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RETHINK. REACT. RESTORE.. Campus Sustainability Committee.

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2 Campus Sustainability Committee

3 Our mission is to integrate sustainability into all aspects of campus life by: educating students, faculty, staff, and the community about environmental, social, and economic issues; promoting environmental awareness and responsibility in personal and institutional choices; and inspiring innovative environmental solutions, behavioral changes, and ethical stewardship of the natural world. To accomplish these goals, we have adopted the Natural Step framework for achieving sustainability. Sustainability Committee Mission

4 Campus Sustainability Committee Campus-wide committee established March 2007 Charged with review of full range of sustainability topics related to campus. Includes 29 faculty, staff, and students Sustainability Subcommittees 14 subcommittees Over 60 members 4 new subcommittees added during 2009-2010 Committee & Subcommittees

5 Green Landscaping Green Purchasing Presidents Climate Commitment Public Relations Recycling Student Activities Transportation Academics Department of Environmental Affairs Earth Week Energy Conservation Food Green Building Green Cleaning Sustainability Subcommittees

6 Academics Subcommittee

7 Developing, implementing 1 st year sustainability pledge Promoting student/faculty sustainability in disciplines and interdisciplinary programs Developing Environmental Studies program Promoting campus-community environmental education collaboration Drafting Education, Research and Public Engagement, Presidents Climate Action Plan Goals & Events

8 Sustainability Section of New Student Orientation Natural Step and Leadership Training Professional Development Center Workshop Creation of New Sustainability Courses Acquisition of Sustainability Education Resources Additional Accomplishments

9 Department of Environmental Affairs Subcommittee

10 Green Initiative Fund Surveyed 1505 students Continuing work on its establishment Strengthen Power Shift New York Broaden membership through regional summit Plan state-wide conference Earth Week 2010 - Educating peers Participation on sub-committees Earth Week presentations Events & Accomplishments

11 Trayless Dining Halls Education; tray waste audits Bagless Campus Campaign Received grant for education, re-useable bags; to be distributed to dorm residents in fall 2010 Build relationship with local community Coordinated events through FACE Partnerships with students Additional Events & Goals

12 Earth Week Subcommittee

13 Educating campus/local community about prominent environmental, social justice issues Promoting student/faculty participation in sustainability events Encouraging campus community engagement in making campus, society more sustainable Tapping local expertise Showcasing campus/Sustainability Committee accomplishments and goals Goals

14 Keynote: Lois Gibbs, 30 Years after Love Canal Community-Wide Shake the Habit of Plastic Bags Connections Duathlon (bike/run) Chautauqua County Green Expo Earth Week Highlights 1

15 Greening Local Businesses Two Eco-Film Festivals Eco-Talk: 12 panels, 12 hours Eco-Art, Eco-Dance & Eco-Theatre Recycled Instrument Recitals Earth Week Highlights 2

16 Sun Salutations Meatless Monday & Trayless Tuesday 3 rd Annual Dumpster Dive Spring Cleaning & Beach Clean-Up Invasive Species Plant Pull and Panel Discussion Earth Week Highlights 3

17 Energy Conservation Subcommittee

18 Athletic Complex lighting NYSERDA Grant approved to fund project Reduce electrical consumption by 200,000 KW, saving $30,000 annually Jewett Hall basement lighting Project underway to install occupancy sensors throughout basement Highlights

19 Campus Building Automation System Added several more building functions to the system, including the new satellite boilers Remote temperature settings, staging of street lighting, other building functions Residence halls CFL exchange program More Highlights

20 NYSERDA Continue to apply for NYSERDA grants and rebates for energy conservation projects Campus Building Automation System Continue to add more equipment to the system: hot water tanks, lighting, exhaust fans, etc. Recommend all appliances be Energy Star labeled Promote use of occupancy sensors to control lighting Continue installing energy efficient exit signs Goals

21 Recommend all appliances be Energy Star labeled Promote use of occupancy sensors to control lighting Continue installing energy efficient exit signs Additional Goals

22 Food Subcommittee

23 Continued Dining Services Sustainability Program Developed sustainability components for vendors Highlights Maplevale Farms in Clymer; more local vendors greener disposables; other distributor synergies

24 Rainforest Alliance Certified Guatemala coffee Food offerings: Expanded earth friendly non-meat proteins Increased fresh fruit and vegetable Maintained completely organic Erie salad bar Highlights

25 Green prototype, Science &Technology café Greener disposables/packaging Developed annual trayless experimental model for Erie Dining Center Created FSA Dining Services Waste Cmte Mission: reducing operational waste Contributed Earth Week functions and activities Additional Accomplishments

26 Green Building Subcommittee

27 Guiding cost effective reduction in environmental impacts of new buildings Energy efficiency, water conservation reduce operating costs Construction/operational waste reduction and recycling efforts lower disposal costs Indoor air quality, day lighting create healthy/ productive work environments Conserve natural resources for future generations Communicate positive community relations Accomplishments

28 Establishing contractor guidelines for sustainability during construction Looking into managing of storm water: green roofs, Vortex filter systems, retention ponds, rain gardens Involved with SUNY Fredonia Master Plan related to various sustainability objectives Additional Accomplishments

29 Continue developing sustainable guidelines for building materials and contraction practices Ensure new construction meets state standards for green buildings Promote campus environmental stewardship Monitor development of additional sustainability and energy efficiency construction guidelines Adopt best practices regarding sustainable building design and construction Goals

30 Green Cleaning Subcommittee

31 Installed resource-reducing products: Touch-less auto flush valves En-Motion touch-less paper towel dispensers Green Seal Certified cleaning systems/products Purchased environmentally-friendly products: HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners Water only floor scrubbers Stone care maintenance New microfiber cleaning cloths Provided ongoing campus recycling support Accomplishments

32 Review, enhance staff training on Green Cleaning Technologies Complete installation of Green Seal Certified cleaning systems/products Continue assessment, purchasing of environmentally friendly products &equipment Increase usage and installation of environmentally-friendly products Goals

33 Green Landscaping Subcommittee

34 Trees 1st annual Arbor Day tree planting ceremony Campus-wide tree inventory Ongoing new tree plantings Planting Beds & Natural Areas Increased perennials in planting beds Developed new planting beds at entrances Created new native garden planting area Removal of invasive non-native honeysuckles Accomplishments

35 Use of environmentally friendly ice control Reduce planting beds watering installation of perennials, native species Develop grey watering program Review use of herbicides and pesticides Reduce use of gasoline powered equipment convert green lawn areas to native planting beds Additional Projects & Goals

36 Green Purchasing Subcommittee

37 Established fall 2009 Mission: providing guidance and sound purchasing practices for SUNY Fredonia Overview

38 Disseminate information to campus on current practices In-place green purchasing practices o 100% recycled copy paper, 88% energy efficient computers How our vendors support green practices What campus members can do to support purchasing practices o E.g., double sided printing Continue recommending purchasing of green office products Goals

39 Presidents Climate Commitment Subcommittee

40 Worked for three years to complete all ACUPCC membership requirements Accomplishments Campus Greenhouse Gas Audit submitted May, 2009 used Clean Air Cool Planet calculator included scopes one and two carbon emissions

41 Submit campus Climate Action Plan by May 15, 2010 Work with other subcommittees, depts to complete scope three of greenhouse gas audit Develop templates for future greenhouse gas audits Oversee implementation of Climate Action Plan Participate in AASHEs STARS program Goals

42 Public Relations Subcommittee

43 Publicize on-campus events and initiatives Look for opportunities to position Fredonia as proactive and environmentally responsible to both internal and external audiences Position SUNY Fredonia as a thought-leader on the subject of sustainability Mission

44 Publicized and assisted with all Earth Week programming Shake the Habit, Lois Gibbs, Local Foodservice Supplier Weekly Sustainability Comment ads in The Leader Maintained SUNY Fredonia Sustainability Cmte Facebook group and campus Go Green website Created sustainable-themed electronic newsletter Created PSA with students from WNYF-TV and Fredonia Radio Work with departments and groups to help change behaviors 2009-10 Accomplishments

45 Create campus events that partner with existing successful ones Leverage their success, built-in audience, decrease cannibalization Continue to leverage relations with on-campus media Regular appearances, PSAs, etc. on Fredonia radio, TV Goals for 2010-11

46 Inform, educate campus community about environmentally-friendly lifestyles Continue to allow students to take the lead Peer-led initiatives gain more traction, credibility than those perceived to be led by the Administration Work with athletics, SA, FSA, other student-centric groups to improve recycling, reduce waste, etc. Best ambassadors for the cause Goals for 2010-11

47 Recycling Subcommittee

48 Created Waste Wipeout Program, May move-out Managed annual Earth Week Dumpster Dive Residence Assistants/ Residence Halls contests Sponsored Community Electronics Recycling Accomplishments

49 Collected & recycled Mattresses; materials & cardboard; scrap metal; used tires, motor oil, automotive batteries; electronics; furniture; doors Recyclemania 2010 Business Incubator Accomplishments

50 New construction & demolition debris recycling program Add recycling requirement to all capital construction projects Residence Halls move-out awareness program Participate in national RecycleMania 2011 Continue Residence Halls mattress recycling program Goals

51 Student Activities Subcommittee

52 Goal 1: Introduce new students to sustainability, first-year pledge Introducing GO GREEN sustainability message and pledge at New Student Convocation in fall 2010 Goal 2: Work with Student Association to increase awareness, buy-in for Green Initiative Fee Progressing on having student body vote on, approve, and ratify Fee Goals & Accomplishments

53 Goal 3: Educate campus on plastic bags, trays Bookstore asking customers if they want bags Disseminated information to students about benefits of going trayless at dining halls Goal 4: Assist with Earth Week Team of 5 student groups to assist with Spring Cleaning event in Fredonia community Goals & Accomplishments

54 Goal 5: Create long-term student leadership Engaging broader groups of students in sustainability Nurturing future student leaders Goals & Accomplishments

55 Transportation Subcommittee

56 Developed vision and mission statements Developed goals and objectives, strategies to accomplish them Provided data for Greenhouse Gas Audit, Scope three Provided data to Facilities Master Plan project Accomplishments

57 Target commuters 10 miles and under to campus Created temporary Transportation Committee logo Recruit new members Additional Accomplishments Developed, distributed transportation survey to campus community Analyzed data from 457 surveys

58 Initiate cultural and behavioral change relating to campus transportation Provide educational materials to campus community Partner with community transportation organizations Partner with campus transportation services to work toward increasing efficiency, usage Goals


60 Green Landscaping Subcommittee Kevin Cloos, Director of Facilities Services Green Purchasing Subcommittee Shari Miller, Director of Purchasing Presidents Climate Commitment Sarah Laurie, Environmental Health and Safety Public Relations Subcommittee Sarah Laurie, Environmental Health and Safety Recycling Subcommittee Kevin Cloos, Director of Facilities Services, Soteris Tzitzis, Director of University Services Student Activities Subcommittee Mark Suida, Assistant Director of Campus Life Traffic Subcommittee Anne Podolak,,Director of Environmental Health & Safety Academic Subcommittee Sherry Mason, Associate Professor, Chemistry Christina Jarvis, Associate Professor, English Department of Environmental Affairs Adam Malchoff, Student, History & Geology Earth Week Subcommittee Sherry Mason, Associate Professor, Chemistry Energy Conservation Subcommittee Robert Lawson, Assistant Director of Facilities Services Food Subcommittee Mike Proffer, Director of Dining Services, FSA Association Green Building Subcommittee Markus Kessler, Director of Facilities Planning Green Cleaning Subcommittee Mark Delcamp, Asst. Director of Facilities Services – Custodial Questions or Interest?


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