9 Solar 2 Cogeneration 3,000kW Tri-Generation Limerick, Ireland Two 500 kW wood chip boilers Cork, Ireland End of 2012 numbers J&J has significant experience with renewable energy and has been a leading these initiatives for years. We have completed several projects, investing $250 in renewable energy with an average Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 19%. As evidenced by our many recognitions from the U.S. EPA, including being named one of the 10 Greenest Companies in 2011, we have an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with on-site renewable energy generation. 500 kW PV array, New Brunswick, NJ

14 Existing Buildings: O&M
Commitment to Sustainable Buildings LEED Sustainable Building Policy: All new construction and major renovations of J&J facilities will be LEED certified. Select Examples of Our 15 LEED Buildings Worldwide: AFFILIATE LOCATION RATING SYSTEM TYPE LEVEL DATE Janssen Titusville, NJ LEED  Existing Buildings Silver 2004 J&J PRD La Jolla, CA  New Construction Certified 2005 McNeil Ft. Washington, PA       Commercial Interiors 2006 Springhouse, PA Gold 2009 Corporate New Brunswick, NJ  Existing Buildings: O&M J&J Consumer China Shanghai, China 2010 Lifescan Inverness, Scotland New Construction 2011 LEED is the premier green building certification organization in the world. All new J&J buildings must be LEED certified. LEED:LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) was developed and piloted in the U.S. in The development of LEED® has been through the U.S. Green Building Council member committees. The rating system addresses specific environmental building related impacts using a whole building environmental performance approach. In addition to LEED-NC (for new construction and major renovations), there are versions for existing buildings, commercial interiors, core and shell, homes, and neighborhood development. There are also application guides that can be used to increase the applicability and flexibility of LEED® (e.g., multiple buildings and campuses, schools, health care, laboratories, lodging, and retail (pilot). We have a total of 12 LEED certified buildings, with 2 more under construction.

15 Policy for Sustainable Design and Construction - Revised 2012
Targets higher Energy & Atmosphere scores Forces evaluation of new technologies Mandates use of technologies with 10 year or better paybacks Focus on right-sizing equipment Added smaller buildings to policy scope Can delete

16 CO2 Capital Funding Process August, 2004
Criteria: $40 million per year in capital relief for projects worldwide Projects provide good financial returns: 15% Internal Rate of Return Projects must provide meaningful CO2 reduction Although we set a goal and understood that capital investment was needed, projects did not get approved at the rate needed to meet our goal. Were competing with other capital projects. In 2004, instituted a corporate-wide funding process. Set parameters… Was instrumental in implementing capital projects.

17 CO2 Projects Funding Program
146 projects approved $313.6 million US approved Average IRR: 19.3% 100 Projects Complete 145,887 metric tons CO2/yr End of 2012 numbers Majority of projects are efficiency 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Actual Spending [$ MM] $21.4 $26.4 $38.3 $12.0 $44.0 $56.4 $48.2 $22.2 $39.9 $4.8

18 Energy Efficiency Initiatives

19 Energy Efficiency – Recent examples
HVAC Upgrade, Raynham, MA Variable speed air compressor, J&J Mumbai Lighting upgrade HCS, Memphis Types of Projects we do every year Chiller upgrade Vistakon, Jacksonville Boiler upgrade J&J UK Gas Conversion J&J Thailand

20 Drive Implementation through Programs
J&J Energy Best Practices Project Cold (Chilled water optimization) Project Hot (Boiler system optimization) Project Relight

21 Coming Soon… Project Air (compressed air retrofits)
Project Aeolus (Reduce air changes in HVAC) Project Hydro (water reductions) Project Clean (Improvements in CIP’s) Project Lab (Lab hood energy reduction) Project You (Awareness & behaviour change) Project Zero (Carbon neutral sites) CIP = Clean in Place

22 Clean Generation

23 Cogeneration Projects
Janssen R&D, Springhouse PA 3800 kW MWM Janssen, Raritan NJ 3000 kW GE Lifescan, Inverness UK 229 kW Mercedes DePuy, Cork Ireland 402 kW MAN





28 Thank You

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